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I am the Spokesperson & Narrator for the Tulane Environmental Law Clinic’s (TELC) “Citizens Guide To Environmental Protection in Louisiana.” I’ve been attached to this project for quite a while and was so happy when we finally got to shoot it and it started airing regularly. This 28 minute PSA is currently airing on regional tv throughout the year (2011) in Louisiana and being shared in other markets. Fortunately, you can watch online wherever you are and whenever you wish.

TELC uploaded it to their YouTube Channel in 9 segments (by chapters). If you would like to air locally/regionally or screen to an audience, please contact the Community Outreach Director for TELC at (504) 865-5787. You can also check out the website for TELC at http://www.tulane.edu/~telc/ or see more info below. Thanks to Mike Murphy (former Community Outreach Director and project creator/coordinator) for wanting me involved from the beginning.

Thanks as well to the very talented, Bill Delano. He directed this piece and was a pleasure to work with. His calm and gentle presence added to one of the best projects I’ve been able to be a part of. Please check out Bill’s other directing work (doc feature length film ‘Karma Walkers’) and video journalism work (Travel Channel) at his website: www.billdelano.com. Continue to watch for more projects from him as his Light continues to shine brightly.

I hope you appreciate and that this inspires you to get involved in your eco-community … wherever you live. Thanks greatly!!

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Chapter 1 – Who’s Protecting Your Environment?:

Chapter 2 – Clean Air Act:

Chapter 3 – Clean Water Act:

Chapter 4 – RCRA (Solid Waste):

Chapter 5 – Community Right To Know:

Chapter 6 – Right To Public Information:

Chapter 7 – Organizing To Make Your Voice Heard:


Louisiana Swamp

Louisiana Swamp

More About TELC:

Welcome To TELC

Tulane University Law School started its Environmental Law Clinic in 1989 to offer students the real world experience of representing people who otherwise could not afford to enforce their rights under state and federal environmental laws. Now the Clinic is part of a first tier environmental law program and has become Louisiana’s premier public interest environmental legal services organization. On behalf of their clients, Clinic student and supervising attorneys litigate environmental “citizen suits” to abate industrial pollution, appeal permits for environmental pollution or destruction of wetlands, challenge agency regulations that fall short of legislative mandates, and prod agencies to perform statutory duties

Contact Us

6329 Freret St., N.O., LA 70118
Phone: 504.865.5789
Fax: 504.862.8721


  • To train effective and ethical lawyers by guiding law students through actual client representation;
  • To expand access to the legal system, especially for those who could not otherwise afford competent legal help on environmental issues; and
  • To bolster community members’ capacity to participate effectively in decisions about environmental issues.


Each school year, approximately 26 law students join the Tulane Environmental Law Clinic to hone their professionalism, strategic thinking, and litigation skills. Clinic participants engage in a focused and intensive refinement of their research, writing, counseling, negotiating, and oral argument abilities. Serving as “student attorneys,” they take responsibility for representing actual clients before courts and administrative agencies.

Private foundations and contributors provide funding for the Clinic to offer the high quality legal assistance its clients need, supplementing Tulane Law School’s contribution to the Clinic’s budget. Because the Clinic’s 26 student attorneys– who receive credit but no compensation–do most of the Clinic’s legal work, the Clinic produces tremendous results with only a few paid staff members. The Clinic contributes to the Louisiana legal community both by training strong, ethical litigators and by helping the Bar meet its obligation, under the legal profession’s rules, to ensure that access to justice is not “denied to people who are unable to afford legal services, or whose cause is controversial or the subject of popular disapproval.”

Since its inception, the Clinic has provided free legal representation and community outreach to community organizations, lower-income individuals, and local governments throughout Louisiana. By representing clients who have historically been left out of governmental processes, the Clinic has become a powerful force for environmental reform.

Louisiana Swamp

Louisiana Swamp


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  1. Bringing Louisiana environmental issues to the forefront is very important to the future development of the State, the People and Wildlife, and to the Nation. The more these issues are exposed, it is my hope that the People of Louisiana will take a more active involvement in reshaping the way Legislators and businesses will consider the impact their planning and actions have on the land, waters, and air quality of Louisiana’s future.
    Presently there is not enough emphasis on land management, recycling, and preserving water resources. Doing business as usual is not going to sustain a healthy Louisiana which will result in a future of less healthy people, and a diminishing quality of existence for all inhabitants and the natural resources which include land and animal life. Over development (land sprawl) and pollution are less valued than making money for a few, but in turn devalues the future prospects for further progressive healthier development for the people of Louisiana.

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