You’ve probably asked, “What is ‘Conscious Living’ and how does this pertain to me?” Well, I’ve recognized that we are all consciously connected or disconnected to our own lives and to others from within. All the things I do (Mind/Body/Spirit Wellness, Eco-Advocacy, Social Justice, Food & Health Advocacy, Vegan & Raw Cuisine Vegan Food Guidance & Therapy, Dancing, Arts & Media, Community Connecting, Spiritual Connections & Guidance, Energy Healing, Meditation/Chanting, etc) all fall under the umbrella of Conscious Living. That’s why I refer to myself as an “Eco-Conscious Lifestyle Maven.” And, it really is a lifestyle change. So many people only want to go part way in making changes. When this happens, they wonder why they aren’t receiving greater results … resulting in truer happiness from within. It’s because they’ve disconnected from Self & Source (and we’ve all done it). In order to get back to YOU, you have to jump in fully and awaken (or re-awaken) to what I like to call “Your Inner Fabulousness.” Once you start, you’ll awaken to the beauty that truly is YOU … from within.

I do this in all aspects of my life and it continues to be a process. So, as the process continues, I’ll continue to post info and detail to assist with guiding you if you feel you need an extra light to guide you. Ultimately, it is up to you to be guided by your own light. However, we all can use a bit of assistance at times.

I’m going to start posting links to other resources that I’ve used to guide me back to me … and my light shines bright because of it. So many of you who have met me or heard me speak, always ask where you can find details on all of the resources I discuss for greater awareness (people, places, organizations, businesses, films, books, products, recipes, etc.). I have a LONG list of resources that I’ve researched and have to go back and start pulling from. I will continue to update as much as I can, when I can (listed separately under same tab).

At the beginning of December, I did a webinar/teleseminar for Multiple Sclerosis patients on “The Power of Healing … Positively.” I created a list that I shared with them. I’m going to list it here too because only a couple of videos pertain to MS (they are labeled) and they are how a man healed himself through Raw Vegan Lifestyle. You will find this across the board regarding healing for most “dis-eases” of the Mind, Body & Spirit. Healing foods do definitely heal … positively. I know this well.

Mostly, I stated to the webinar group (international e-class) that it doesn’t matter what “diagnosis” a person is given. It’s all just one thing … the body being out of alignment. So, these are all tools for all of us to get back into balance … back into alignment with Self & Source. I call this “My Tools & Resource Guide To Help Guide Positively.” The webinar was recorded so I will post soon along with the Power Point Presentation that corresponds with it.

Please also check out my links on this blog to video posts and articles that feature some of these details. Until I start to be able to piece them all together, if you have any details/resources that you would like to share, please reply or contact me at I would so greatly appreciate it.

As you embark upon paths that will lead you to higher levels of connectivity to You, Others & Source, I hope you are able to connect on a deeper level than ever expected … therefore, leading to greater happiness from within. As always, I’m sending You LOVE & LIGHT!!

Peace & Love,



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