Cherylyn L. Tompkins – Creator

Originally from VA, Cherylyn L. Tompkins grew up in a military family that transplanted her to New Orleans 22 years ago … where she fell in love with a fabulous city. She created FabuNOLA after her return to New Orleans in 2006 (and after a move to L.A. in 2004) when she noticed a need for distribution on positive events & about New Orleans to be effectively shared after Hurricane Katrina. She wanted to share all the positive & fabulous connections in and around New Orleans coming in her direction that would benefit so many in the “Positive Rebirth & Regrowth of New Orleans.” Utilizing her large friend base and her natural gift as a “connector,” she accomplished that and much more than ever expected when she started sharing this “Love Letter to Her Fabulous City.” She now reaches a global audience (through who share that passion. And, it’s an attitude about life she shares in any city she visits.

An Eco-Conscious Lifestyle Maven who loves Salsa and Swing dancing, she turned to a Soy-Free Vegan & Raw Food Lifestyle almost 5 years ago (with a special passion for Raw Vegan Living Cuisine). She promotes Conscious Living and guides people through Eco-Advocacy, Social Justice, Holistic Healing & Nutritional Wellness (Vegan & Raw Food Therapy Expert). All of these (and more) providing better health, happiness, environmental wellness and greater quality of life through (especially through our food choices and sources). She often states, “Climate change has a greater impact from our plates than all transportation combined.”

With a background in arts, entertainment, media, events, consulting, marketing & P.R., her focus shifted years ago to share greater awareness about conscious topics she’s passionate about and feature alternative solutions to the mainstream. Besides writing her FabuNOLA Blog & eNewsletter (where she gets to “Promote the Positive Side of New Orleans … Fabulously”), she speaks publically, creates events & produces video segments with the same focus: putting a positive spotlight on people, communities, organizations & businesses who are making greater changes for the better … globally.. She writes/reports/speaks/mentors from a positive place to encourage others to reach for their own true happiness from within, find their greater purpose in life and share that with our society as a whole … because this is how we will change the world for the better.

She’s collaborated over the years with other media outlets to do the same, including co-hosting/co-producing environmental talk radio show (eTalk on WBOK in New Orleans), hosting/co-producing video segments with, FabuNOLA segments for WDSU news, writing a featured column (“On The GreenScene with Ms. FabuNOLA”) for  Louisiana Green Scene Magazine, and also written for VegNews Magazine (“Big Easy Eats” ~ Nov/Dec 2011 Issue). She’s also currently appearing as the Spokesperson/Narrator for Tulane Environmental Law Clinic’s 28 min PSA, “Citizen’s Guide to Environmental Protection in Louisiana.” You can view and read a lot of these on the Blog.

Although originally appearing as a guest interviewed in April 2011 for the Fairfax, VA-based monthly TV show “Healthy Food Happy You,” she has since been collaborating with the show as special guest host/co-producer of several segments and interviews throughout the DC/VA/MD area. Please check out to see past episodes and additional interviews (which can also be viewed on this Blog too)

Cherylyn is currently working on creating her own consciously driven tv show(s) & media programming for a national/global market to expand the reach of living a fabulous and happy life … consciously.

You can also connect with her regularly through daily updates on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. If you have any questions or insight you would like to share, please feel free to email at Fabu@FabuNOLA. Please sign up for FabuNOLA eNewsletter updates at

As always … remember to Be & Live Well!!

Peace & Love,



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