Fabulous FabuNOLA Happenings to Close Out August 2014 … Fabulously!!!


Hey FabuNOLA Family!!!

There’s so much Fabulousness going ON today that I almost don’t have time to talk about it ( or I may miss it 😉 )!!

Here’s a quick post I just put on Facebook!!

After Congo Square Drum Circle (3-5 pm) and After the Kizombada Party/Salsa Dance Social tonight (7-10 pm) at Funky NOLA (flyers BElow) … my Dear Fabulous Friends that are The Mumbles (Keith Burnstein, Ethan Shorter & Erjic B) are having their new album release party for Synchopatience (LOVE the new cover graphics!!) at d.b.a starting at 10 pm. This day is in Fabulous Alignment!!! YAY!!!!

Come on out to any or ALL to enjoy!!! As always … here’s hoping to see You … Out and About!!! ♡♥♡





Peace & LOVE,


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