Because of all of the appearances & speaking engagements I’ve finally been able to post recently here on my Blog (not sure if I’ll get around to posting ones from the past few years or not), I’m creating an “Appearances & Speaking Engagements page to organize them a bit better. So, scroll your mouse over this page link from the home page of the blog and a drop down menu will showcase.

For your convenience, you can also find links below. Please also check out my video clips and written articles being organized in the same way I’m showing here (under corresponding titles). I’ll be posting recent International Webinar/Teleseminar e-Class that I presented called, “The Power of Healing … Positively for MS Health University (for Multiple Sclerosis Patients). It is in audio/written format. I will post as soon as available. Please click on link to find out more.

If you are interested in having me speak at, host/emcee your event, make tv/film doc/event appearances, host, produce & write tv content, perform as a dancer (Salsa or Swing) and/or write for you, please email me at

As always … wishing you only and all of the best.

Peace & Love,


Co-Host for 2011 Common Folk Awards ~ Benefiting ‘One Common Unity’

Featured Speaker: BloomScreen 2011 National Food Day screening of ‘Food Matters’ at BloomBars DC

BloomBars “Seed of the Week’ eNewsletter + BloomScreen “Food Matters” Film Flyer featuring my upcoming speaking engagement with them for National Food Day (promo materials)

2011 DC VegFest Emcee & Master of Ceremonies


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