So, although I started out many years ago with a theatrical background, most of you know I shifted consciously to provide awareness for what I (and putting that spotlight on others) do. This section is to feature some of that footage (and much more to come) that’s been created and I’ve been a part of and/or produced specifically for what I do to share with you.

I’ve interviewed people (on video, radio and/or in writing), been interviewed (tv, radio, print and documentary film), am a spokesperson/narrator for projects, have videos featuring my dancing (yes, I Salsa & Swing dance and used to do events for these fabulous forms of bliss) and more. As some of you may heard a time or two, my goal has been to create a tv show (multi-media platform really) for what I do now on the national/global scale. I reach so many people now and there is such a great response, that I’m ready to take things to an even more fabulous level.

I hope you appreciate what I’m offering here. Believe me, I’ve have enough content within my for a Lifetime (and Eternity really). I see the Fabulousness in Life on a daily basis and want to continue to share and showcase that with all I can reach and as an offering to the Universe as a whole. I hope you’ll continue to grow with me every step of the way. I thank you for your continue support so far.

Here is where they will be featured … as “Featured Written Articles” page to organize them a bit better. So, scroll your mouse over this page link from the home page of the blog and a drop down menu will showcase.

For your convenience, you can also find links below. Please also check out my speaking engagements/appearances and featured written articles being organized in the same way I’m showing here (under corresponding titles). I’ll be posting recent International Webinar/Teleseminar e-Class that I presented called, “The Power of Healing … Positively for MS Health University (for Multiple Sclerosis Patients). It is in audio/written format. I will post as soon as available. Hopefully, I can also track down some of the radio shows I Co-Hosted and produced while doing the 2-Hour Live Eco Radio Show called “eTalk” on WBOK 1230 AM. Please click on links to find out more.

If you are interested in having me speak at, host/emcee your event, make tv/film doc/event appearances, host, produce & write tv content, perform as a dancer (Salsa or Swing) and/or write for you, please email me at

As always … wishing you only and all of the best.

Peace & Love,


TELC’s “Citizen’s Guide To Environmental Protection in Louisiana” PSA Videos

Healthy Food Happy You TV Show ~ My Episodes, Interviews & Recipes

WDSU NBC TV Interviews (Vegan Eating @ Jazz Fest & “Sexy Salsa Sundays”)

My Dance Videos & Info (Salsa & Swing … and more)


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