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FabuNOLA & NOSD Appear on WDSU Sunday Morning Show for FiestaNOLA ~ Sexy Salsa Sundays (Free Class starts at 7 pm/All of FabuNESS starts at 8 pm)


“Promoting the Positive Side of New Orleans … Fabulously”
(March 21, 2010)

Fabu N♥LA & NOSD, Inc.

appeared on

WSDU Sunday Morning Show


“FabuN♥LA presents …

FiestaNOLA ~ Sexy Salsa Sundays”
Chef Kevin
(of Edible Alchemy)
is back
selling FabuFood TONIGHT!!
and MORE (listed below) …
Hello My FabuNOLA Folks!!!

We are definitely back ON for Salsa dancing tonight at The Blue Nile with FiestaNOLA ~ Sexy Salsa Sundays (Free Class starts at 7 pm) . AND, if you just saw Mike Griffin and me on the WDSU Sunday Morning Show this morning and are heading to this site (or out tonight) to find out more details … thanks and welcome to the FabuNOLA Family. You’ll find more details about information and resources to connect you to the positive side of New Orleans … Fabulously.

And, Chef Kevin of Edible Alchemy is back (weekly now) with a fabulous & scrumptious Latin Food menu that will keep you quite satisfied in between dances (I’m attempting to find a way to eat and dance simultaneously). Check below for tonight’s new menu (updated weekly) that will be for sale during our event. One Word:  Yummy!!

So, if you’ve just found FabuNOLA because of seeing us today on WDSU (thanks again WDSU), I hope you will sign up at (or below) to receive my regular FabuNOLA emails, plus come to visit my FabuNOLA Blog on a regular basis to find out more details regarding info on Arts, Community, Culture, Entertainment, Environmental Awareness & Holistic Wellness (and continuing to grow). Please read past posts and content listed to find out more details.

Please also check out Mike Griffin’s site ( for Salsa details. And you’ll also find Chef Kevin’s info to reach him about Edible Alchemy. Oh, and while I’m connecting folks, go to Blue Nile’s site ( to check them out too. When you have a minute, look through this site to find out what’s going on in our FabuCity and get engaged … positively.

If you are interested in Salsa (or Swing) Dancing, please go to the tab above (FiestaNOLA for my Salsa event and FabuNOLA IT List for mulitiple FabuDance Spots and music venues). Check back regularly for info and updates, be sure to sign-up for the eNewsletter, and if you are interested in advertising and/or sponsoring FabuNOLA, please email me at
I feel the positive expansion growing (reaching 10,000+ through various social media now ~ find out where is to follow FabuNOLA below) and going in the right direction to provide you with greater resources and awareness of all the fabulous things that continue to flow in our great City. We are all positively connected in a truly unique way that blends the beauty of our FabuCommunity. I LOVE it!! And you know how much I LOVE & appreciate You!!

I’m wishing you only and all of the best. You know where to find me tonight at The Blue Nile. I’m looking forward to seeing you there.

Okay, that’s it for now. Until the next time … I’ll see You on the Page or in Person! And tell them FabuNOLA sent YOU. As always … here’s hoping to see You … Out & About!!

Be & Live Well,

~aka Miss FabuNOLA~
FabuNOLA Blog
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FabuNOLA News & Events (and LOVE … always!!)


“FabuN♥LA presents …

FiestaNOLA ~ Sexy Salsa Sundays”

7 pm ~ until @ The Blue Nile

(532 Frenchmen St ~

A Clean Air Event!!

Whether you know HOW to DANCE, want to LEARN or just ENJOY watching …

EVERYONE is WELCOME to be a part of this NEW SEXY SALSA SUNDAY PARTY in New Orleans!!

FiestaNOLA ~ Sexy Salsa Sundays!!!!!♥

Live … Love … and Salsa!!

FREE FabuDance Class ~ @ 7 pm

Featuring Dance Instruction by Mike Griffin ~ compliments of NOSD, INC.


Every Sunday ~ Music, Dancing & Fun starts at 8 pm

(Salsa, Merengue & Bachata music played)

NOSD, Inc. Splash Logo

And here’s a FabuDance Video of Mike & Me dancing at one of his GREAT Salsa Socials. It’s improvised and fun. Click here. Also go to the NOSD, Inc. YouTube Channel to view their video postings.


And … March 21st welcomes another week of Chef Kevin S of Edible Alchemy to sell FabuFare (a new weekly feature).

Hearty & Healthy Food to satisfy even those of us “Conscious Eaters”


FiestaNOLA FabuMenu Offering for Sale tonight (menus will vary weekly)

*Mango Avocado Mango Salad  ~ $5

(Fresh Avocado, Mango, Apple Matchsticks & Bell Pepper Julienne with Sevilla Orange-Ginger Vinaigrette)

*Black Bean Tostadas with Vine-Ripe Tomato Salsa Fresca ~ $4

(Add Avocado ~ $1)

* Plaintain Paninni ~ $3

(Tostones filled with Spinach, Artichoke Hearts, Bell Peppers & Chimichurri)

* Wild Mushroom Paella ~ $5

(Button & Oyster Mushrooms, Bell Peppers & Red Onion, in a Saffron & Fresh Herbed Rice with Green Garnish)


To connect with Chef Kevin of Edible Alchemy (the newest FabuCatering Wonder of the Block) directly, please contact:

Chef Kevin Smith,; 504-782-3420
Edible Alchemy Catering


This is an official “FabuNLA presents … Event”

In cooperation with The Blue Nile


Peace & Love (spreading through us all),


New FabuNOLA IT List:
(love you!!)
To save length in this FabuNOLA eNewsletter (I know, I’ve been wanting to shorten them for quite a while now … there just so much though), I’m now linking you directly to my FabuNOLA Blog for ALL of the MANY Fabulous Listings I share with you!!!! For My New FabuN♥LA IT List, please go to:

You will be linked to the FabuMusic Scene Listings, FabuDance Spots (including Salsa & Swing) and FabuNESS ~ Mind, Body & Spirit (including FabuCommunity Offerings). More will evolve as I do … as we all do. Check back regularly to see how it all unfolds.

For those of you not yet knowing how much our FabuCity has to offer, this is merely a fraction (and even it will have you wondering how to balance all of it into your schedule) of things to do in FabuNOLA. Remember, You have to go to it, just in case it hasn’t already come to You!!

Enjoy the Beautiful Celebration of Life … That’s what this is ALL about!!! That’s FabuNOLA!

Peace & Love,

~ aka Ms. FabuNOLA ~

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Stay Connected Positively Folks!!

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Promoting the Positive Side of New Orleans … Fabulously!!!

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I’ll leave you with these Words of Encouragement:
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Wisdom for Modern Life – Daisaku Ikeda

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