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So, for all of you who continue to ask me “Where Do You Salsa In FabuNOLA?” . . . well, you know I have the full details for you. There are many places and we have a very active and passionate Salsa Community here. You should know my FabuSalsa Mantra by now, “LIVE, LOVE & SALSA!!!”

Salsa keeps you in great shape, you’ll learn a new skill that you can simply work into conversations (Oh, you Salsa too!!), is yet another excuse to have a social outing in FabuNOLA. Here’s the BONUS added benefits: you can actually have a great time, learn a new skill, be social AND stay in phenomenal shape all with one activity. And the other major thing for me . . . it makes me super HAPPY ;D.

Of course, most of you may remember that I kicked off weekly postings of FabuNOLA promoting the Tuesday Gumbo Salsa Night at LePhare. And now so much has evolved on the FabuSalsa Scene that I’ve kicked off my very own Salsa Event: FiestaNOLA ~ Sexy Salsa Sundays at The Blue Nile (please see link below). More and more great places are popping up (so look out and get ready to DANCE I SAID ;D).

Salsa in FabuNOLA … It’s a movement … It’s a way of Celebrating Life … Fabulously!!

Peace & Love,



Current Update as of 10-7-10:

Due to taking care of Family and their health matters on the East Coast, my FabuNOLA “Sexy Salsa Sundays” is no longer on The Blue Nile and currently on hold until further notice. There have also been a lot of new Salsa nights that have popped up so not everything on this page is currently, well, current. Please connect to my friend, Lea’s new Salsa blog giving you all the great New Orleans Salsa details: http://leassalsalist.wordpress.com. You can also directly connect to the NOSD, Inc website below to find out where to go.


Peace & Love,



All below info is now out of date (I had to stop my Salsa night to be with my Family out of town for their health, some locations have closed and/or moved/re-opened as something else, etc). Please go to http://leassalsalist.wordpress.com for current info updated regularly (sometimes daily). Thanks and keep on dancing!! Peace & Love, Cherylyn (posted May 23, 2011)


Here’s the current listings of New Orleans’ weekly salsa nights (updated by me on March 7, 2010):


  • Mo’s Chalet: Dancing starts at 10pm. No cover. 3201 Houma Blvd., Metairie, LA. (504) 780.2961.


No current listings


  • Gumbo Salsa Night @ LePhare: Social Dancing starts at 10pm ~ 1am.  $5 cover.  523 Gravier St., NOLA.
  • Gumbo Salsa Night Classes @ LePhare:

7:30 – 8 PM – Beginner’s Salsa Class (imperative if you don’t have a clue about Salsa OR dancing OR just love it so that you want to get more dancing in)

9 – 10 PM – Intermediate (you’ll catch on); 10 PM – 1 AM Social Salsa Dancing & Socializing.


No current listings


  • SABOR LATINO everyThursday at VASO’s Super Lounge (500 Frenchmen St.). FREE SALSA lessons taught by GUMBO SALSA starting at 8pm. Immediately following lessons, dance all night long to great latin music performed/provided all night long!!!

  • Salsa Night @ Copacabana: Dancing starts at 10 pm.   No cover. 4609 Airline Hwy, Metairie, LA. (504) 456.6089. Now only once a month.
  • Mo’s Chalet: Dancing starts at 10pm ~ until. No cover. 3201 Houma Blvd., Metairie, LA. (504) 780.2961.


  • Fredy Omar @ The Balcony Music Club: Dancing starts at 10:30 pm.  $5 cover. 1331 Decatur St., NOLA. (504) 599-7770.
  • Buena Vista Nights @ Cafe Lazizza:   No Cover.  10pm-until. 2106 Chartres St. NOLA


  • Club Silhouette: Dancing starts at 9:30 pm. The event is every OTHER Saturday of the month (check their website) with DJ Javier and hosted by Javier & Darlene. $5 cover. 3505 North Hullen St, Metairie, LA 70002-3419; (504) 885-1771; For full dance schedule and details: http://www.clubsilhouette.net


I haven’t been to this spot yet, although a few friends have let me know about it recently:

Caretta’s on Veterans (by the Rouse’s & Steinmart’s) have Latin Music on Wednesdays. Apparently, several people go after Club Silhouette’s Latin Dance Classes on Wednesdays and have fun. When I have more details, I’ll let you know. I hear it is very tiny . . . which doesn’t really mean anything when you really want to dance ;D.


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