My background originally started theatrically back in grade school on stage performing in plays, choir, band, dance. Well, as I transitioned into a young adult when I moved to New Orleans at 18, I got more serious and started doing more Plays, Film, TV & Voice-Over that reached a greater public audience. What I do now (provide conscious content for a multi-media platform), still allows me to utilize this background … just in greater ways to put a spotlight on people, places, businesses & organizations making a difference … changing this world for the better. As we all do our part to accomplish this beautiful goal, I look back over the years to see the other projects I worked on or was attached too that have led me along this path … fabulously. I’ll extra content I can find to post here that isn’t already featured elsewhere on my Blog.

I hope you enjoys as well. Wishing you all and only the best.

Peace & Love,


Here’s a quick interview (:39 sec) that was done for RePower America right after the Climate Change Rally done in Armstrong Park in New Orleans in October 2009. We all then Second Lined through the French Quarter into the Marigny Triangle to d/b/a for the after eco-hang. It was such a beautiful day and experience. I have video footage I shot somewhere that I’ll have to post. Here, we were being asked why Clean Energy was important to us (from RePower America Team … and my friend/eco-colleague, Rachel Guillory) :

You’ll see me featured here as one of the emerging Eco & Social Entrepreneurs who came back to New Orleans (my FabuNOLA) with the goal of creating greater change … in fabulously positive ways. You’ll see some of the New Orleans movers and shakers who have impacted the city greatly and positively. You’ll adore the music too (from Theresa Andersson)!!

IdeaVillage & 504Ward’s $100,000 Business Competition 2008:

The video above premiered at Idea Village’s 504Ward launch party announcing 504ward’s $100,000 Business Competition for entrepreneurs with business ideas that retain and engage the 23-35 year old demographic in New Orleans. At the time I filmed it (with my fabulous neighbors, Ben Reece & Damien LaManna), I wasn’t even told that it would be for the launch of this great boost for the city and entrepreneurs doing their best to create a difference. Please visit for more information.

Here’s a 2nd video from the following IdeaVillage & 504Ward Campaign that showcased in more detail what it’s all about. This time it was renamed “New Orleans Entrepreneur Week 2010”:


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