Hey FabuNOLA Friends!!

Come out today from 4-7 pm for the ‘Upcycled Glass Project’ special event going on at Whole Foods Market – Arabella Station. It will feature some creative ideas for repurposing glass, have some discussion about glass recycling options in the city and a Halloween craft project for the children (so bring the kids too).

I’m a speaker & will be showing YB Green Jewelry. There will also be other artists featuring glass art from recycled bottles here in New Orleans. 2 of the artists featured will be my friends Khulu Buckner and Yasmin Bowers.

Kevin “Khulu” Buckner coordinated this event and will also be featuring his wonderful art pieces he makes from recycled glass.

Yasmin Bowers created YB Green Jewelry ( or She makes fabulous “Urbancycled” Jewelry made from glass from the 9th Ward in New Orleans.


YB Green Jewelry – Green Hearts Earrings

Their beautiful designs will also be for sale. Come out to support the efforts of all of the artists involved!!

Eventually Khulu would like to get a collective of artists interested in coming together to start a city-wide project to create a positive eco-solution for New Orleans and the recycling of glass situation that still hasn’t been handled on a larger scale by the city!! If you are an artist who wants to connect on this, please come out to discuss.

Hope to see you … Out and About!!

Peace & Love,


‘Upcycled Glass Project’ Today from 4-7 pm at Whole Foods – Arabella Station (Uptown)

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