Saturday, April 25th

Judith Owen on Lagniappe Stage @ 4:15 pm

 This is my dear and lovely friend, Judith Owen (thanks for the personal message reminder, Sweetheart — that so helps nowadays — I know you understand). If you haven’t heard her beautiful voice or been thoroughly amused by her British wit, you then simply must check her out in person. She and her spectacularly talented hubby, Harry, have adopted New Orleans as their 2nd home and we are proud they our part of our FabuFamily.

If Judith wasn’t already a remarkable vocalist and pianist, she’s be a stand-up comedian. Luckily, you get it all in one completely special package during her show. Listen to her beautiful tunes & see some of her videos and appearances on her site:

Hey Girl!! I just saw your most recent appearance on the Today Show with Hoda & Kathy Lee — I bet they were amused by you or vice versa ;D. You sound so wonderful (as always). And who did you have to sleep with to make an appearance on “The Simpsons,” huh? Hmmm, don’t tell me . . . I’ll figure it out ;D. That’s too great!!

I can’t wait to hear “Cool Life” live again!! Smooches to you Honey Bunny!!


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