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Hey FabuNOLA Family!!

When discussing Holistic Wellness & Nutrition with all of you FabuFolks, it always must be mentioned how fabulous a tool the Vita-Mix Blender is in making your healthier habits a much easier process. I’ve had my Vita-Mix Blender for several years now (couldn’t be without it … my Family in VA even bought one too!!). Well, I LOVE them so much & tell so many people of the benefits that I even became an official Vita-Mix Affiliate.

On my blog page featuring my ‘Big Easy Eats’ Article for VegNews Magazine, you’ll notice an ad for Vita-Mix that manifested itself within the “Contributor’s Bio” page of the magazine. Being a Lover of and an Affiliate for Vita-Mix Blenders & Accessories, this truly tickled me (there are no coincidences in Life).

The great thing about being an Affiliate is that we get to offer you special extras (or “Lagniappe” as it’s referred to in New Orleans/Louisiana). When ordering through an Affiliate, and especially for Vegans/Raw Foodists, you’ll now receive the special Veggie Recipe Book (called Live Fresh ~ see more below) they created just for use with the Vita-Mix Blender. You’ll also receive a Nut Milk Bag (a wonderful tool for making your very own Almond, Cashew, Brazil Nut, etc. mylks). Plus, you can also take advantage of paying in split payments (3 pymts ~ $15 service fee applied).

And … I just found out that, for a limited time, they are offering even more fabulous “Lagniappe” (in New Orleans … that means “a little something extra”). Depending on which machine you purchase, you can receive 1 of 2 specials books. If you order the TurboBlend VS (Variable Speed), you will receive Raw Food Chef Ani Phyo’s book, Raw Essentials. This machine will automatically come with Vita-Mix’s new LiveFresh Cookbook (with special cover that double as it’s own easel stand). This book is specifically geared towards the Vegan and Raw Vegan Food Lifestyle so you will only find recipes in tune with you in this way. I would prefer you utilize these books because they will truly assist you on the best possible path to health and happiness through living foods. It will also come with a special DVD featuring Ani Phyo who created Vegan and Raw Food dishes specifically for Vita-Mix (YAY!!)

If you order the 5200 machine, you will receive the Vita-Mix “Whole Foods Recipes” Guide (cover also doubles as it’s own easel stand). It comes with the Vita-Mix DVD to show several of these recipes, along with other tips and tools. Along with this machine, and for a limited time (when they run out), Vita-Mix is also sending out the book, “The Beauty Detox Solution” by nutritionist & beauty expert, Kimberly Snyder (who follows a High Raw Food Lifestyle).

To order directly through me on the web, please click here for my special Vita-Mix link. If you would like to call directly, please call my Vita-Mix Sales Rep, Janet Gladish at 800-848-2649 (800-VITAMIX) ext. 2316 or jgladish@vitamix.com. You MUST use my special Vita-Mix personal ID Code for referral (06-004530) Please do NOT use the one in the article below. If you aren’t able to reach Janet directly, you can speak to another Vita-Mix Rep … however, you still MUST give my personal code. The Vita-Mix Reps will help you greatly!! You can also email me at Fabu@FabuNOLA.com if you have any specific issues or questions to ask me about this wonderful and literally “Life Saving” tool.

If you already have a Vita-Mix Blender and want to order additional accessories (including new containers … wet or dry and/or updated recipe books), please click on my link or call Janet for this too.

I hope you also thoroughly enjoy my article below. Always remember, it’s very possible to be a Fabulous Vegan Being, no matter where you are …. yes, even in FabuNOLA (and Beyond!!)!!!

Peace & Love,



VegNews Magazine Cover ~ Nov/Dec 2010


VN Mag ~ Contributor’s Pic Page


VN Mag ~ Contributor’s Bio Page
‘Big Easy Eats’ Article Page 1
‘Big Easy Eats’ Article Page 2

If you wish to read in full size, you can also find the link to the article and all the pages above here:

VegNews Magazine Nov/Dec 2010 ~ VegEscape ‘Big Easy Eats’ Article by Cherylyn L Tompkins


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  1. Hi Cherylyn,

    I like your blog and what you are doing. It was great seeing you at the Will Tuttle event last week. Let me know if we can meet at some point. I would like to talk to you more about how you are doing and Purium.

    Jane E.

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