Cherylyn’s 40+1 Fabulous FabuNOLA Birthday Weekend Celebration



Hey FabuNOLA Family!!

Yes … it’s been quite a while since I’ve written a regular post (although updating my pages along the way). A lot has happened so I needed to focus on it all. And now … I have a great reason to post about fabulous celebration festivities (which is what I LOVE to write about anyway). It’s my Birthday today so I wanted to let you all know so you can come out to share in the joy!

Most of you know that my 40th B-day last year was a bit challenging for me to celebrate joyfully since my Dad made his peaceful transition only 4 days before. Although I spent the day surrounded by Family and with a Loving Spirit in my heart (and surrounded by LOVE), it was also spent making funeral arrangements for my dear Father. I did say I wanted to spend my birthday last year with Him. I just didn’t realize that it would come true in this particular way.

So for this year, I’ve stated for a while now that I would celebrate this B-day as my “40+1” (celebrating my 41st year of entering this Earth physically). I also wanted it to read as “+1” because I want to celebrate and honor my Father’s transition physically 1 year ago on July 15, 2011. For that matter, I would also like to add honoring and celebrating my Grandmother who also transitioned on Dec. 27, 2011 and our Great Aunt Josephine on Jan. 17, 2011. For me, this is also about celebrating Life from a great place of Joy & Love within all of us … honoring us all as much as possible.


So, with all of that BEing said, I would LOVE it and BE so honored for any friends wanting to come out to share in my “40+1 Fabulous FabuNOLA Birthday Weekend Celebration” (details below). I’ve been away for my past 2 birthdays now in order to spend cherished time with my Family in VA. So, spending this B-day with my FabuNOLA Family fills me with great happiness as well. Hey … it’s been a few years since I was able to celebrate in the way I “normally” do. I always say that we should celebrate and honors every day of our Lives as if it is our Birthdays. So, I like to live Life to the fullest in this way … it just gets heightened around the “actual date.”

Come out to share in joyful (and fabulous, of course) celebrations. And thanks greatly for ALL of the B-Day LOVE ENERGY already coming my way!! If you are busy this weekend yet find yourself in the nearby areas or see me while you are out and about, please just share some B-day Love & Hugs. If you aren’t able to make it in person or are out of town … your loving B-day wishes & ENERGY are greatly appreciated.

I also want to send Birthday LOVE ENERGY out to my Fellow July & Cancer/Leo Birthday Babies. Here’s to celebrating us all (and hey … just celebrate for whatever day you were born … you are that fabulous!!)! Sending LOVE & Light in all directions. Peace & Love, Cherylyn

Here’s what’s ON for my “40+1 B-Day” throughout the weekend:

Thursday, July 19 (my actual B-day):

* Dinner at Carmo – Tropical Cafe (527 Julia St) @ 7 pm. Please let me know if you can make it so I can get somewhat of a count to expect. Thanks! The owners, Christina & Dana Honn are so fabulous & sweet. I spoke to Dana yesterday and he said he’d LOVE to have us there tonight! I’m looking very forward to it!! (update … below find pics from dinner last night!!)

*Roland Guerin Group (with Ashlin Parker, Danny Abel, Stephen Gordon, Morgan Guerin & Joe Dyson) at Cafe Istanbul (2372 St. Claude Ave) @ 9 PM.


Extra details for both:

** (Carmo is participating in the “Dining Out For Life” cause going on around town tomorrow so about 25% of the bill will go towards the NO/AIDS Task Force. I’m so pleased my B-day celebration dinner is coinciding with this cause. If you can join, let me know so I can give them an idea of # of people, especially during this night. By making an additional donation to NO/AIDS Task Force (ask waiters for additional envelope at dinner) on the night of Dining Out For Life, you will be entered to win a 7-night luxury vacation! …

** (Cafe Istanbul is located inside the beautiful N.O. Healing Center with lots of ample parking on same side as N.O. Food Co-Op. Use this entrance since entrance on St. Claude will be locked in evening).

In true FabuNOLA Style … I’m continuing the fabulous celebrations throughout the weekend:

Friday, July 20, 2012:

*Uncle Lionel Batiste’s Funeral & Second Line at Mahalia Jackson Theater at 11 am (Viewing from 9-11 am). See posts & details I made in this album:

As many of you know, Uncle Lionel recently transitioned physically so I definitely want to honor and celebrate the great man and legend we affectionately called, “Uncle Lionel” … I’ll be dancing with you once again, my friend … in Spirit.


Update for Uncle Lionel Second Line:  Right as the Treme and other Brass Bands started coming play to start the Second Line, we were told that things would have to be postponed until Monday at 11 am at Charbonnet Funeral Home (Claiborne & Dumaine) because of the pouring rain (and someone also mentioned that the Cemetery was flooded … major flooding going on throughout the city this day). So, I’m going to name this Monday the “Fabulous Weather for Uncle Lionel’s 2nd Second Line” Event (I think we should create a song called “Uncle Lionel’s 2nd Second Line.” So, let’s keep this rolling on to Monday … oh how Uncle Lionel loves to keep the party going on!!

*My FabuFriend Tom Harvey DJing for the Friday Night Yoga Jam at Wild Lotus Uptown from 6-7:15 pm (Attending this will depend solely on what happens earlier in day and proper scheduling for later in evening. I may not be able to may … however, I want to recognize how fabulous this event is and that my friend Tom Harvey will be rocking it!).

** Here are a few dance events to pop to because they all involve friends putting on (especially my dear friend … also like a brother, Giovanni Vargas, who shares a B-day with me on July 19th).

* Salsa at Mojito’s (corner of Frenchmen & Esplanade … in evening. Probably dinner there too (or near). Not sure of exact arrival time just yet. Fredy Omar con su Banda plays from 7-10 pm. Then the flows into the next set with Javier Olondo & AsheSon from 10:30 pm – 1:30 am. No cover.

Both are friends and through many years, I’ve managed to celebrate my B-day around timing of Fredy performing. I plan to do so again for this B-day too. Although the music ends at Mojito’s around 1:30 am … this Friday, I have to pop on over to this next event by 11:21 at HOB (see Gio’s event next).

* Gio’s “G & Co.: Celebrating 30 Revolutions Around The Sun” (Gio and I both share a B-day on July 19th) starting at 11:21 pm (I’m assuming when Gio was born ;D) at Foundation Room at HOB at 225 Decatur St. No cover. Just let them know you are part of the “G & Co.” Celebration to join us.

Here’s Gio’s Flyer:


* Salsa with Pipe Estrada for Buena Vista Social Latin Dance Part at Maison, Upstairs in The Penthouse Room at 508 Frenchmen (yes, back to Frenchmen St to close the morning out) is from 11 pm – 4 am (we usually head over after Mojito’s ends). No cover.


Update from Fridays events: Had such an amazing day!! Thanks to all who made it so. I’ll have pics to post soon (there are too many to upload right now because I attempted to take pics with everyone I connected with)! Fantastic!!! And … Happy Birthday again, Gio!! The party was BEyond Fabulous!!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

* On Saturday, I’ve been wanting to attend the Vegan Jazz Brunch at Sante Fe Tapas (at 1237 St. Charles … formerly La Madeleine) for a while now (they started months ago when I was still out of town. Orhan Ergun (the owner) hosted a dinner for us during the NOLA Veggie Fest and I tasted a couple of their fabulous dishes on the Vegan menu.

The Vegan Menu for Brunch has been on my “To-Do-List” since I got back. There are other menu options available too. However, the plant based menu are so good, you should definitely try them out if you are coming.

Orhan is such a dear man with many amusing stories to tell as well!! Brunch is from 11:00am – 3:00 pm. We’re getting there around 2:15 so let me know if you want to join. As usual, William Bonham will be there with his fabulous guitar serenading us. Check out the FB page for this Saturday’s menu details: And go to their website for other details:

** So … I simply must get my Swing Dancing in to properly celebrate throughout the weekend:

* Strong possibility of going to catch Jeremy Davenport in the Davenport Lounge at The Ritz (3rd floor … valet parking validated for free when stamped in the bar) later in evening for Swing Dancing. Not sure of exact time yet. They play from 9-1. It’s been a while & I’ve been promising a trip back to my Swing Dancing stomping grounds for quite some time.

* Also a strong possibility is going to see my other dear friend, Anais St. John, performing her sultry & sassy show at the Hyatt Regency (her show is 9-Midnight).


Sunday, July 22, 2012

Not fully sure of Sunday yet because my Mom & Sis are coming into town for the NNOA (National Naval Officers Assoc) Conf all next week … which has an award next Thursday given out in my Father’s name.

Although, if I’m up for it, I could go to Frenchmen for Salsa at Mojito’s and Swing Dancing at d/b/a, Spotted Cat, etc. It will be a day of going with the Harmony of my Spirit and wherever my fabulous feet want to dance too. It’s usually an earlier night since d/b/a has the Palmetto Bug Stompers starting at 6 pm. Salsa at Mojito’s starts at 8 pm (with free 1 hour lesson by Oscar Ramirez at 7 … see below).

And … (special update) I just found out at Uncle Lionel’s Funeral from my friend, Jack Radosta, that the Sunday Swing at National WWII Museum has started up again for the Summer. YAY!!! I missed Lionel Ferbos playing last week … and he and I are exactly 60 years and 2 days apart (he turned 101 on July 17th!!)!! I DO hope to be there this weekend:

Sunday Swing featuring Joe Krown
Free dance lessons, 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm
Live music, 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Kick up your heels at The National WWII Museum with Sunday Swing. Professional swing dancers will be on hand to provide coaching for dancers of all levels while local musicians play World War II era hits. No reservations required for this free event.
Date: Sunday, July 22, 2012
Time: 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM

*For any of you wanting to learn Salsa, my friend, Oscar Ramirez does free lesson on Saturday & Sunday at Mojito’s right before the music and Salsa dancing starts. Check him out:

From Oscar Ramirez:
Dont miss out on this opportunity to get a free salsa class this Saturday from 10:30pm-11:30pm at Mojito’s!!!! Followed by Fuego Fuego for an amazing night (DJ Latin Dance Music)!!! Also, on Sunday night another free salsa class from 7:00pm – 8:00pm (with Live Band to follow) see you there!!! Wheppa!!!!

If you are on Facebook and haven’t already seen this yet, here’s the post I shared: Please feel free to go here and RSVP your whereabouts + send me a note (which you can do here too).

Ok … let the Fabulous Festivities BEgin!! Here’s hoping to seeing YOU … Out & About!!

Birthday Dinner Pic Update: Blowing out the candle at Carmo last night (thanks to lovely Lidya & Jessi for sharing a magical evening … and EVERYONE at Carmo too)…

Pics from Cafe Istanbul for Roland Guerin Group performance to follow soon!!

Pics from friends on FB:

From Zain in DC (with help from Daddy & Mommy … Sakib Qureshi & Sameera Fazili)

Created by Rueben Quinones & shared on FB

Luscious Vegan Fabulousness Cake sent from Honi Borden on FB

Sending Love & Light in your directions.

Peace & Love,



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