For all of you who keep asking me to teach you to dance . . . well, let’s leave that for the professionals. There are several phenomenal dance instructors in our FabuCity. Get connected to one or all (we are a Salsa Family). I list the Salsa Socials so you can come out and get acclimated to the dance scene with the option of getting involved or just watching until you want to.

Some of you have expressed that you want to take group of private lessons before you come to the Socials. Although the Socials will give you the best basics to jump on in, regular classes are also a great (and faster) way to learn. Whatever you choose to do, get moving because a couple of you are letting your insecurites hold you back and that’s not what dancing is about. It is about letting go of all of that. About feeling a freedom that has no words (and that’s challenging for me to say that). It’s about opening up your Life to a joy and happiness that you deserve to experience. This, I know for sure.

Peace & Love,



And here they are:

Tumay Tunur ( ~ Mambo Orleans (

Contact: 504-570-0752 and

Every Tuesday & Thursday @ Practice Studio @ 1926 Canal St. And now, Ladies Styling Classes are on Fridays with Tumay at the Practice Studio. Please connect with Tumay and go to her website to find out exact details.

Come and learn the basics of salsa–>

Every TUESDAY from 6pm-7pm Beginners

Improve your skills and learn more moves–>

Every THURSDAY from 6.30-7.30pm Intermediate

Wanna get fancier than that and get some style going on? –>

Every THURSDAY from 7.30-8.30pm Advance

Fridays @ 6:30 – 8 pm – Ladies Styling Perfomance Class (with Jonte & Tumay).

Come and Join us for more than one class and get a discount!!!


Mike Griffin ~ NOSD, Inc. which stands for New Orleans Salsa Dancers ( There are a multitude of opportunities to connect with NOSD. Check out the FabuDance Spots page to see where and when to go and also be sure to check the NOSD website for always up to date info.

From Michael Griffin on September 28 at 3:55pm:
Greetings all,

Just your friendly reminder that NOSD will be expanding their class schedule to each weeknight on Oct 5th. We are meeting the needs of the New Orleans Salsa Scene by making it virtually impossible to say “I can’t come to class on that night” because there’s going to be a class EVERY NIGHT!!! We are also offering ONLINE REGISTRATION to all of our classes!! You can see the registration plans here. http://www.nosdinc. com/store.php

Here are the specifics:

Class Schedule All classes @ Ebony Square (4215 Magazine St, New Orleans, LA) unless otherwise specified

* Beginner
o Mon, Tues, Thurs 6:30pm
o Friday – 4324 Sherwood Forest Blvd, Baton Rouge, LA.
* Level 1 (Intermediate)
o Monday – 7:30pm
* Level 2 (Intermediate)
o Tuesday – 7:30pm
* Level 3 (Advanced)
o Thursday – 7:30pm
* Cha-Cha/Bachata (followed by Hump Day Social 7:30-10pm)
o Wednesday – 6:30pm



Nathalie Gomes ~ Artistic Director @ Dance Quarter ( Reach Nathalie at the studio at (504) 897-0327 or by email at Latin & Swing classes are taught here.

Tumbusi Ogden with Gumbo Salsa. They do the great classes at LePhare on Mondays & Tuesday nights. Connect with Tumbusi at (504) 339-8494 or

Ector Gutierrez teaches Tango at the Practice Studio on Tuesdays. Connect with him at

For great news on Lindy Hop & Swing Classes, connect to You can also check out for info and resources on a variety of dance and music info in our FabuCity.


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