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There are many wonderful places to twirl around our FabuCity. Lately, I’ve been having a preference for Salsa (and so many of you ask me about it), as well as Lindy Hop Swing (super fun!!).

Here are some of the places to go and get moving to the beat (click on the sub-pages to the right under FabuDance Spots). There are so many reasons to be happy in FabuNOLA (or wherever you may live) and this just ups the fun factor (and the staying in shape factor ;D). I’m always at my happiest when I’m dancing and especially with a great partner (which usually helps).

And if you aren’t exactly where you want to be at a particular skill level yet . . . that’s perfectly okay. That’s what classes are for ;D. Truly helped me. You see, I used to not be a good “couples” dancer at all either. I always wanted to lead (go figure — I still sometimes have that issue ;D).

However, dancing as a pair has really helped me with more than just staying in great shape and emoting true happiness. It has tought me to be a better communicator (through silent signals — hand movements and facial gestures), to trust more, to pay attention (as well as focus) and work well as a team.

These things are also necessary in regards to matters in day to day life. And if none of these seem to come together like either partner was hoping, it also reminds you to laugh it off and just have fun . . . that’s the whole point anyway. You can always do it again until you perfect your movements . . . or do something completely different (whatever works for you).

So shake it up the best way you know how and find the music in your heart that will lead you to the best place to dance. Thankfully the wealth of phenomenal musicians right here in FabuNOLA make it so easy to do just that.

Be & Live Well,


Update on May 26, 2011: Since I’ve been out-of-town in VA/DC area assisting my Family with their health issues, I haven’t been able to send emails or post here regularly with current info. Although I’m currently back in town, I’ve got a lot to focus on with getting back up to my Family during this time. However, a lot of you keep asking me what’s going on so I would prefer that you connect directly with the folks doing this now.

My friend Lea picked up the ball and started doing a Salsa Blog after I was on hold. Please check it out for all the current Salsa details on classes, socials and fun dance night … out and about. Enjoy!! http://leassalsalist.wordpress.com. Also, check out NOSD, Inc. for their Salsa site and class info: http://www.nosdinc.com (and congrats to Mike & Nasha on the birth of their new son on May 26,2011).

And for Swing Dance info, events and classes, definitely check out http://www.nolajitterbugs.org and http://www.dancequarter.com for their great details.


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