Social Change Film Fest in New Orleans – Today’s the Last Day!!!



Hey FabuFolks!!

Today’s the last day of the Social Change Film Fest right here in New Orleans!!! Please attend the events/screenings if you are in New Orleans (or you can find out how to stream online). I’m planning on BEing at the wonderful events going on at the CAC (Contemporary Arts Center) for 4 FREE Film Screenings AND Visiting Filmmakers & Changemakers Meet & Greet TODAY 3pm – 10pm at the CAC!

Starting at 3:30 pm, the phenomenal “Re-Imagining Water, Wisdom & Art” Lecture, Panel & Talk-Back. Then, the 2012 Activist Filmmaker Honoree, Jon Bowermaster presents his brand new film, ‘Dear Governor Cuomo’ + 3 more films (including ‘Carbon for Water’ and ‘Watershed’) screen today at the CAC! 
Check the website for the schedule and locations of all film screenings and events today (including Loyola & Dillard Universities):
Here’s hoping to see you … Out & About!!
Peace & Love,

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