FabuNOLA “Spotlight ON”: MOTIONS “SHINE” VIP Lounge Event during Essence Music Fest (July 2-3, 2010) ~ 6-24-10


“Promoting the Positive Side of New Orleans … Fabulously”

(June 24, 2010)


FabuNOLA Spotlight ON:

Motions “SHINE” VIP Lounge
Special Event
Essence Music Festival
July 2 – 3, 2010
(12-6 pm @ Harrah’s Hotel)

Hello My FabuNOLA Family!!!

As you know from reading my last email, I’ve had a break from writing my FabuNOLA eNewsletter for a while to take care of things I must focus on right now for myself. I’ve also been out of town recently for work so Sexy Salsa Sundays has continued to be on hold until I can return to get things back into the FabuSwing (or should I say FabuSalsa) again. And, due to the re-routing of my connecting stand-by flights, I’m now in VA and able to visit my family for several days … an even bigger blessing since I haven’t seen them since last October.

I hope you’ve all been very well since I last connected with you. We all need time to turn within and to focus on self (and what you really want to manifest in your Life) as much as you possibly can. And, although you know how much I LOVE FabuNOLA, sometimes you have to get away to gain a greater appreciation and perspective … allowing for greater clarity to push ahead victoriously in the right directions. Truly needed for my energy to shine brightly again from within.

And speaking of shining, I’m taking a break from my writing break to reach out again and tell you about a very special event coming up during Essence Music Festival, July 2 – 3, 2010 (yes, it’s already that time magical time of year again). This a special message and part of my FabuNOLA “Spotlight ON” Series. And the spotlight is definitely ON:

Some of you might remember that I got the opportunity to work this event as a Local Co-Host & Emcee to Celebrity Host Keisha Knight Pulliam (who was a great delight) and Celebrity DJ D-Nice (and Derrick is so very nice … Hey D!!! ~ www.d-nice.com) for last year’s MOTIONS VIP Lounge during Essence Fest Event. This year, DJ D-Nice will be back again spinning some magical tunes to keep your energy pumped to enjoy fabulous festivities throughout the weekend. Host Kandi Burruss (ATL Housewives) will be joining this special event this year to keep you entertained while the MOTIONS Krewe will UP your beauty & fun factor (see more details below).

I can definitely assure you, this will be a pampering experience like no other to get you in an even better (and beautifully shining) mood for the nightly concerts and any other great parties going on around town. And the greater news is that this is a FabuFREE VIP experience event that’s a MUST for all of you (yes, you Fellas can surely attend and have LOTS of fun too … hint hint … where else are you going to find so many beautiful women in one location at once). And if you are still wanting to manifest Essence Concert Tickets, this is the event to be at to win them.

Here’s what’s up at the MOTIONS “SHINE” VIP Lounge this year:

-Hosted by Kandi Burruss (ATL Housewives)
-Music by DJ D-NICE (NYC)
-Complimentary Hair and Make-up
-Complimentary Cocktails and Hors D’Oeuvres
-EMF Ticket giveaways
-Additional prize & product giveaways courtesy of Motions, Dollhouse, FHI and others …

Event will take place on Friday (7/2) and Saturday (7/3) from 12p-6p @ Harrah’s Hotel on Poydras St.

RSVP to reserve your VIP appointment now by sending your name and number of guests to RSVP@MotionsVIPLounge.com or text 312.566.1937 for your time and location.

(also see flyer & more details below)

Now, if you are new to FabuNOLA, please check out my FabuNOLA Blog with past postings.
The FabuNOLA Blog has a brand new look (which I’m still tweaking a bit). Also, go there to check out the sections, “FabuNOLA It List” and “Eco-FabuNOLA,”  that you can see posted regularly there. And please direct new people here … and ask them to sign-up for this eNewsletter too. The FabuNOLA Blog lists Music, Dance, Wellness & Eco Happenings. More will be posted/updated as I can get to it.

I’ve also had to start a new personal Facebook page for the overflow of new FabuFolks I’m always meeting and connecting to. Go to http://www.Facebook.com/Cherylyn.L.Tompkins.II if you are NOT already connecting to me on my first personal Facebook page. You can also find posts from me on the Facebook FabuNOLA, Twitter (both ending in /FabuNOLA) & LinkedIn (under Cherylyn L. Tompkins) Pages.

If you are new to the FabuNOLA Family, welcome to the FabuFamily!! You are amongst a FabuKrewe of Great Beings … all striving for greater happiness from within. We are all beautifully inter-connected in this way. You are always loved and supported here. I greatly appreciate you for the support you’ve always shown me in return!! I’m wishing you only and all of the best.

Okay, that’s it for now. Until the next time … I’ll see You on the Page or in Person! And tell them FabuNOLA sent YOU. As always … here’s hoping to see You … Out & About!!

Be & Live Well,
~aka Miss FabuNOLA~

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Essence Music Festival
July 2 – 3, 2010
Harrah’s Hotel
12-6 pm 

Be sure to RSVP
for this
Fabulous FREE VIP Event
to get your “special”
Beauty Appointment Time & Location

 (see below for specific details)

Motions VIP Lounge during Essence Music Fest 2010
Motions VIP Lounge during Essence Music Fest 2010

-Hosted by Kandi Burruss (ATL Housewives)
-Music by DJ D-NICE (NYC)
-Complimentary Hair and Make-up
-Complimentary Cocktails and Hors D’Oeuvres
-EMF Ticket giveaways
-Additional prize & product giveaways courtesy of
Motions, Dollhouse, FHI and others …

Event will take place on Friday (7/2) and Saturday (7/3) from 12p-6p @ Harrah’s Hotel on Poydras St. If you are anywhere near this downtown area (going to or leaving the Convention Center before heading to the nightly concerts) during these hours, please email or text to receive your definite “IN” to this fabulous experience.

RSVP to reserve your VIP appointment now by sending your name and number of guests to RSVP@MotionsVIPLounge.com or text 312.566.1937 for your time and location.

Wishing you all only and all of the best.


Peace & Love (spreading through us all),


(this is a paid advertisement)

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For those of you not yet knowing how much our FabuCity has to offer, this is merely a fraction (and even it will have you wondering how to balance all of it into your schedule) of things to do in FabuNOLA. Remember, You have to go to it, just in case it hasn’t already come to You!!

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I’ll leave you with these Words of Encouragement:
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Wisdom for Modern Life – Daisaku Ikeda

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