Greater and Greater Eco-Heights!! Bringing FabuNOLA (and the NOLA Eco-Movement) to the next level of Success!!!


So, I don’t even know where to start because so much has occurred since I last posted and connected with you on the page (and in my FabuNOLA eNewsletter). This is why I must ask you to attempt to get on my FabuNOLA Blog on a regular basis because with everything happening right now, it’s easier to blog than it is to send out an email to everyone announcing that I’ve posted new content to the Blog (got it ;D).

Maybe I should start with several things that have already occurred . . . I was just a bit busy and couldn’t sent out any eNewsletters about it (although I posted them on my FabuNOLA Blog). I think you’ll understand why.

Then, I will list some current happenings starting today going into the next couple of weeks. I will continue to update on the blog when I have time. Go to FabuNOLA Blog for full story and full details.

If there are any typos or info that needs to be corrected, I’ll do it soon. Got to get out the door now.

Many blessings. And, as always, here’s hoping to see YOU . . . Out and About!!

Be & Live Well,



Jazz Fest – Always a joy & delight for me. And this was the 19 year Anniversary from when I first started working the Fest. So magnificent . . . words just won’t do it. You’ll have to see my pictures and video (of me dancing on-stage during Fredy Omar’s Fest performance) when I get a chance to post.

What’s that you say: Dancing On-Stage during the 40th N.O. Jazz & Heritage Fest. Yes. I was asked to perform on-stage by my friend, Tim Davis, for his LatinSoul Salsa Dance Group for Fredy Omar con su Banda’s show on Friday, May 1st, 2009 on the Gentilly Stage.

This was beyond a dream for me. Thanks to Aaron, my dance partner, for filling in at last minute. Thanks to Mehmet for taking the video I have to figure out how to post on this Blog. Thanks to Gentilly John for being a Big Chief Cheerleader with great enthusiasm while we performed. And to all of you friends out there taking pictures (especially my professional photographer friends), I would love to see them and post.

Let me back up, Tim Davis first had asked me if I could perform with them for the Slidell Memorial Hospital Benefit on May 17th, 2009 . . . and, of course, I said YES!! This came about just days before he ask me to dance for Fredy during Jazz Fest. I want to thank Tim for appreciating my passion for dance and asking me to participate with the LatinSoul group.

I also want to especially thank Fredy for asking us to share the stage with him. This is such a selfless act and a true sign of a great performer who understands how much his music moves people . . . especially to dance (which encourages more people to dance to your music). Congrats also on winning your Big Easy Award this year too, Fredy.


New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Foundation was very busy outside of their great annual music festival, bringing us FREE events to tantalize through the year. The very day after (May 4th) the end of Jazz Fest, they did a symposium called “The Making of Kind of Blue” discussing Miles Davis’s phenomenal creation and celebrating the 40th Anniversary of the albums release.

It was part of The New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Foundation’s Tom Dent Congo Square Lecture Series and author Ashley Kahn presented this multi-media presentation on the making of Miles Davis’ masterpiece “Kind of Blue.”

It also gave a wonderful back history on Miles leading up to the album. At the end, they showed the documentary done on the same subject. This rare 23-minute documentary features Jimmy Cobb (the lone surviving member of the Kind of Blue band), Herbie Hancock, Ed Bradley, Jackie McLean, Bill Cosby and others. A must see!! Get your hands on it to watch.

At the end of the week, they also hosted their Jazz Journey concert series at the CAC: “Simply Red: The Songs & Stories of Alvin “Red” Tyler.” This special Tribute to Red Tyler featured sharing of the songs and stories that made Red a New Orleans original. The all-star cast included Germaine Bazzle, Clyde Kerr, Jr., Steve Masakowski, John Vidacovich, Albert June Gardner, Chris Severin, Ed Perkins, Thaddeus Richard, Roderick Paulin, David Torkanowsky (to name a few) who performed works by Red.

The “living room” setting up to the side of the stage allowed these musicians to chat in between several songs to sit back with us and give a history of Red. They discussed and his creations and shared their memories of playing with this legend.

A real treat. This event was FREE!! If you aren’t getting their emails, please go to to find out about all the wonderful offerings they have throughout the year.


Earlier on the same day of the Red Tyler Tribute, I was honored to be asked to speak at a special event for The McKenna Museum. They held a day long workshop on Holistic Wellness just for Women (in honor of Mother’s Day). “A Day In Paradise” celebrated Mothers, Daughters, Sisters and Aunts. I asked Yasmin Bowers & Andrea Floyd of Consciously Rebuilding to join me on doing a presentation about Eco-Matters in our glorious FabuNOLA. Other presentations included Qi Gong Demonstration, Song Writing Collective Workshop, Capoiera Demonstrations, Money Tips with the Money Doctor, Raw Food Demonstrations and more. Plus, great Vendors to connect with. It was truly an amazing event.


This same night I got to pop in to congratulate Peter Seltzer who had his Grand Opening Celebration for his new store: Canopy . . . Habitat For Sustainable Living. Bringing more Eco-Awareness right to my neighborhood (Lower Garden Dist, y’all!!).


New Orleans Film Society had some very important screenings that I was able to attend:

Steven Soderbergh was here 2 nights in a row to do a screening, as well as Q&A for his films CHE (at Prytania Theatre) and The Girlfriend Experience (at Canal Place Cinema).

Um, if you missed these sold out special screenings, you really should go to New Orleans Film Society’s website: to get on their newsletter updates or JOIN!!

I can only say really great and phenomenal things about their events/screenings.

And they just had another screening on Wednesday for another film called Remix!! Manifesto at the CAC. Beyond words. Check out the site for more details on this and more great things to come.


Cary Joji Fukunaga screened his phenomenal new film, Sin Nombre (at Canal Place), as well as a great Q & A, the day after Soderbergh’s screenings. Very timely and great film follow up all in a row. Cary was in our FabuNOLA shooting a national commercial for Levi’s. This rising filmmaker also won at Sundance this year for Sin Nombre. Besides many other great projects in his future, he tipped us off that he’s starting work on a Musical.

I think everyone should experience their life as a musical . . . it’s a much happier way to live (and that’s why I dance and have so many great musician friends). I’m not sure if that explains why my friend Basham and I randomly break into song. His adorable wife, Christina, and their kids are getting used to it though ;D. What can I say. I’m a Classic Film Buff and I love Musicals . . . Jazz Hands Anyone!!!


My Parents came in town for a day on Sunday (after attending a Ceremony in MS) . . . leaving on Monday. Thanks for all your well wishes for my Father regarding his health. Let’s keep up the positive energy to move him forward in the best direction. Keeping up with my schedule was challenging. Dad was able to come with me last Sunday evening to help celebrate Tony Seville’s Birthday at the Pirate’s Alley Café he and his wife, Thais, own. Friends and I Salsa danced in the Pirate’s Alley. It was wonderful!!

My Parents were actually here (or should I say in Pascagoula, MS) for a Naval Ship Christening being named after their dear friend, Admiral Gravely, who passed away a few years ago. This is the time a Navy Ship is being named after an African American Admiral. Apparently, they had the largest attendance of any other Christenings in history. Many blessings to the Gravely family.


I was asked by the Alliance For Affordable Energy to serve as one of their new Board of Directors. This was just announced last week during the Annual Meeting Celebration. Councilwoman Shelly Medura was the Keynote Speaker. Please go to for more details.


NOLA Veggie Fest & Green Crawl:  You will see full articles on these events in the new endeavor I’m about to share (plus, posted on my FabuNOLA Blog)

And a very new and special endeavor that I’m embarking upon . . . Louisiana Green Scene Magazine (launching at Bayou Boogaloo this very day). This Free monthly Green Magazine will be available where you find other free publications. This is truly phenomenal news and I’m very honored to be a part of it. I wrote 4 articles for it and hopefully all of them made it in time for the deadline. Plus, I will post my articles on my blog so you can read them there too.


A couple of special mentions:

1st to my sweet friend, Jarrett Brousette (or shall I use Honorable). He’s being Sworn-In today as a new State Representative (Dist 97)!! Congrats and many blessings. I will do my best to make it to Gallier Hall today for the Ceremony.

See, putting a HUGE Picture of yourself at Gentilly & Elysian Fields to let others know you are running (that and knowing what you are doing and being a really nice person), really helps. I’m proud of you!!


Next, I’m also truly proud that my friend, Tumbusi Ogden, is doing all he can to strive for wellness in order to move positively away from his illness. It’s so wonderful to see you pushing forward to get yourself immersed back with us and the Salsa scene after being in the Hospital so long. Thank you for briefly wanting to dance with me. Even those short moments filled me with delight at your progress and I just know you will continue to strive for greatness with every step you continue to take. I know you are appreciating Life much deeper than ever before. I hope you use this as the catalyst to find a greater and truer meaning and purpose for your life and your talent. You will soar beyond where you when you live your life in this way.

Tumbusi asked me to send a special message to all of the friends who sent special blessings (and still continue) or came by to visit when he was in the hospital. Your love continues to support him even during this time. He wants to thank those who coordinated a Zumba Fundraiser (thanks for your efforts Tim, Patricia and many others) for him at French Riviera. And he especially wants to thank his Mother and Robin B. for continuing to be there for him every step of the way while in the hospital. Robin, Tumbusi said that your friendship means so much to him and he is so grateful for this selfless act of kindness when he needed it the most. You are truly a dear heart!!

Many blessings to you all for helping our friend Tumbusi during this challenging time. Due to missed work (dancing is not only his passion, it was also his means of income and his job) and now hospital bills and recovery, I’m sure another fundraiser will be planned. I will let you know. If you would like to give a donation, please connect with him. In-Kind Services (especially medical treatment) are greatly appreciated too. He is now going to physical therapy and other treatments. I’m going to be connecting to some of the Holistic Wellness people I know of (Acupuncture, Reiki and if anyone is aware of someone who does Mechanical Link treatments, please let me or him know). If you or others can provide assistance, please contact him directly and let him know you heard about him from me. He is dealing with an illness called Transverse Myelitis. Once again, any assistance would be appreciated. Please call him at (504) 339-8494 or email him at


Okay, there were a gagillion (yes, that’s what it is in my terms ;D) other events and things going on so these are some of the mere highlights. As you know, things in FabuNOLA are quite grand and glorious so I’ve got to stop talking about it so I can get back to doing it. Here are some of the things going on around town so you can start a buzz with what’s going on in your FabuWorld too.




And now . . . here we go with some events to get you . . . Out and About:

Friday, May 22, 2009:

Bayou Boogaloo sneaks a partial day in today starting at 5 pm. Because of another work obligation on Saturday, this is the only time I’ll be able to make it.

Good thing too. They’ve decided to become one with Mother Earth and go Green for this year. Solar Powered Stages, Bio-Diesel Generators, Comprehensive Recycling, Environmental Educators and so much more!! Thanks Bayou Boogaloo for getting on board this year (their 4th Anniversary) and recognizing that the great festivals we do here can do their part to contribute in a positive way for our Environment. Between you and the 1st N.O. Earth Day Fest (I was honored to be one of their Panel Speakers) on April 5, 2009, we are showing just how simple it is to Party and Save Our Planet!!

Plus, Louisiana Green Scene is launching with yours truly as a brand new writer for this brand new environmental magazine in our area. I’m also doing ad sales, so connect with me if you would like to find your place in the Mag. I’ve beyond excited for this experience and want to thank Larry & Laurel Savoie for this opportunity. Many blessings and much Love. Peace.

Fest details below.


Traveler Ben Hunter Live In-Store Performances on Friday, Saturday & Sunday @ 3 pm @ Peaches Records (408 N. Peters St.). A Healing Album for New Orleans!! Peace.


Fredy Omar con su Banda has another great edition to reach the masses, wherever you are. If you made it out to this venue to hear Fredy play for the Cinco de Mayo Celebration, you helped bring this now bi-weekly event to light. Starting today, he will play every other week (unless YOU request MORE!!!):

Happy Hour with Fredy Omar con su Banda @ Taqueria San Miguel, 6 – 9 (3517 20th St, Metairie, LA 70002 – across the street from at Lakeside Mall, JC Penney Side, Behind WOW!! Wingery, Orange Bldg) .

Great Food, Bring the whole Family and sit under the Umbrellas in the Tropical Patio. Don’t sit too long though . . . dancing is in your stars . . . I can just sense it.

This will be every other week starting today (unless you pack the place and then the owner, Annett, will want to keep you coming back for more (Yay!! More Fredy!!!!). Peace.

AND his steady Friday Gig (and I danced the night away last Friday to Fredy’s Fantastic Voice & Music) @ Balcony Music Club, 504 Esplanade Ave. @ 10:30 pm.


Shotgun (a phenomenal Play at Southern Rep Theatre in Canal Place)

For many, the most anticipated play of the season will be John Biguenet’s SHOTGUN, the second play in his RISING WATER cycle, scheduled to make its National New Play Network World Premiere in early May 2009 at Southern Rep. Southern Rep is the region’s premiere professional theatre located on the edge of the French Quarter.

In SHOTGUN, John Biguenet explores what happens when the storm waters recede. Mattie, an upwardly mobile African American landlord, rents the other half of her shotgun double to the white carpenter Beau and his teenage son who lost their home to the flood waters. Dexter, Mattie’s unemployed machinist father, has moved in with her and is none too happy that she’s renting to Beau. In this pressure cooker of a house divided, these wounded people must choose between living in the dark past or looking to a brighter future.

So, my good friends and fellow Thespians, Donna Duplantier, Lance Nichols and Kenneth Brown are in the play that I’ve heard nothing but raves about (and my schedule hasn’t permitted my attendance yet). I hope you can make it before it ends this Sunday. Go to for more details.

Donna, so glad you came back home to FabuNOLA (she’s been living in New York since last year) to do this Play. I’m so proud of you Sweetheart. You’ve got to come back soon!!


My great friend, Melissa DeOrazio, of Mrs. D’s DeLights ( just sent me a quick message. She and her wonderful husband, Matt, are also wonderful Musicians. They are playing 2 shows this weekend with their Blues, Funk & Rock band, Sweet Jones.

Here’s the skinny:

Friday, May 22nd at Checkpoint Charlies – 10:30pm – 1am-ish.

Saturday, May 23rd at Fairgrinds Coffee – 6pm-7:30pm.

They also just uploaded songs to our website and myspace – (She and Matt did some recording with just the two of them for now, until they get into the studio to do some full band recording). or

When you get to their show tomorrow at Fairgrinds, you’ll also find some great Vegan fare on the menu from . . . guess who? Yes, Melissa (Mrs. D’s herself).

Tell Robert over at Fair Grinds I said Hi, Melissa. I’m glad he let me know he needed a new Vegan Chef so I could connect the two of you. I knew you were the perfect fit ;D!! Great to see you again at Veggie Fest. Thanks for the interview. Tell Matt “HEY” for me. Much love and many blessings. Peace, Cherylyn


Jeremy Davenport at The Ritz Carlton from 9 am – 1pm (Friday and Saturday; Earlier Happy Hour Shows on Thursdays) in the Davenport Lounge on the 3rd Floor. Free Show, Free Valet (get that ticket stamped in Bar), Great Food (although you can just stay in the lounge and watch show on one of the comfy sofas) and a Clean Air Environment. This is such a fun, elegant and easy outing. Plus, I get to practice my Lindy Hop Swing dancing (Thanks Jason & Dawn).

Jeremy . . . once again, GREAT show at Jazz Fest (and Happy Birthday again too). The more positive vibes the higher you will soar. Many blessings. Peace, Cherylyn


DJ SoulSister (what up, Melissa?) is throwing a special hot party tonight, y’all. It’s Prince vs. Michael Jackson Night (as some of us are calling it) or as she’s referring to it as:

Revolution Thriller II – a throwdown showdown – Prince vs. Michael Jackson. Come ready to party! 10pm – 2 am @ One Eyed Jacks (615 Toulouse St .)!! Her Facebook (yes, I totally went there) post last night mentioned that she was pulling songs well into the night for your pleasure!!

Cover: $7 to get in, $5 for ladies from 10-11. Free to party.

All “Sexy Dancers” invited to “Shake Your Body Down to the Ground” for a marathon night of classic *and* rare Prince and Michael J funk, including side projects & extended mixes. Plus, vintage video projections!

DANCE! DJ Soul Sister on the 1s & 2s + the Booty Patrol Dancers

DRINK! Red Stripe Specials + Off the Wall & Darling Nikki Shots

DRESS UP! Prince/Purple Rain & Mijac/Thriller Threads Encouraged

Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’ in the Delirious Photo Booth? Free pics while they last!

THANK YOU: Red Stripe, Dirty Coast, Fusicology, Monopoli Projects, One Eyed Jacks and YOU!!

And Thanks to You, Melissa (DJ Soul Sister) for always keepin’ it Groovin’!! Peace, Cherylyn

Also, you know where you can find DJ Soul Sister every Saturday night . . . MiMi’s (


Top Chef Season 5 Soiree (FREE Event) @ Zoë Lounge – W New Orleans

W New Orleans and Zoë Restaurant are excited to announce a special soiree on Friday, May 22 for Bravos Top Chef Season 5 winner, Hosea Rosenberg and Bravos Top Chef Season 5 contestants: Jamie Lauren, Leah Cohen and Jeff McInnis.

Chef Roberto Bustillo, Jr. and W New Orleans will host the guests of honor in Zoë Lounge from 10 pm – 12 am. Everyone is invited to come celebrate and mingle with the chefs the event is FREE & open to the public, cash bar and tapas menu items available for purchase until midnight.

WOW!    two hour validated parking available with zoë receipt.


Lazziza (side of Café Brazil on Chartres at Frenchmen) keeps Salsa going late into the night. Pop over there after you’ve checked out Fredy Omar at BMC. They’ve got great food too (yummy Lentil Soup and Hummus . . . Mmmm!)


2nd Annual Wayne’s World Throwback: “Party On” at the second annual Wayne’s World Throwback at Republic New Orleans. They’ll have Wayne’s World on the big screen, a “Noah’s Arcade” with 40 free retro arcade games in one, and $2 “Sha-wiiing” shots ($1 with a Throwback Slap Bracelet). Best Wayne’s World outfit (think long hair, rock band tee, flannel shirt around the waist, ripped stone-washed jeans) will get a VIP section and a FREE BOTTLE of the winner’s choice! Excellent!


Solve a Rubik’s Cube for a free tab, and play the Throwback arcade with 40 retro games all night! Dress like a Wayne’s Worlder, dress to be retro, or dress to be you. Be one of the best-dressed, and we’ll take your Polaroid and put it on the Throwback Wall of Fame. You’ll get a $20 bar tab for each Throwback that your picture stays up! Game on!

Republic New Orleans | Friday, May 22nd | 11pm | $5 | 18+

Saturday, May 23, 2009:

4th Annual Mid-City Bayou Boogaloo ( – Keep It FREE!!)

When: Friday, May 22nd 5-9pm AND Saturday, May 23rd 11am-9pm

This is a Phenomenal FREE Festival Presented by Mothership Foundation!!

About Bayou Boogaloo:

Once again being held on the banks of historic and beautiful Bayou St. John. Over the last three years our event has experienced tremendous growth. 2008 was a milestone year for what has quickly become one of South Louisiana’s signature cultural celebrations. Last year as New Orleans celebrated our annual Festival over 20,000 locals and visitors reveled in music from three stages, dined on delicious food, sampled our unique local culture and enjoyed an art market showcasing the talents and creativity of our visual artists. Based on such great past success, we are projecting continued long term growth as we produce this year’s last major music and art event before the long dog days of summer set in.

This year is a real turning point in our event’s history as we strive to create harmony between our festival and the environment. The 2009 Mid-City Bayou Boogaloo is going Green with Solar powered stages, Bio-Diesel generators, locally grown and organic foods, a comprehensive recycling program and sustainable living and coastal restoration education. As always the Festival is a family-friendly event with a kids stage, along with games and activities for children. Attendees can partake in delicious food, cold beer and libations, listen to great local music, and enjoy the very best art that New Orleans has to offer.


The Thirty-Sixth Annual Greek Festival New Orleans! (

May 22, 23, & 24, 2009 (MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND)

Friday, May 22 — 5:00 PM to 11:00 PM
Saturday, May 23 — 11:00 AM to 11:00 PM
Sunday, May 24 — 11:00 AM to 9:00 PM

Come out and Experience “Greece on the Bayou,” our annual Hellenic party with a uniquely New Orleans flair!

Tireless volunteers have been hard at work preparing old favorites and new additions! There’s plenty of room for everyone since we expanded and reconfigured the grounds to better accommodate our guests. Join us for delicious food, delightful drinks, and entertainment the entire family will enjoy.

Browse the web site for information on new items, event schedules, and a comprehensive list of our fabulous Greek cuisine. We’re looking forward to another great Greek Festival, and look forward to seeing you there. Opa!

1200 Robert E. Lee Boulevard • NOLA — Entrance $5 • Children Under 12 Free


Bill Summers has created a new and exciting musical endeavor (yes, that Bill Summers from Headhunters and Los Ombres Calientes, to name a few). I’m always taken by the amount of things that Bill is involved in and continues to create (makes me want to step up my actions even more). His vision keeps reaching for greater heights to push himself to reach higher levels, ultimately encouraging others to do the same. If you missed their show during Jazz Fest (I was there dancing on the side ;D), you will definitely want to catch this show.

The Summers Multi-Ethnic Institute (SMEIA) presents –

Bill Summers & Jazsalsa – Bill Summers, Jessie Mcbride and Alex Marti

Saturday May 23 – 10pm & 12 am Shows @ Sweet Lorraine’s (Cover: $15). 1931 St. Claude Ave. 504-945-9654

A night of Salsa dancing and Latin Jazz. What could be more perfect? Well, Bill has decided to have a Salsa contest with cash prize in between sets (WOW!!). The Dance Contest winners will walk away with: Dinner for 2 (Yum!!), a Free Pass for 2 to Jazsalsa’s next show AND $ 50.00 (total value of $125.00).

Bill has personally asked me to get the Salsa dance crowd involved for this show!! I know I’m totally there. Even if you don’t dance, the electric energy of the music will get you pulsating in your seat. Plus, you can watch the dancers and hope for the day you want to get up and show your moves!!

Sweet Lorraine’s is also a phenomenal dinner venue so don’t feel that you have to go somewhere else for this before. Eat . . . Listen . . . and Dance (my favs . . . and not necessarily in that order ;D).


Anais St. John performs at Windsor Court in the Polo Club (2nd Floor) from 9 to Midnight. No Cover.

Seductive Songstress a big plus (Love you, Mama!! Smooches to you, Marco, Zoe & Baby Elle)!!

Sunday, May 24, 2009:

Dare I say it . . . Rest? I wonder if it will be in my future anytime soon. Possibly after the Greek Fest. Or Salsa dancing on Sunday night ;D.


Whoops!! Spoke to soon. Remember my reference to my LOVE for Classic Film earlier. Well lookey here my FabuFriends. It’s the FabuClassicFilm Jackpot!! It’s great to watch them whenever you can. HOWEVER, seeing them on the BIG SCREEN in an absolute treasure to behold. Hope you can make one of these Classis Greats!!

And Gigi is one of my all-time Favorites (a must see!!), along with Singin’ In The Rain, along with Casablanca, along with The Wizard of Oz, along with . . . you get the picture ;D!!

Classic Movie Series @ Prytania Theatre:

Sunday, May 24 through Wednesday, June 24
Price: $5.25

Every Monday, Wednesday and Sunday at 12pm enjoy a Classic Movie at the Prytania Theatre!

‘Singing In The Rain’ – May 24th, 25th and 27th

‘Gigi’ – June 1st and June 3rd

‘The Wizard of Oz’ – June 6th, 7th, 8th and 10th

‘Casablanca’ – June 14th, 15th and 17th

‘Sound of Music’ – June 21st, 22cd and 24th


Also, Christopher Porche West is opening up his Studio to invite you all in for a closer look:

Christopher Porche West : A Studio On Desire

Bywater Studio Open during Home Tour (From Chris: Mom’s in town so I’ll make us  both busy by hosting an OPEN STUDIO this Sunday from 1-4).

CHRISTOPHER PORCHE WEST @ The Bank of Soul (Louisa & Burgundy, NOLA 70117)

New website:;; 504 947-3880


What?!? Could it BE?!?!??! More Cinema!! FREEEEEE Cinema at that!!!!

Summer Cinema Presented By W French Quarter and New Orleans Film Society & Paramount Pictures @ W French Quarter Courtyard

W French Quarter, New Orleans Film Society and Paramount Pictures invite you back to the W French Quarter courtyard for another season of “Summer Cinema.” Sunday nights are about to become the best date night of the week with a picture perfect evening featuring FREE movie screenings in the romantic courtyard. Sip $5 X-Rated Cocktails – proceeds benefiting New Orleans Film Society. Space is limited, so please arrive early.

WHEN: Every Sunday evening, May 17 – June 21 Show starts at 8pm
WHERE: W New Orleans – French Quarter, 316 Chartres Street

SHOW ME THE MOVIES! FREE Summer Cinema in the Courtyard
Sunday, 5/17, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (cancelled due to rain)
Sunday, 5/24 – Into the Wild
Sunday, 5/31 – Grease

JUNE: Sunday, 6/7 – Hotel for Dogs (benefiting LA-SPCA’s
Sunday, 6/14 –Ghost
Sunday, 6/21 – Top Gun


Latin Night @ Pirate’s Alley Café starting around 7:30 pm at 622 Pirate’s Alley. This was a lot of fun last weekend for Tony Seville’s Birthday. Looks like we started a trend. Hope you can make it!! Go to for more details about the location. It was beautiful!!

Note from Tim Davis of LatinSoul:

After having so much fun last Sunday, dancing under the stars in the historical alleys of the Veaux Carre, just behind the Cabildo and romantic Cathedral, we have received many calls to do it again. So, since “nosotros no aguantamos dos pedidas”, or, we are so easy going, we’ll get together again for more latin fun. See you there!

Monday, May 25, 2009:

Charmaine Neville & Friends is always a delight as she performs at Snug Harbor (626 Frenchmen) every Monday. New Orleans R&B. Shows at 8 & 10.

Check out for more details on this and other phenomenal shows. And for the wonderful, Charmaine Neville.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009:

Kinder-Garden: “Creep, Crawl and Fly”


9:30 a.m. – 10:30 a.m., Discovery Garden, Shine Only! Children ages 18 mos. – 3 yrs and their accompanying adult are invited to explore the world of insects through age-appropriate activities such as “insect exploration”, sand play, singing, crafts and digging for worms in this hands-on class for young, curious learners.

Pre-registration is NOT required in this drop-in program. Program fee covers one child and one adult. Cost per class: $10 FLV; $12 Non-members; Siblings discounted; $5 for additional adult. For information, contact Lydia Vaughn at 488-5488, ext. 333 or email


Salsa – Every Tuesday at LePhare (check my posting on my Blog for FabuDance Spots under Salsa Scene Section for full details).
Wednesday, May 27, 2009:

The Pfister Sisters singing their Hearts out in great close harmony with their Swingin’ Boogie Woogie Jazz Tunes every Wednesday at The Spotted Cat on Frenchmen (across from Snug Harbor) from 6:30 – 9:30 pm. No Cover!! (check out their site to hear their great harmonies).

Be sure to catch them singing during every Sunday Brunch at Marigny Brassierre too!! Great to pop in a see you lovely (as always) ladies for a song. Too bad the power was out on Frenchmen St. – I had to get my folks to some food. I made the attempt!! Next time. Peace, Cherylyn


Salsa @ Mambo Wednesdays @ Club HUSH (309 Decatur . . . Upstairs). No Cover. Great Venue. Let’s DANCE!! Free classes at 7 (Beginner) and 8 (Intermediate). 9 PM starts the Salsa Social dancing and mixer.

This great new Salsa dance venture just started up a few weeks ago and this week was my first time coming out to it (after attending the State of the City Address). So much fun. Thanks to Oscar “Hershey” Ramirez for manifesting this vision to create yet another create dance spot in our FabuNOLA.

This will also be posted on my Blog under the FabuDance Spots (Salsa Scene Section)


Riccardo Crespo (and his great Brazillian Guitar Music) @ Columns Hotel (3811 St. Charles) from 8 – 11 pm. No Cover.

Riccardo has such wonderful passion and energy when he performs. He was the live musical entertainment at the Slidell Memorial Hosp. Benefit. He even came over to HUSH this week AFTER his gig when I let him know that we would be over there Salsa dancing. We’re coming over to support you too, Riccardo. Many blessings.

Thursday, May 28, 2009:

Johnaye Kendrick Quartet at Irvin Mayfields’s Jazz Playhouse @ Royal Sonesta from 8 pm – 12 am.

Did you hear her play with Nick Payton at Jazz Fest!! Wow . . . everyone kept asking about her. Glad we have her here now. (Congrats on graduating, Sweetheart. Great to see you Monday at Surrey’s. Thanks to David Pulphus for providing great info. Peace, Cherylyn)

Friday, May 29, 2009:

My friend Joey Kuchler (Education Program Coordinator) at the Conservation Corps of Greater New Orleans just sent me this wonderful information:

We are pleased to invite you and your company to the Job Opportunity Fair, Friday, May 29, 2009, at the Marriott Convention Center (859 Convention Center Blvd., New Orleans).  The Job Opportunity Fair is free to you as a presenter, plus lunch and beverages are provided.  The festivities are from 10am-3pm, with time for personal interviews if you schedule them.  Vendors are welcome to setup at 9am.  Please see the attached document for more information.

Space is limited, so when you RSVP to, please include the names of your representatives and a brief description of your company.

(Joey’s asked me to do some Media Coverage for them and I think Host some footage for them. We are working out the details. I’ll let you know when I can. However, take this opportunity to connect yourself to the right job OR your business to the right people. Peace, Cherylyn)


Louisiana ArtWorks’ STUDIO RESIDENCY PROGRAM CELEBRATES A YEAR OF SUCCESS! Louisiana ArtWorks Unveils Closing Exhibit at Peoples Health ArtVenture 2009 – Scheduled for May 29th

The annual studio residency cycle that began in June 2008 at Louisiana ArtWorks (LAW) is coming to a close with a final exhibition comprised of installations throughout three floors of the building by the artist residents.  The exhibition will be unveiled during Peoples Health ArtVenture 2009, the signature, annual fundraiser for Louisiana ArtWorks to be held May 29th from 7:00—11:00pm.  Tickets are available online at or by calling 504.571.7373.

Check out their website for full details on this great event. Any questions, email:

Saturday, May 30, 2009:

Totally Rawsome . . . SPRING INTO SUMMER WORKSHOP with Living Food Demonstrations. $35 for 2 hours.

Time: May 30, 2009 from 9am to 11am

Location: River Oaks Estates Residence Northshore

Event Description:

Hello Totally Rawsome Fans!

Want to look AND FEEL your best this summer. Get the knowledge to get your healthiest at the soon coming spring into summer workshop! Sign up for this 2 hour workshop and learn all about living and rawfoods, participate with your own hands in making many RAWLicous recipes from whole living foods to maximize your health, and take the recipe cards home with you to try.

Come expecting your tastebuds to come alive and have lots of fun! I want to see you LIVE WHOLE LIVE LONG LIVE WELL! ((MORE DETAILS COMING NEXT WEEK))

The cost is $35.00 per person special. (Space is limited) RSVP ASAP at

About …

TOTALLY RAWSOME is designed to passionately teach a pure living and raw food lifestyle, maximizing health, and witnessing it to the world.

Sunday, May 31, 2009:

Vegan Brunch at Bacchanal or Back Yard Ballroom starting up on May 31st, 2009 from 10 am – 3 pm. The first seating will be Soy-Free. This will be a 3 course meal and will only cost $7 (and that’s what I barely pay for 1 course). Vegan Brunch is so economical . . . and isn’t that necessary now!!

What’s Coming Up:

Within the next 2 weeks:

Brown Bag Lunch at Horse Sanctuary (Rescue Ranch in Belle Chase). Contact Jeff Dorson, Director of Humane Society of Louisiana, for more details and to find out date/times. His email is or call 901-268-4432.

Here’s something in General:

CubaNOLA Arts Collective Sent this:

Capoeira Maculele presents – Samba and Axé dance classes are back

Saturdays: 6-7pm Samba & 7-8pm Axé classes @ 4601 Dryades St

For more information call or email Denise at 994-2868 or


Yoga in the Sculpture Garden @ New Orleans Museum of Art @ 8 am Every Saturday

Saturday, May 23 through Saturday, July 25

The New Orleans Museum of Art partners with East Jefferson General Hospital to offer Yoga in the Sculpture Garden on the first Saturday of every month. The one-hour classes, led by a Certified Yoga Instructor from the EJGH Wellness Center, begin at 8 a.m. in the Sydney and Walda Besthoff Sculpture Garden. Each session is $5 for NOMA members and requires pre-registration by calling EJGH Health Finder at (504) 456-5000. The first class filled in advance with the maximum 40 participants so reserve your spot now.


My wonderful friend, Karen Celestan, just passed along this great info:

I know that we have several folks in our family and ‘friend circle’ that are ready to graduate from high school. If these young people have excellent GPAs and school records (character counts, too!), they may be eligible for a free scholarship to Tulane through the Mayoral and Legislative Scholarship programs. This is an undergraduate scholarship for $49,000 per year to study at Tulane. Parents or guardians will only be responsible for books and incidental expenses.

A lot of people from many backgrounds do not take advantage of these programs when all it takes is a little effort (contacting the Mayor’s office or a state legislator and gathering the necessary paperwork).  Here is the link to the guidelines:   Click on Legislative Scholarships link on the right side of the page. Parents can visit for basic information about admissions, majors offered, etc.

The deadline has passed and all scholarships have been awarded for the 2009-2010 year, but students can prepare for 2010-2011.

Please pass along to your friends and relatives whose children are outstanding students and can take advantage of this program. I’ll be happy to answer questions.



Karen Celestan

Manager, Community Relations and Policy

Office of Government Affairs, Tulane University

(504) 988-3394 [o];


Phew!! That’s a lot of info. I’ll leave you with this:

Words of Encouragement:


“One of the fascinating things about human beings is this:  Believe for long enough that you are not as smart as others and this will actually lead to intellectual ineptitude.  But, confronted with the same doubts, if you choose to believe that your mind is merely dormant for now, lacking in exercise, once you begin to train it, there are no bounds to what you can achieve.”

 Wisdom for Modern Life – Daisaku Ikeda

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