Cherylyn’s Tools & Resources Guide To Help Guide You Positively:

By Cherylyn L. Tompkins


Books, Movies, DVD’s/Audio Books/CD’s, Speaking Presentations/Workshops, Websites/eNewsletters, Retreats are all tools to help shift you positively. These are just a fraction of the tools that I’ve utilized through the years now that will assist you until you can guide yourself. These are the very things you need to do what I call, “Reconditioning The Conditioned Self.” They are also tools I always go back to when days seem quite challenging.

You may connect with some at first more than others. That’s okay. You won’t be able to do everything all at once … and you shouldn’t. Once you start this journey, you will discover what you are open to then you will be lead to then next step as you are ready. Some will unlock what you need initially before you can more forward to the other. You’ve got to learn to crawl before you can walk. Figure out what aligns to your Spirit. Find harmony within you.

I utilize from all branches of multi-media. It’s great to have a book, if that what you prefer (and I have many). However, I also have films (or film versions if they were made), audio cd’s, online resources, eNewsletters/Podcasts/online Videos, etc. Although it’s wonderful to be inspired by what’s on the page, if you are feeling challenged and need to shift positively and quickly, popping in a 90 minute film (or 10 minute video version of a workshop) is going to help you get there sooner. Also, audio cd’s of books are great for the car/transit or even just at home to listen to while getting other things done (if you must). I stopped listening to music in the car … and started listening to audio cd’s (you’d be surprise what’s seeping into your consciousness randomly through radio airwaves too). Movies and audio cd’s are also best if you aren’t feeling well on a particular day that requires resting. Even though you’ll exert less effort physically, listening is a powerful tool to help you get the strength to get back on your feet as soon as you are ready.

Your Path to Wellness Awaits You …

Rhonda Byrne: “The Secret” Movie, Books & Audio CD’s; “The Power” Book & Audio CD’s (good for just beginning). You will also be guided by many leaders in Mind, Body, Spirit Wellness who are featured in the film/book. Find out more once you hear their teachings (especially Rev. Dr. Michael Beckwith at The Agape Center). Interesting fact: The movie came out before the book and the book is derived from the film (with some added info). Both, along with audio cd’s, are wonderful tools. The most fascinating thing about the film, is that I was introduced to it because a friend and his wife saw a clip of me in the film (I wasn’t aware of this). When I saw the film (see if you can spot me too) … everything for me went to a whole new level of fabulousness! I assure you that it will.

Dr. Deepak Chopra: Anything he creates: “Reinventing The Body, Resurrecting The Soul: How To Create A New You”; “Return To Wholeness”; “The Ultimate Happiness Prescription”;“Quantum Healing: Exploring the Frontiers of Mind/Body Medicine”; “Perfect Health”; “Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire”; “Path To Love”; “7 Spiritual Laws to Success/Yoga”; “Peace Is The Way.” There are a number of Books, Meditation CD Sets, Movies (“Seven Spiritual Laws of Success” was made into a film … yes, I have this one as well), Lectures, Workshops, Retreats, Free eNewsletter & Radio Podcasts. If you are ever interested in connecting with The Chopra Center, especially for their retreats, please let me know because I’m connected with several of the staff there. If you live near The Chopra Center in Carlsbad, CA, you can check out their programs at La Costa Resort. Do attend one of their Guided Meditations. and

Dr. Wayne Dyer: Anything he creates: “Excuses Be Gone!”; “Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life”; “The Power of Intention”; movie, “The Shift.” There’s a vast selection of books, audio cd’s, PBS tv specials, workshops, retreats, lectures, movies, etc., you’ll find by Dr. Wayne Dyer. He is quite amazing and a great source of wisdom (as is his friend, Dr. Deepak Chopra). I’m not going to list all of his works like I did for Dr. Chopra. Please be sure to guide yourself in his direction.

Suggested by Dr. Wayne Dyer: Books by Ram Dass (, “Virus of the Mind” by Richard Brodie (; “Biology of Belief” & “Spontaneous Evolution” by Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D (

OPRAH!!! ~ Need I say more? Especially check out “Oprah’s Lifeclass” Series that you can now find online. Beyond inspiring!! Essential wisdom! (Ummm … I just came back and realized I hadn’t listed the website … as if you wouldn’t know how to find her!!!). And, please check out OWN channel. “Super Soul Sundays” is quite fabulous too! Her new series, “Oprah’s Next Chapter” starts Jan. 1, 2012. A great way to start the New Year INDEED!!

Eckhart Tolle: “A New Earth”; “The Power of Now”; “Guardians of Being”are books by Tolle. He also has Eckhart Tolle TV, Teachings, Online Courses and more.

Esther & Jerry Hicks: “The Vortex”; “Who You Really Are”; “Ask & It Is Given”; “Law of Attraction” (Books, Videos/DVD’s/Workshops, Audio CD’s). Very powerful teachings that are also advanced. They have a lot of books, videos (a lot online), dvd’s and audio cd’s. They also do workshops & lectures, etc.

Jon Kabat-Zinn: “Wherever You Go, There You Are”; “Letting Everything Become Your Teacher”; “Full Catastrophe Living: Using the Wisdom of Your Body & Mind to Face Stress, Pain & Illness. “ Several phenomenal books, meditation cd’s and series.

Mindfullness Meditation Video with Jon Kabat-Zinn:

Neale Donald Walsh: “Conversations with God” Books & Movie, Online Courses/Lectures, etc. “I Believe God Wants You To Know” daily encouragements (great daily sayings delivered to your email). You should definitely find out more about his “Conversations with God” books … that was made into a movie about Neale’s life and what lead him to write the book (and beyond). I own the dvd of this film and watch it often. The story is quite inspiring!!

Mark Nepo: “Book of Awakening.” Featured on Oprah’s Soul Series Radio Program on “How To Be Centered”: Wonderful teachings.

Louise Hay: “You Can Heal Your Life”; “Heal Your Body”; “Embracing Change” and much, much more. Sign up for Daily Affirmations on her website. Louise Hay is a great leader in this field and publishes many others through her publication house. Also look into Hay House Publishing & Hay House Radio for a large number of offerings by the leaders in Mind, Body, Spirit Wellness (including events).;;

Wallace D. Wattles: “The Science of Success” comprises 3 of Wallace Wattles works (“The Science of Getting Rich,” “The Science of Being Well” and “The Science of Being Great.” “The Science of Getting Rich” was the writing that Rhonda Byrne received from her daughter that sparked “The Secret.” Wallace Wattles wrote these in 1910. He sparked a movement for a lot of people that came after him.

Chris Prelitz: “Green Made Easy: The Everyday Guide For Transitioning To A Green Lifestyle” … I have a lot of fabulous things to say about Chris. I fortunately met him in person the Good Jobs Green Jobs Conf in 2009. We both thought each other looked familiar … found a great friendship after a greater conversation. Find out more about my Eco-Friend and Green Lifestyle Guru (plus a link to ordering his fabulous book … also published through Hay Publishing … as well as other products he’s linked too) at


Movies: My background is in cinema so I have an affinity through learning from this medium. I think it’s a creative and quick way to “re-condition” yourself. Also, I find that the learning capacity for all can be reached in greater ways through this manner. You have to remember that different audiences can be reached in a variety of ways.


This is especially true for those who may not read well (or at all). Children (especially those who haven’t learned to read yet) soak up a lot of knowledge through visual/audio mediums (as we still do as adults). Also, for those who are hard of hearing, films can be shown with captions. And those who may not be able to see well, can gain info from listening.


Film screenings are also such a great way to reach a lot of people at once. I feel the power of visual/audio mediums to connect greatly is vitally important for this very reason. I’ll do my best to continue to update this list. I’ve seen A LOT of films … especially in these categories.  I consciously guided myself away from anything that would not allow for my greater growth in positive ways. I also know A LOT of filmmakers (lots that are personal friends and colleagues too). I will do my best to start a separate page listing and showcasing links to films on my Blog too.

Conscious Cinema: “What The Bleep Do We Know?”~; “The Secret” (see Rhonda Byrne above); “Conversations With God”(see Neale Donald Walsh above); “The Shift” (see Wayne Dyer above); “The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success” by Deepak Chopra”; “The Shadow Effect” (Book & Film ~ ~ Deepak Chopra is one of the presenters in this; “I Am” (by Tom Shadyac ~ and “Happiness Is” by Andrew Shapter (can see entirely on now ~ find link on site:

Eco-Docs (there are A LOT of eco-films I’ve seen and a lot of filmmakers that are personal friends so I’ll have work on all the links for this): “11th Hour” (Leonardo DiCapprio’s phenomenal Eco-Doc that took things to a whole other level for me); “Gasland” by Josh Fox (Oscar Nominated & 2011 Emmy Award Winning Eco-Doc … see my interview of Josh on my FabuNOLA Blog); “The City DarK” by Ian Chenney (one of the filmmakers for food films, “King Corn” & “Truck Farm”); “Fuel”; “Burning The Future: Coal In America” by friend, David Novak; “YERT (Your Environmental Road Trip)” by friend, Mark Dixon; “The Lightbulb Conspiracy”by friend Cosima Dannoritzer (which you can view online); “The Economics of Happiness”; “A Snowmobile For George” by Todd Darling; “ Bury The Hatchet” by Aaron Walker; “The Big Uneasy” by Harry Shearer and “The Corporation.” You can also check out the website of DC Environmental Film Fest ( that show a lot of films annually for this 12 day, mostly free fest, that will make its 20 year anniversary in March of 2011.

Food/Health Related Films: “The Gerson Miracle”; “Food Matters”; “Food, Inc.”; “Vegucated”; “Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead”; “The Future of Food”; “Fresh”; “Earthlings”; “Simply Raw”; “Average Joe on the Raw”; “King Corn” and “Truck Farm” (both by Ian Chenney & Curt Ellis); “PlanEat”; “Fresh”; “Forks Over Knives”; “Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World”; “Blue Gold: World Water Wars”; “SuperSize Me” and “Milk in the Land: Ballad of an American Drink” (find here: If you are interested in ordering “Average Joe on the Raw,” I just signed up through their Affiliate Program so go to and give my Affiliaite ID Code:  195553.

Google all of these films. Some you can watch in their entirety online for free on their websites and/or, or Others may be purchased online for streaming online and/or dvd mail order through their websites or you may find through other sites (like Amazon, etc). I am friends with some of these filmmakers so if you want to purchase directly or look into doing screenings, please contact me.

Inspiring Websites: “The Daily Love” (; “Positively Positive” (; “Daily OM: Nurturing Mind, Body & Spirit” (; “Tiny Buddha: Simple Wisdom for Complex Lives” ( and (my own website and blog where you can find these and a number of other resources I’ve created over the years or my own inspired writings and videos).

Sounds True: Many Voices, One Journey. Books, DVD’s, Audio CD’s, Online Courses, Music, etc.

Food/Nutrition Related:

You can find more info on my Blog. Find the link at I have articles, videos & some recipes. More will follow. There’s so much to cover here that this is only scratching the surface. It’s really throwing out all you’ve been taught so you can really live a healthy path through fabulous foods!

Websites on Raw/Vegan Foods: “Raw on $10 A Day” (, “Raw on a Budget” ( and “Raw Food Rehab” ( are good sites for starters that will also help you if you want to stay on budget and great free resources.

Here are a few Raw Guru Powerhouses (yes, there are more … I will update): David Wolfe (, Ani Phyo (, Matthew Kenney (, Sarma Melngailis ( … Her Blog or the Restaurants/Take-Out/Delivery: &, Alissa Cohen ( and Juliano’s Planet Raw ( … which is probably one of the first Raw Living Cuisine restaurants I went to (located in Santa Monica) … met Juliano when I came in too. They all have several recipe books, restaurants and/or academies, workshops, courses, etc. Definitely connect to them. Philip McCluskey is also a Raw Food Expert, Author and Inspirational Speaker (you have to hear his story of weight loss). His site is

Based in England (fabulous anywhere) are a few great websites/Raw Food Experts: Karen Knowler is “The Raw Food Coach” (, Audrey has “Raw Food Recipes Online” ( and Russell James is “The Raw Chef” (

One major group of Raw Cuisine people grouped together to form some very special resources. Based throughout several cities in Australia, they have high-end and stylized Raw Food Blogs & Websites that should be checked out. I first connected through Omid Jaffari’s “Tried.Tasted.Served” ( … which originally started in Japan in 2007. They also have “Shiitake” Blog ( and “Botanical Cuisine” ( … all fabulous. Botanical Cuisine also has a link to their Academy (if you start to get really serious and feel like taking a major trip), plus you can learn about workshops, special dinners/tours, food photography workshops, certification, etc. You can link to everything (including the TTSBali Project) through the “Tried.Tasted.Served” site.

VegNews Magazine ( or find it in print on newsstands) is a wonderful National Vegan Magazine that’s been around for 10 years now. It’s a fabulous wealth of Vegan info (just stay far away from any dishes with Soy). They asked me to write an article for them last year and I am featured in their Nov/Dec 2010 issue. You can find my article online on my FabuNOLA Blog.

You can also Google Raw Vegan or Raw Living Cuisine to find a multitude of resources. I have more than I can list and a lot of people that I’m personally connected to that are good resources. A few are Raw Food Chefs Jason Wrobel (, Dara Dubinet ( on West Coast (Los Angeles), Stephanie Hall ( and Khepra Anu ( on East Coast (VA/DC/MD), to name just a few. I know many others who also doing classes & catering (like Paul Priore in DC or Jenga Mwendo in New Orleans) … they just don’t have a full website yet. I have their contact info though. If you do connect with anyone on this list, tell them I sent you their way.

Also, go to your local bookstore and start looking at books that will help give you more ideas. Find a restaurant, if possible, in your area. If you prefer to be guided personally, please connect with me to assist or find someone in your area.

Vita-Mix Blender: A powerful tool for healthier food preparation. Connect with me directly or go to my website ( for more details on Vita-Mix and how to order. I’m a Vita-Mix Affiliate & can help guide for your needs. Plus, there are other perks you’ll receive through ordering directly from me (including additional special raw/vegan recipe books, instructional dvd’s, free nut mylk bag, free S+H and optional payments in 3 installments). You can click on my direct personal weblink for ordering Vita-Mix through me there. Our, call my Vita-Mix Sales Rep, Janet Gladish, directly at 800-848-2649 x 2316 or Please use my Personal Referral ID code: # 06-004530. Please email me at if you have any questions or to assist you. My direct Vita-Mix Blog link about this is:

I also suggest getting a juicer if you don’t already have one, as well as other tools (food processor and/or mandolin) that will help you tremendously along a healthier path. Juicing & Juice Cleansing are power tools in clearing out toxicity for greater healing. It’s a great way to get lots of nutrients into your system easily. If you are challenged by creating dishes, this is going to be a greater personal journey for you to learn how to rely on yourself for your healing. Believe me, you’ll find plenty of others that are also on this path and will be able to support you along the way.

Specifically for MS Patients, I found these videos and nutritional links:

Dr. Mercola’s Site: Great Resource for Natural Health ~

“MS and Raw Foods”:

“Healed from MS and Psoriasis!”:

“Raw Foods Heal MS!” Blog Post:

Extras … Others Visionaries, Authors & Books:

Books of Poetry/Writings by Hafez/Hafiz, Rumi (, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry David Thoreau (for Emerson & Thoreau:, Walt Whitman ( and so many more.

Malcolm Gladwell: “The Tipping Point”; “Blink”; “Outliers”~

Linda R. Harper: “Give to Your Heart’s Content … Without Giving Yourself Away.”

Dr. Masaru Emot: “The Hidden Messages in Water” ~

Daniel Gilbert: “Stumbling Upon Happiness”: Find his book online or at bookstore. Here’s a video of his TED Talk:

Joseph Campbell: “Pathways To Bliss” ~

Viktor E. Frankl: “Man’s Search For Meaning”

Tom Rath: “StrengthsFinder 2.0” ~

Marcus Buckingham: “Go Put Your Strengths To Work” ~ (Also google video of his PBS Special)

Cherylyn L. Tompkins ~ ( and

Created December 2011


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