FabuNOLA eNewsletter: My Special FabuNOLA Update & Fabu Yard/Moving Sale Details & LOVE!! ~ 5-27-11


“Promoting the Positive Side of New Orleans … Fabulously”
(May 27, 2011)
Update Notice for 

FabuNOLA (and Me ~ Cherylyn)


Special Fabu Yard/Moving Sale Info


(yes … see details and flyer below) 

Hi FabuNOLA Family!


I know it’s been a while since I was last able to send out a FabuNOLA message to you all. It’s been about 11 months actually. A lot of you have been asking/wondering about my whereabouts … I greatly appreciate the appreciation. Some of you saw me at Jazz Fest and possibly out since I got back to New Orleans a month ago. Yes, I was away with my Family in the VA/DC area for 10 months helping to care for their health needs. Some of you now receiving this email for the first time met me at some point during this time while I was in VA/DC/MD, NYC or ATL.


This is now the first chance I’m finally getting to give you an update. A lot of you knew about my Father having Stage 4 Prostate Cancer. Shortly after I arrived in July 2010 to celebrate my birthday with my Family, I was told about my Mother also having Cancer … CLL. Between the two of them and also assisting with caring for my 93-year old Grandmother (who fell twice while I was there), I decided it was best to stay and assist (which meant that I literally dropped everything else going on here).  There have been many challenges … the tests in Life to prove we are stronger than we sometimes give ourselves credit for.  The type of inner strength gained that aides you to root an unshakable foundation for more challengtes to come.


I’m back currently in New Orleans to get things in order, as well as to purge, sell and pack up in order to go back to Alexandria, VA to assist. For those of you who have been asking for updates or who were possibly looking for a follow-up from when we initially met … a lot has shifted. My Family had to call 911 for my Dad the week after I left (1 month ago) and he went into ICU. This was also to be the very same day that Mom was to start her treatment. Thankfully Dad stabilized and was finally moved out of the hospital and into a Rehab Center last week. Although he is weak and not able to walk yet, he is sounding much better so this is a great thing. Mom was finally able to start her treatment on Tuesday of this week (4 days of treatment this week … then 2 days next week … she will repeat again each month for the duration of her treatment). I spoke with her day before yesterday and her spirits sound upbeat. Please send out loving blessings in their directions.


So, for those of you saying that you’ve been wondering what’s been up and/or where I’ve been and/or that you felt like you were ‘missing’ my energy in our FabuCity (which is why I LOVE you) … there it is. This is the update it’s taken me a while to share (although I may have shared personally with some). This and a whole lot of other details that aren’t really necessary to explain right now (and would take more time than I have). All of it too much to want to write out before now. It still is.


If we met in VA/DC/MD either working or attending an event (say, DC Environmental Film Fest, PowerShift, DC VegFest, DC Green Fest, DC Salsa, etc) when I was able to get out and you didn’t know all of this, I’m still including you in this email to give everyone an update for future reference when I’m able to reconnect at some point. I know it’s a lot of mixing of personal and professional info. However, that’s the balance we have to do in Life. That’s me … that will always Be. I’m very happy to welcome you into the FabuNOLA Family.


For those of you in New Orleans, I’m also actually reaching out because I’m having a kick-off for my yard/moving sales starting this weekend (both Saturday & Sunday from 12 – 5 pm). I have a lot that has to be sold so I’m going to do this in stages. First, clothes, shoes, accessories, household & kitchen items, etc. My goal is to hopefully find a sublease or corporate rental in order to keep my place (and most furniture) in New Orleans so I can eventually come back (which wasn’t able to happen for the 10 months I was gone) or continue to go back and forth between here and the East  Coast regularly. If not, I’ll send out a notice to do another yard/moving sale later in June and see what else I need to release. Right now is about release of the past… to gain greater inner growth and rewards to come.


It would be great if you can come out this weekend … especially to show and receive some FabuNOLA LOVE (really needed right now). Also, please spread the word and let friends know so I can do as much as I can as soon as I can. I’m in the purge phase right now so I really want to release what can go to a new place … and I would prefer it be to loving friends.


If you are not able to make it and still interested in what I have to sell, please contact me to set up and appt.  Also, if you have any tables and/or clothing racks I can borrow for set-up this weekend or if you can assist me before/during/after … that’s greatly appreciated too. And, if you are friends that are musicians and want to gather to play/jam/rehearse in front of folks … invite folks and bring a tip jar (I’ve got a front porch and a back courtyard!!). I would love the musical love therapy!


Although I’m happy to be back in FabuNOLA to replenish my energy, it’s important for me to go back to continue to assist during this truly challenging time for my Family. I appreciate all of the blessings and prayers so many of you have already shared and sent in my Family’s direction. Please keep that up (including for my Sister, Uncle & Grandma taking care of things in VA right now and being strong for Mom & Dad). I do so greatly appreciate it.


For those of you who haven’t seen me personally but sent me emails, texts, calls, etc., if I haven’t been able yet to respond yet, I do hope you understand this has been a challenging time.  If I haven’t been able to get back yet … you now know it wasn’t personal … just doing my best to handle what I can when I can. I have much LOVE for You!! We will connect again soon enough. Keep your heart open for it. If you are on Facebook with me, it’s a bit easier to connect on my Wall(s) to see updates that I can send out to many at once.


As far as some positive achievements for myself I’d like to share since I left, there were a few exciting things that happened and were released while I was gone that I didn’t get to tell you about (though some of you stated you saw). A great article that VegNews Magazine asked me to write about being Vegan in New Orleans called, “Big Easy Eats” which you can find here on my Blog; the 28-minute PSA for Tulane Environmental Law Clinic that I’m the Narrator & Spokesperson for called “The Citizen’s Guide To Environmental Protection in Louisiana” is currently airing weekly throughout the year on local tv or click here (uploaded in 9 segments); 1 of 4 segments on various topics that WDSU asked me to do for their Sunday Morning Show Live from N.O. Jazz & Heritage Fest 2010 ~ this one is about finding Vegan Options at Jazz Fest 2010 (not posted before); and, a recent appearance in for the Vegan TV Show (VA/DC/MD area), “Healthy Food Happy You”, which has info & pics on my episode (#8) which aired this month but video isn’t linked yet. I also collaborated with the “HFHY” show Director/Producer, Jorge Mera, to host several other interviews (for both of our media outlets) that I’ll post when available.  I’ll share more good news when I have the opportunity. Right now, got to stay focused on very important priorities and healing through LOVE.  Speaking of LOVE, many beautiful blessings of Love & Light in your directions as well. Once again, please send healing LOVE for my Family (not sure if I can say this enough right now).


For those of you who are new to FabuNOLA (either living/visiting in New Orleans or I met you while in VA/DC/MD, NYC, ATL or somewhere else along my journeys), this isn’t necessarily how the regular posts have gone in the past (read old posts if you have the time). However, the LOVE connection is ever flowing and transitioning for a greater future (and being in the NOW). Although I would normally ask everyone to check out my Blog regularly for info, please understand that there are several things that just might be out of date now and might not be updated during this time (for those of you asking for recipes and nutritional info). I know that everyone wants to know what’s Fabu in New Orleans (and beyond … because this is definitely reaching way beyond now). However, YOU are what’s Fabu in New Orleans (or wherever YOU are) so make great choices that are in harmony with you and be happy. That’s what this was all about in the first place.


I normally write in the form of encouragement, enlightenment and inspiration towards our FabuNOLA and Global Communities moving forward … positively. Look for it to continue and blossom in some media form … at another time … transitioning to another place. Please see below if you are looking for dance info because I have updated who you should connect to about it. Happy Feet … Happy Heart!! If you are looking for Food, Health and Nutritional Therapy info, I’ll be getting to that eventually ( video appearances/interviews may be posted sooner). And if you are looking for LOVE Therapy, just stay connected from within … you can always feel it flowing from Me to You.


So, thank you to my FabuNOLA Family (old or new … which is ever growing … no matter what FabuCITY I seem to be in). You are a FabuKrewe of Great Beings … all striving for greater happiness from within. We are all beautifully inter-connected in this way. You are fully loved and supported here. Remember that always!!


Okay, that’s it for now. Until the next time … whether I’m able to see you ‘Out & About’ or not … I’m sending you LOTS of LOVE!! Wishing you the best and the brightest.


Be & Live Well,

~aka Miss FabuNOLA~


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“FabuN♥LA presents (okay it’s really just ME presenting) …

Fabu Yard/Moving Sale

May 28 & 29, 2011

12-5 pm

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Fabu Yard and Moving Sale Flyer

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Peace & Love (’cause we can use as much of it as possible),


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Peace & Love,


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Wisdom for Modern Life – Daisaku Ikeda


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