Here’s the full article I was asked to write for BloomBars when they asked to feature me as their “Seed of the Week.” It’s fully featured at this website link. However, I wanted to post here for you to see too. I was honored to be asked and honored to write as well. BloomBars is such a fabulous space for community, culture, arts and growth of abundant possibilities. If you are in the DC area, please check out one (or multiple) of the fabu events they showcase regularly!!

Wishing you only and all of the best.

Peace & Love,


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Life is About Growth | Cherylyn L. Tompkins

What makes you bloom? Cherylyn L. Tompkins, a soy-free vegan and raw food expert, 2011 emcee of DC Vegfest, and eco-conscious lifestyle maven, asks in anticipation of National Food Day. Continue Reading…

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Life is About Growth | Cherylyn L. Tompkins

Life is about growth. As we evolve … our lives too will grow from people, places and experiences that planted Seeds within us to expand our lives exponentially. It’s about blossoming from a deeply rooted purpose within all of us so that we too can plant and share our Seeds with others.

Poetry in the MorningMy favorite Maya Angelou quote is, “When you know better, you do better.” Consciously connecting to a greater purpose from within appears to be enough. However, abundance grows from there. Our Seeds sprout paths for others to do better within their own lives, planting “Gardens of Possibilities” for ALL. My hope involves planting a “Global Garden of Possibilities” reaching many in positive ways who want to awaken to their greater potential.

This planting grows a “Seed of Love” from within. Our Seeds must continuously be nourished for greater possibilities to take form. Some haven’t been taught to recognize and nourish their seed (although they  feel it’s there, dormant, waiting to sprout). Fortunately, there are those who exist who are here to shine a light for others growth (just too as they grew). In turn, this compassionate service of giving nurtures the “Gardens of Life” to grow more vibrantly than ever expected. Beauty for one’s own life purpose, means beauty for ALL. This is why the “Seed of Love” must be shared.

BloomBars’ mission, people, activities and very name inspired me to write about why we all must “Bloom,” therefore encouraging growth in others. The “Seed of Love” sparking first within ourselves is essential. Aligning with other “Community Love Gardens” harmonizes our inner growth potential. BloomBars plants seeds daily, and it shows.

Love blossoms through Art, Community, Acceptance, Service, Compassion, Performance, Kindness, Opportunities, Unity, Awareness, Purpose, Wisdom, Joy and Beauty. Necessary nourishments for growth!

Cherylyn L Tompkins

Thanks BloomBars … your “Garden of Love” is quite lovely indeed!!

Peace & Love,

Cherylyn L. Tompkins

Cherylyn L. Tompkins is an Eco-Conscious Lifestyle Maven who shares her “Love Seed” through many forms, especially through her creation of As CEO (Chief Encouragement Officer) for FabuNOLA and her own Life, she connects consciously, positively and fabulously to assist with guiding others toward their own Fabulousness from within.

Connect with her as she continues to Blossom … Globally.


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