Hello Again & Louise Hay Daily Affirmations



Hi All of You Fabulous BEings!

I’ve been off sending out FabuNOLA Blog posts for a while now while I’ve still been Healing my Body, Mind & Spirit. Most of my posts have been on my personal Facebook page (yes … even my FabuNOLA FB page hasn’t seen as much attention) and Instagram (linking posts automatically to my FB, Twitter, Tumblr, etc. accounts to make it easier for me). So, if you aren’t connected to me through any of those other social media sites, you probably thought I completely dropped off the map. I didn’t. Still Mending. Still Healing. Still Shining. Still Moving Forward … Positively!

I’m going to do my best to start sending out more Inspiration and Encouragement again here as much as I can. Of course, you should know that you can find it in previous posts plus find info I’ve already shared archived under specific tabs on this Blog. I know … people want current info (I do too). You’ll start to see more. I just have to move at a pace that goes along with my Healing so please BE patient and find me through other social media as well.

I’m also working on presenting another Fabulous Endeavor on a Global Scale. As I Move Forward with it, you may see a Shift and/or merging of sorts. Not sure yet how it will unfold or when. Just know that it will BE presented when ready.

Until then … I wanted to share this Louise Hay Affirmation. She’s always a Wealth of Inspiration & Encouragement. I LOVE to share her information and encourage you to check her out on your own as well. Here are Daily Affirmation Posts from her Facebook page for today & yesterday. Enjoy & Shine BRIGHT for ALL to See!!! ♡♡♡



Sending Lots of LOVE & Light in your directions!!

Peace & LOVE,



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