Current update status (as of 9-14-2011):

Due to caring for my Family out-of-town and their health issues plus the recent death of my Father, I haven’t been able to regularly post current info about events going on in New Orleans in a while. In other words, the info on this page may be very out-of-date. I know you understand. My focus has been with them.

I am also shifting focus now to work on creating the next phase of my outreach.  I have current content on other pages on this Blog showcasing videos and writing works (with Healthy Food Happy You tv, TELC and VegNews Magazine). The current posts I’ll write (when able) will be related to the city/cities I’m currently in and what’s going on with Life whenever I can post. You can find more regular posts and updates from me on Facebook, so please follow me there.

Thanks for all the support you’ve giving during this challenging time. My Family and I greatly appreciate the immense abundance of Love Energy we’ve received from you all.

Peace & Love,



Update as of 1-14-11:

To find details from past events in 2009 and 2010 (especially Sexy Salsa Sundays), please look at regular Archives or Pages on right side of Blog saying “FabuNOLA Pages” then look under categories.

Wishing you all and only the best. Happiness to you and yours in “Heavenly Eleven” and beyond.

Peace & Love,



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