“Promoting the Positive Side of New Orleans . . . Fabulously”
What is FabuNLA?

FabuNLA – Definition(s):

  • My nickname for celebrating the Fabulous New Orleans we live in & the Fabulous People who live here . . . and beyond.
  • The Fabulous Spirit of New Orleans that lives inside all of us . . . no matter where we are . . . or where we are from.
  • Promoting New Orleans in the only way I know how . . . Positively (okay . . . and Fabulously 😉 )!!
  • Anything Phenomenally Fabulous that you choose to live a better Life . . . wherever you are. For instance: I’m doing my best to bring Love, Peace & Happiness to Everyone in so many Fabulous ways!! That’s so FabuNLA!!!

Wishing you all and only the best. See you soon.
Until then . . . have a Phenomenally Fabulous Day.

Until the next time I see You in Person or on the Page . . . Peace!!!

Be & Live Well,

Cherylyn L. Tompkins
FabuNLA Creator/Writer/Visionary
Conscious Community Connector & Eco-Lifestyle Maven

Contact: Fabu@FabuNOLA.com

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And definitely check back at this FabuNOLA Blog regularly. I keep updating whenever I can.

Thanks kindly.

Full Website Coming Soon . . .


5 responses »

    • Thanks so much, Robert!! That means so much and I really appreciate the supportive feedback. And thank you for all of the great work you and Gulf South Solar are doing in our region too. Let me know if you are interested in adverising too (because I want as many as possible here to know of the multitude of great businesses they have to choose from). Many joyful blessings to you. Hope to see you out and about soon. Peace, Cherylyn

  1. Aloha from BTR. ‘Ms ch’, could u contact me at my email address please. I am a friend of Kaua’i Kenny. We both share a common vision. I will provide my contact info, and hopefully i can contribute to your efforts. Thanx!

  2. Alafia Cherylyn,

    Yours is a resource that those interested in New Orleans during the rebuilding era will always need to study! Thank you for providing all of us the means, positivity, and information to improve our circumstances. I am a big fan, Cherylyn, so please keep up your fabulous work!!


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