Many THANKS & Continued LOVE (for my Father & my Family) ~ Along with my OWN Personal Updates!!


Hi Everyone,

It’s been a while since I last posted (although I’ve been adding video footage and written articles recently since I changed the theme/look of my Blog). As some of you may already know (and as some of you are just finding out), my dear Father, Charles L. Tompkins, recently transitioned to a more peaceful place on July 15, 2011. My 40th Birthday was also on July 19th so this birthday celebration shifted to the celebration of joyous memories of my Dad.

Although this has been a truly challenging time for myself and all of my Family members and our Friends, I feel it’s important to focus on moving forward … positive. Recently I posted on FB (the day after my Father’s Burial on Sept. 8th in Arlington National Cemetery) that now begins the next chapter in “My Book of Life.” It seemed challenging to move ahead, especially with the timing between Dad’s transition to his Funeral & Burial (Sept. 7th & 8th, 2011). Because of Dad’s distinguished service in the Navy (27 years, retired as Naval Capt.), then on Capital Hill as a Civilian Staffer for the Navy (appointed by Pres. Clinton) and then at the Pentagon (as Dept. Asst. Secretary of the Navy for Personel Programs), Dad was to be buried with Full Honors at Arlington National Cemetery. As we found out, it takes a while (although we were told it could take up to 3 months so we were very thankful that it took about half that time). Dad’s Funeral (ast Mount Olive Baptist Church) and Burial were 2 beautiful days of celebration for my Dad. It was perfect and he would’ve been so touched and overjoyed by the outpouring of people and LOVE that arrived to be a part of it all.

My Mom, Sister & I want to express a great deal of LOVE in return to all of you. The LOVE & support you’ve given us all has been immense. We so greatly appreciate everything you’ve done for us. For any of you wanting to send donations (in lieu of flowers) to any of the organizations that my Father dedicated so much of his energy towards, please go to the Facebook page created for Him (Charles L. Tompkins ~ Celebrating His Memory): Please feel free to also go and see loving posts from Family & Friends plus pictures of Dad and our Family.

As we move forward, especially focusing on greater healing for my Mom’s health concerns right now, I am continuing to harness the strength and power to help many others move forward with healing … and LOVE!! That’s what we all need right now. We honor those who have made their transition by connecting to joy in the present (existing in the here and now) and linking to our greater purpose in Life. A greater LOVE connection to Self & Source to guide us all to a much more peaceful place (which I know is where my Father now exists).

For those of you still wondering … yes, I’m still up with my Family in the VA/DC area. I was already scheduled to be Emcee & Master of Ceremonies for this year’s DC VegFest. I so hope you can make it out this weekend for greater support (and to show some Veggie Love). See DC VegFest Page I posted on Blog for details (or go to Also, I’m still working on connecting in this area on other projects I’ve working on creating for some time now. I’ve just recently updated many more pages showcasing the work I’ve collaborated on with other media outlet and organizations too (Tulane Environmental Law Clinic PSA, VegNews Magazine Article & Healthy Food Happy You TV show). They include videos, articles, recipes and more (plus dance videos) because everyone has been asking them to send/email … so, they are finally getting posted here (more to come so keep checking back). And, as I stated … I’m ready to move forward positively to the “Next Chapter in My Book of Life.” I hope you are all doing so as well.

Well, until the next post … I’ll see you in person or on the page (or video). As always, wishing you only and all of the best. Sending you much joy in my heart and many blessings of Love & Light.

Peace & Love,


Thanks for the LOVE, Dad …


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