FabuNOLA Update — 10-7-10


FabuNOLA Logo

Hey all of you Beautiful FabuNOLA Folks,

I know it’s been a while since I posted or sent you an email. I’m still up on the East Coast taking care of Family and their health matters, while also connecting for business opportunities here. Due to the need to spend more time here, my FabuNOLA “Sexy Salsa Sundays” is no longer happening at the Blue Nile and is currently on hold until further notice.

I know A LOT of fabulous things have been going on in FabuNOLA during the summer. However, because of current circumstances, I felt it more important for me to spend the time to assist and take care of my Family … as well as connect to what I truly need to focus on. I know you all can fully understand.

Until I return back to FabuNOLA, please seek out all of your fabulous entertainment and resource needs through many of the great people and sites that are always there to point you in a phenomenal direction.

I hope you’ve all been amazingly well. Sending you many beautiful blessings of love and light along your journeys. And … as always, wishing you the absolute best with all of your greatness!!

Peace & Love,


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