Friday, May 1, 2009

Fredy Omar con su Banda on Gentilly Stage from 11:25 am – 12:25 pm

So this morning (Thursday, April 23rd), I was just asked by a friend who has a Salsa Group here in FabuNOLA to perform (dance) during Fredy Omar’s performance next Friday, May 1st. We’ll be dancing Salsa on-stage  while Fredy sings. Check me (and most definitely Fredy Omar con su Banda) out next week if you can. It should be totally Fabu!!!

Wow!! This will be a first for me performing (dancing) on-stage during Jazz Fest and I’m truly elated. You know how much I love to SALSA!! I did get pulled up last year on Congo Stage during Al Green’s (my favorite) performance by several of my stage crew family (hey Willie & Marques). We danced a little Salsa (although it wasn’t part of the show) on the front crew side of the stage. Several of you saw me though and let me know — it was such a joy.

If you haven’t heard Fredy yet, this will be a fantastic time to check him out (and check me out too ;D). If you have, you already know you are in for such a treat!! Get ready to dance . . . we just may be coming into the crowd to get you too!!

Thanks for singing Happy Birthday to me all of the years at your shows long ago, Fredy. I’ve always been so appreciative that you blessed me in this way.

Okay, I’ll post more as it comes. Just wanted to get things started. Not sure how much I’ll be able to do. However, I’ll be there at the Fest so you can always ask me in person ;D.


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