Sending Lovely Blessings for the New Year & Beyond 12-14-2010


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Hello all of you Lovely FabuNOLA Friends,

I wanted to send you another update before the end of 2010. I’m still up with Family on the East Coast spending essential time together and assisting with health matters. I’m also getting myself focused for 2011 and beyond … as I know so many of you are too.

I did want you to know that I have an article featured in the current VegNews Magazine (November + December issue). Please pick up a copy and check out my article, Big Easy Eats (p. 70), when you can (and I’m in the front on the Contributor’s Page too). You can find it at Whole Foods and other retail outlets. Although the article is not online, you can check out the VegNews website for other great resources at I was thrilled when they asked me to write the article and honored to be featured for their VegEscapes travel column they wanted me to write about New Orleans. I’ll eventually post here on my Blog too.

Not sure when I’ll be back to FabuNOLA (sometime in 2011). As I stated in my last post, until I return, please seek out all of your fabulous positive inspirations, entertainment and resource needs through many of the great people and sites that are always there to point you in a phenomenal direction.

Sending Love & Light in your directions (always)!!

Peace & Love,


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