FabuNOLA Events: Haitian Relief, plus “FabuNOLA presents … FiestaNOLA ~ Sexy Salsa Sundays” kicking off THIS Sunday @ The Blue Nile @ 7 pm!!



(January 16, 2010)


Haitian Earthquake Relief Info

“FabuNLA presents …

FiestaNOLA ~ Sexy Salsa Sundays”

@ The Blue Nile

7 pm ~ until


Bill Summers & Jazalsa
Blue Nile
Saturday ~ 1/16/10 ~ 11 pm


Hello My Fantastic FabuNOLA Family!!!

I hope you’ve been very well since I last reached out to you. Well, I wanted you to get some VERY good news about a brand new and exciting event that I’m kicking off this weekend. It’s called “FabuNOLA presents … FiestaNOLA ~ Sexy Salsa Sundays” at The Blue Nile starting with a Free FabuDance Class (courtesy of NOSD, Inc ~ www.NOSDINC.com) at 7 pm and Music/Dancing/FabuFun starting at 8 pm. Yes, this is one of my very own offering to you. An official “FabuNOLA presents …” Event.

Jesse Paige (GM & Exec. Director of The Blue Nile) and I have been discussing a partnership between “FabuNOLA presents …” Events and The Blue Nile since the Fall of 2009 to create some exciting new happenings there. “FiestaNOLA ~ Sexy Salsa Sundays” will be the first you will see there so I hope you will come out in Full FabuNOLA Family Force to support. I would love to see your smiling faces (and dancing feet) there!!!

And it’s okay if you don’t know how to Salsa dance yet (because I didn’t at one point either) … that’s what the classes are for. And if you still aren’t sure yet … just come to listen to the music, watch, socialize and have FUN (because that’s what this is all about)!! I am reaching out to the Latin Dance & Music Collective in New Orleans to create a place for everyone to come together happily. There will be a rotation of various dance instructors/groups, dj’s and eventually live bands (although … any of my friends wanting to bring your instruments and create jam sessions … with/without the djs is SuperFabu too!!).

My love for the music, dancing, culture and community grows and grows in FabuNOLA (and you know I love to Swing Dance too!!) so I wanted to do what I can to enhance the already rich cultural scene in FabuNOLA with some more positive events. AND … this event will be a Clean Air Event (Smoke Free!!! Thanks Jesse!!!!). I hope you’ll be inspired to share with us!! Everyone is always welcome in FabuNOLA!!

Okay, there are a ton of other events going on, lots of info and resources I’m listing here so I’m going to list as many as I can (there are just so many … AND Bill Summers & Jazalsa are performing at The Blue Nile tonight too at 11 pm. It’s going to be AWESOME!!! Love ya, Bill (and all the rest of Jazalsa too!).

And here’s something that I came up with this week. I hope you will use it as a Mantra to carry you through your day positively:

“Only Greatness … Awaits Us” … in 2010 and Beyond!!!

You are the key to bring all the great abundance you’ve been asking for into your lives every day. If you are still looking for it … start shifting some things around inside to make it so!! Change your perspective positively and you’ll be amazed what will show up … just how you’ll be rewarded. And I should know ;D. Continue to grow your Love from within … for all.

So in observance of Dr. Martin Luther King’s Birthday/Holiday (much respect to Dr. King’s beautiful legacy that still continues today), I want to send a special note and prayers to the people of Haiti (along with family, friends and concerned people globally). Dr. King preached that he had a dream. In essence it was about all people coming together … globally in Love, Peace & Compassion … especially in truly challenges times … especially to make this world a better place. This is our time to honor Dr. King’s Legacy again by reaching out across the waters to help others so greatly in need … lovingly. Give of yourself … give Love … give whatever is needed. Sending you all Love & Light from FabuNOLA.

And I just received a note from my dear friend, Alain Joseph, in NYC on Facebook. Many of you might remember Alain who lived here for many years (and just moved away last year) and continues to work with Emeril. Alain let me know that his cousin, Wyclef Jean (the recording artist & humanitarian who is Haitian), has an organization called Yele Haiti. Below I am listing a way to donate $5.00 by phone (TEXT: YELE to 501501) along with web info. Please give them funds right away. I just did it and it was extremely simple!!!

Alain also sent me a text on Thursday stating that Red Cross needs Creole speaking volunteers fro a 24 Hour Phone Bank. Please call B. Wilford at 305-776-6900 if you can assist or pass this on to someone who can.

Sending Haiti Love to bring you through this. Make them stronger!! Please do what you can to reach out to another in need and be of great assistance to them. Below you will also find just a few organizations here leading the efforts to gather supplies needed (drop-off points) to send. Find out how to get more involved.

Okay, that’s it for now (although it’s packed with SO MUCH info). Until the next time … I’ll see You on the Page or in Person! And tell them FabuNOLA sent YOU. As always … here’s hoping to see You … Out & About!!

Be & Live Well,

~aka Miss FabuNOLA~
FabuNOLA Blog

Other FabuSocial Networks To Find Me:
LinkedIn: Cherylyn L. Tompkins
www.Facebook.com/Cherylyn.L.Tompkins (capacity currently full … will get back when available again).

Give needed funding & aide for Haiti!
Wyclef Jean’s helping hands reaching out to Haiti!!

TEXT: YELE to 501501
$5.00 will be Donated from your Cell Phone
(charged to your phone bill)

Larger contributions can be made at:

For status updates also see:

Gris Gris Lab Logo

Gris Gris Lab
is leading a number of efforts locally to
help with Haitian Earthquake Relief

They are raising funds and a benefit will be on February 13th. Stay tuned for more info & please go to http://www.GrisGrisLab.com for updated info. Until then, Gris Gris Lab is a local drop-off site for supplies & to send funds directly to specific groups in Haiti (see below for a couple listed).

They are a healing center and can also provide healing guidance to heal you cope during these emotional and challenging time (allowing your emotions to be utilized for the greater positive good of everyone).

Gris Gris Lab
c/o Gia Hamilton or Vignette Ching
2245 Brainard St.
New Orleans, LA 70130
504 654-1927
gia @grisgrislab.com

Hope for Haitian Children, Inc. (see below)
Yele Haiti (which Vignette also let me know of ~ listed above)

Gia Hamilton & musician Troy Sawyer have also provided me with info about the organization, Konbit Pou Edikasyon (which in Haitian means “coming together for education.”). Please go to the KPE Website to find out more and how to give donations.

KPE’s goal is to help as many of Haiti’s children as possible by providing them with the opportunity to attend school. KPE works to provide children with a satisfactory education, school supplies, food, medical care, and any other resources that they can to ensure that children are able to function at the same level as their colleagues of similar age attending the same school.

Also, a few Facebook Friends of Gia’s posted this info on her
FB Wall and I would like you to look into to help:

Paulette B.L. posted:

AMERICAN AIRLINES is taking Doctors & Nurses to Haiti for FREE. Please call 212-697-9767.
Spread the word.

Allison B.LC. wrote:

UPS is shipping for FREE to the area!!!

Please see below for other Gris Gris Lab Offerings this Month!!

Gris Gris Lab Info Flyer

Gris Gris Lab is an international healing/arts movement. We redefine the archetype of healthy living by building an intentional, multi-generational community of people organized around inherent incentives such as healing, art, food & social events.

Hope for Haitian Children, Inc.
Drop-Off Points for Items Needed:

from Marie Jose Poux
(Founder of Hope for Haitian Children, Inc.)
at Ground Zero in Port-au-Prince, Haiti:

Money & Medical Donations can be mailed or dropped off to Community Book Store (see info below).

Until full website is up, please join Facebook Page for
Hope for Haitian Children, Inc. by clicking here. You can also make donations here too.


Lots of Food; Children’s and Adult Tylenol; Ibuprofin; Motrin; Bandages; Vitamins; Sugar; Flour; Can Goods; Pots; Pans; Bedding Supplies; Disinfectants; Detergent; Clothes (for all ages); Tents; Tarps; Toothbrushes; Toothpaste; Underwear (for all ages); Matresses.

Drop Off Points: Call 504-948-0159 to Arrange

Community Book Store
c/o Mama Vera Warren-Williams
2523 Bayou Rd
New Orleans, LA 70119

Gris Gris Lab
c/o Gia Hamilton or Vignette Ching
2245 Brainard St.
New Orleans, LA 70115 (Zip?)

The Warehouse at:
3101 Erato St.
New Orleans, LA

Hope for Haitian Children, Inc.
is a Non-Profit Organization devoted to the humanitarian aid of orphaned children in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.
Thank You for Your Contributions.

Also helping Hope for Haitian Children, Inc. with their relief efforts is Shon “Sable” Gipson.
(Offers Therapeutic Healing & Counseling)

If you are a Haitian Family wishing for guided assistance during these challenging times or yet another concerned member of the Community who would like guidance, please connect here:

Ori Counseling Services of New Orleans
Multicultural Counseling for All Ages
Shon Sable Gipson, LPC & PT
Licensed Clinical Therapist/Counselor
Play Therapist & Child Custody Evaluator
1799 Stumpf Blvd, Bldg #5, Ste. #4
Gretna, LA 70056

Call/Email to Schedule an Appointment

FabuNOLA News & Events (and LOVE … always!!)


“FabuNLA presents …

FiestaNOLA ~ Sexy Salsa Sundays”

7 pm ~ until @ The Blue Nile

(532 Frenchmen St ~ BlueNileLive.com)

“Tambien!!! Come out and CELEBRATE the Cultural Diversity of the Latin Dance & Music Scenes in New Orleans (with FabuNLA at The Blue Nile)!!!

Live it!!! Love it!!! Celebrate & Be a Part of IT!!!

Whether you know HOW to DANCE, want to LEARN or just ENJOY watching …

EVERYONE is WELCOME to be a part of this NEW SEXY SALSA SUNDAY PARTY in New Orleans!!

FiestaNOLA ~ Sexy Salsa Sundays!!!!!♥

Live … Love … and Salsa!!

Every Sunday (starting Jan 17th) ~ Music starts at 8 pm

(except Super Bowl & Mardi Gras weekends)

Featuring DJ MG … spinning the tunes to get you movin’ to the latin rhythms!!!

Special FabuDance Class for the Kick-Off Weekend ~ @ 7 pm

Featuring Dance Instruction by Mike Griffin ~ compliments of NOSD, INC.

(30 Minute Salsa & 30 Minute Dominican Style Bachata Lessons)

NOSD, Inc. Splash Logo

And here’s a FabuDance Video of Mike & Me dancing a few months back at one of his very own and GREAT Salsa Socials. It’s improved and fun (okay … need to know the basics … you get it though). It’s on my Facebook page though so I’m not sure if all can see it (try anyway… here). You can also go to the NOSD, Inc. YouTube Channel (since I haven’t posted mine on the FabuNOLA YouTube Channel yet) to view their many video postings.

This is an official “FabuNLA presents … Event”

In cooperation with The Blue Nile

This is a Clean Air Event (Smoke Free)!!!


Peace & Love (spreading through us all),


SuperFabu Musical Offerings from

The Blue Nile

(532 Frenchmen St ~ BlueNileLive.com)

Here’s a great performance of Bill Summers & Jazalsa on WWL TV just last week:
Bill Summers & Jazalsa performing LIVE on WWL TV

I LOVE You, Bill ~ I’ll see you there!! Peace & Love, CLT
Blue Nile Weekend Line-Up message from Jesse Paige


Good day to all!

With all of the wonderful events going on in the city this weekend, we at THE BLUE NILE want to remind you of the incredible weekend of entertainment we have scheduled for you at 532 Frenchmen Street.


FRIDAY night starts off right with our cocktail hour from 7 to 10 pm featuring THE BOTTOMS UP BLUES GANG playing bar side. This is a fantastic blues duo visiting from St. Louis and doing a residency cocktail hour with us on Thursdays and Fridays for the remainder of January.

Then at 10.30pm: THE SOUL REBELS BRASS BAND. This is the most explosive entertainment any Saints fan could ask for as a pep rally the night before the biggest game of the year to date!


SATURDAY brings us the WASHBOARD CHAZ BLUES TRIO following the game at about 7.30 pm.

Next, at 10 pm we are very excited to have master percussionist BILL SUMMERS and his hot Latin and World music with his ensemble JAZALSA. Bill has brought together some of the very best musicians the city has to offer to create a high energy celebration of life through music.


SUNDAY we are very excited to announce a new addition to our weekly line up:

FiestaNOLA ~ Sexy Salsa Sundays presented by FabuNOLAat 8pm

This will feature DJ MG on our debut weekend. He will be spinning the tunes to get you movin’ to the Latin rhythms!!! There is also a special FabuDance Class for the Kick-Off Weekend that starts at 7 pm featuring Dance Instruction by Mike Griffin ~ compliments of NOSD, INC. (NOSDINC.com)

(30 Minute Salsa & 30 Minute Dominican Style Bachata Lessons)

Have a safe and exciting good time this weekend. We hope to see you soon!

Jesse Robert Paige
-Executive Director & Talent Buyer
for The Blue Nile Nightclub and Bar
-Soul Rebels Brass Band Management
-Percussionist for Dr Gonzeaux
New Orleans, Louisiana
United States of America


Also, Khris Royal (Hey Boo!! Love You!!) & Dark Matter
(check out the full schedule & see great video too)

EVERY Wednesday
The Blue Nile ~ 10 pm

Khris Royal & Dark Matter ~ Blue Nile Wednesdays

CubaNOLA Art Collective highly recommends ¡Sí Cuba!, a citywide presentation of Cuban art, music, and culture, the Newcomb Art Gallery celebrates the opening of Polaridad Complementaria: Recent Works From Cuba.
Please check out www.sicubaneworleans.com (or click flyer) to see the full schedule of all the Cuban art events going on this month as part of the Si Cuba extravaganza. And see further below for film screening of I AM CUBA film with New Orleans Film Society at CAC.

Si Cuba event on Jan 15 2010

Join us for a night of Cuban art, food, & music
and celebrate the Saints’ victory over the Cardinals!

In conjunction with, ¡Sí Cuba!, a citywide presentation of Cuban art, music, and culture, the Newcomb Art Gallery celebrates the opening of Polaridad Complementaria: Recent Works From Cuba.

Guests will enjoy special Cuban-inspired hors d’oeuvres from Rio Mar and Cuban music performed by the Javier Olondo Quartet.

Polaridad is a joint exhibition presented by the Newcomb Art Gallery and New Orleans Museum of Art. The show, toured by International Arts & Artists, features more than 50 works by 27 Cuban artists working in various media that highlight the latest trends in contemporary Cuban art.

Also on Saturday, Tulane’s Latin American Library celebrates the opening of their exhibition, See Cuba: A Century of Images from the Latin American Library, 1859-1959, with a copa de champaña from 5 to 6 pm.

Both events are FREE and open to the public.

On-campus parking is available on Saturdays.
504.865.5328 | hours: Tues – Fri 10-6 (Wed open until 8); Sat – Sun 11-5

Vamos Saints!

Additional information is available at www.sicubaneworleans.com

Funding for ¡Sí Cuba! and Polaridad Complementaria: Recent Works From Cuba comes from the Georges Lurcy Charitable and Educational Trust, Robert C. Cudd III and Carol Downes Cudd, the Newcomb Institute, Julie McCollam, and Dorian Bennett. Additional support comes from CubaNOLA Arts Collective and Tulane University’s Roger Thayer Stone Center for Latin American Studies and Cuban & Caribbean Studies Institute.

Gris Gris Lab Weekly/Monthly Calendar Offerings:
1. Community Heal-a-Long (weekly): Introduction to alternative healing modalities Reiki & Reflexology.  Wednesdays (starts Jan. 13)10am-2pm at Gris Gris Lab- International Healing Arts Space 2245 Brainard St. and Jackson Ave. (504) 654-1927 Registration is encouraged. $20 for hour long sessions www.grisgrislab.com

2. Make Your Own Magic Lifestyle Design Conference calls with founder Gia  Hamilton- Lifestyle Design Coach & Urban Shaman.  Tuesdays at 8pm CST Dial-in Number: (616) 597-8000
Access Code: 1076067#  January 12th- Living Without a Safety Net/January 19th- Micro steps to your Dreams/January 26th- Creating Intentional Community-Free

3. Celebrate New Moon with a Magical Ritual (monthly) 7pm to 9pm at Gris Gris Lab, International Healing Arts Space at 2245 Brainard St and Jackson Ave. (504)654-1927 www.grisgrislab.com Free

January 14th Thursday; February 13th Saturday; March 15th Monday 4. Grits and Gardening at The Lab 11-4pm.  Garden, Art Studio open, Potluck brunch in a healing and creative environment. 2245 Brainard Ave. and Jackson Ave. ( 504) 654-1927 www.grisgrislab.com Membership is encouraged. Donations Accepted.

5. Release negative emotions at the Full Moon Ritual 7pm to 9pm at Gris Gris Lab, International Healing Arts Space at 2245 Brainard St and Jackson Ave. (504)654-1927 www.grisgrislab.com Free

January 29th Friday; February 28th Sunday; March 29th Monday

6. Soul Tempo Sundays ~ Be the BLISS we wish to see in the world …  presented (weekly) by Odile Nicole Del Giudice (odilenicole@gmail.com). Soul Tempo Sunday Meditations are now being presented at the Gris Gris Lab (free ~ donations to the space are welcomed). STS is an ongoing experiment in New Orleans ~ Gathering in community to foster the experience of peace and expand awareness.

* Guided Breath Work  * Sitting Meditation  * Walking Meditation (loosely based on Slow Tempo Practice)

Join Us on Sundays ~ 3 – 4:30pm ~ free


Gris Gris Lab Special January Calendar Offerings:

Across the Waters Art Opening ~ showcasing the work of local artist Sarah Dearie opens Jan.23rd ~ 6-9pm at  Gris Gris Lab ~ 2245 Brainard Street & Jackson Ave. Free

“Across The Waters”

An Exhibition featuring the works of Sarah Dearie

Opening: Saturday, January 23

Sarah Dearie Artwork for GGL

Art Exhibition displayed January 23 – February 13

WHEN: OPENING RECEPTION: 6 to 9 p.m. ~ Jan. 23. Musical Guests DJ Manga Rosa, Tedo Oliveira (Sarah Dearie’s Husband), and Marcio Pereira will be performing.

WHAT: Gris Gris Lab presents”Across The Waters,” an exhibit featuringthe expressive works of native New Orleanian painter Sarah Dearie. Dearie’s paintings focus largely on the female Orishas, which have their root in the Yoruba spiritual canon. Each female Orisha deity corresponds to a body of water, and in this symbolism, Dearie has found visual inspiration and artistic resonance. After adopting Salvador, Bahia, Brazil as her second home in 1999, Dearie found tremendous inspiration from Salvador’s African culture. Following Hurricane Katrina, Dearie and her family moved to Salvador full-time, returning to New Orleans in 2007. The convergence of her New Orleanian roots, Salvador’s cultural influences, and the ever-present water flowing between these locations prominently define Dearie’s artistic style.

OTHER: “Across The Waters” is curated by Gia M. Hamilton and Tara Foster. For more information, call Gris Gris Lab at (504) 654-1927 or email: Gia@grisgrislab.com tarafoster@grisgrislab.com.

# # #

More Gris Gris:

Gris Gris Lab, located in the Lower Garden District, is a premier international healing/arts movement that produces leading-edge, multidisciplinary cultural projects, wellness events, creative consultation, educational playshops and eco-tourist work exchange programs that concentrate on healing through intentional community.  Healing services offered by appointment at The Lab include Reiki, fasting support, Ionic foot baths and body.  Ground has been broken at the “MagicGarden” and is readily available for community participation on Saturdays from 11 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Please contact Gris Gris Lab for you next Magical Occasion!!!

Help St. Bernard Rebuild Project Reach $1.MM
Help St. Bernard Rebuild Project with just a click to vote on Facebook
click this flyer to make a simple (AND GREAT) difference

St Bernard Rebuild Project Large Badge

That’s right … all it takes is going to the website and clicking a button. The more of you who vote for them … the more they will reach there goal. I was one of the FabuFolks with did this recently AND they WON $25,000 plus the opportunity to go for the $1 Million. NOW … you know THIS group needs it so take just a few moments to make it happen.

This is the great organization that Neshama Carlebach supported for her “Go YOU Forth” Concert back in October of 2009 that I sent you info about attending. Neshama also got out there to help with building one of the houses (hey boo!! love you!!!). Neshama (along with David Morgan … hey Dave!!) will be back in town this week to perform a special Shabbat too!!  www.neshamacarlebach.com

So click away and help with the Rebuild of our beautiful FabuCommunity!! They are the only ones from this region (Louisiana & Gulf Coast) to reach this round (I voted for both them and Make It Right Fdn).

Peace & Love, Cherylyn

Here’s a note emailed to me by Allie Wilmes of the St. Bernard Rebuild Project:

Hi Cherylyn:

Hope you enjoyed the holidays! I originally met you at the Neshama event which supported the St. Bernard Project.

Now I would like to ask you a quick favor.

The St. Bernard Project has an opportunity to win $1MM from Chase bank! Chase is holding an online voting competition from January 15-22 on Facebook and the organization that gets the most votes will win the $1MM. We made it through the first round and won $25K and now we are up against 99 other organizations for the $1MM.

If we win we’ll use the money to: rebuild 66 homes, create 21 construction jobs (for veterans and other LA residents) and provide over 2,000 hours of mental health services. Lots of good for the people of New Orleans!

SBRP is the only organization in Louisiana or the Gulf Coast to make it to the final round of voting!

I’m wondering if you’d be willing to spread the word about voting among your list serve.  (We have text/widgets ready to go!) The best part is that it only takes people about 30 seconds to vote. I don’t mean to be a pain or overly asky but with the support of your network there’s a very good chance we’ll win.

I have an email blast ready to go as well. I will send it to you following this email.

Please let me know if you have time today to discuss. Or we can communicate via email — whatever works best for you. Voting starts tomorrow (actually Friday, Jan. 15)  and ends Friday, Jan 22 so we only have one week to get as many votes as possible!

Thanks in advance for your support. Look forward to hearing from you.

And … here’s the 2nd part that Allie sent me:

Click. Vote. Rebuild NOLA.

Help the St. Bernard Project win $1million on Facebook. Vote now at www.4nola.org/facebook. With your support and $1 million the St. Bernard Project can rebuild 66 homes for Katrina survivors, create 21 jobs for veterans and provide 2,000 hours of mental health services.

The St. Bernard Project has rebuilt more than 258 homes, with help from 18,200+ volunteers. Visit www.stbernardproject.org or www.4nola.org for more information.

New Orleans Jam RELOADED Workshop Jan. 29 – 31, 2010
Mambo Orleans & NickiiJammzz presents this Fabu Salsa Workshop
Go to www.MamboOrleans.com to register (or click flyer & pics)

Mambo Orleans Salsa NOLA Jam Reloaded January 2010 Flyer Back
Tumay Tunar (One of the FabuInstructors of Mambo Orleans & creator of New Orleans Jam Reloaded) let me know that they will donate half the profits to HAITI!!!


Yep Yep!!! This is going to be HOTTT!!!!!! Dancing … it’s just one of the most Fun & FabuExercises you could think of (okay … I have many … this is so wonderful Fabu though). Yes, it’s one of my “Shortcuts to Happiness!!!

AND … here’s a pic of the BODY you are all looking for (in one way or another) in 2010 (and Beyond!!) … I know I’ll be dancing towards this goal!!! WOW!!!

Peace & Love, Cherylyn

Ozlem Sevimka Carnival Pic
Ozlem Sevimka, who is a gorgeous dancer from Turkey. (Info provided by Tumay Tunar of Mambo Orleans)

More Weekly Music/Dance FabuNOLA Friend Offerings:
(love you!!):

Anais St. John ~ The Polo Lounge (Windsor Court Hotel) ~ 9 pm – 12 am ~ No Cover; every Friday & Saturday

Jeremy Davenport ~ The Davenport Lounge @ The Ritz Carlton (3rd Fl.) ~ 9 pm – 1 am ~ No Cover; every Friday & Saturday ~ Valet Parking Validated in the Bar Lounge (you heard me!!) ~ Jeremy Davenport Link

DJ Javier Olondo ~ spinning FabuMusic for great multiple weekly Salsa Nights (whoo hoo!!):
Thursday @ Felipe’s (301 N. Peters St ~ Upstairs @ 9 pm)
Fridays @ Lazziza’s (corner of Chartres & Frenchmen Sts.) @ 11 pm (until they shut it down ~ late with great food too!!!)

Micheala Harrison ~ Sweet Lorraine’s Jazz Club Sunday Brunch ~ 11 am – 3 pm ~ Sweet Lorraine’s Jazz Club Link ~ 504-945-9654

MamboMundo.com‘s SPANGLISH Salsa Sundays ~ Bank St. Bar (4401 Banks St.) ~ 9 pm

Gal Holiday & Her Honky Tonk Revue @ BMC (Balcony Music Club ~ 1331 Decatur @ Esplanade) on Sundays ~ 9 pm – 12 am ~ Gal Holiday Link

Gumbo Salsa ~ Free Salsa Classes & Social Dancing ~ Mondays & Tuesdays ~ LePhare (523 Gravier St ~ btwn Camp & Magazine St). Beginner Classes start at 7:30; Intermediate @ 9 pm; Salsa Social at 10 pm (until)

Mario Abney ~ Jazz Trumpet & Band ~ @ BMC (Balcony Music Club) on Mondays ~ 10 pm

Riccardo Crespo ~ South Brazilian Acoustic Guitar ~ Columns Hotel (3811 St. Charles Ave) ~ Riccardo Crespo Link

Swing Night ~ Wednesdays ~ Rock N Bowl ~ 8 pm ~ 12 am ~ $5.00 Cover

Johnaye Kendrick ~ Irvin Mayfield’s Jazz Playhouse (Royal Sonesta Hotel ~ 300 Bourbon) ~ 8 pm – 12 am ~ every Thursday

Jenn Howard Jazz Set (with David Mahoney) ~ The Rusty Nail (1100 Constance ~ http://www.therustynail.org ~ Wednesdays ~ 7:30 ~ Jenn Howard Music Link

Burlesque Ballroom with Trixie Minx & Bella Blue (with Leon “Kid Chocolate” Brown & Band performing) at Irvin Mayfield’s Jazz Playhouse (Royal Sonesta Hotel) starting @ MIDNIGHT; FREE ~ MUST RSVP ~ burlesqueballroom@gmail.com or call (504)553-2331 (limited space available). For mature & select audiences. Or stick around after seeing Kid Chocolate’s earlier Jazz Show (starts at 8 pm).

Fredy Omar con su Banda ~ performs LIVE Latin Music ~ BMC ~ Fridays ~ 10:30 pm – 1 am (or so) ~ $5.oo Cover ~ Fredy Omar Link

Troy Sawyer & DJ Mechanic ~ DJ & Live Trumpet mix every Friday at The Precinct (1377 Annunciation St.) ~ 10 pm – until ~  $5.00 Cover ~ Troy Sawyer Music Link

Sunday Swing & Swingin’ Wednesday in the Canteen ~ National WWII Museum ~ No Cover ~ Live swing music & dancing on Sundays from 4 – 6 pm AND Free dance lessons (all levels welcome) on Wednesdays from 5:30 – 7 pm. Stage Door Canteen Link ~ 504-528-1943

Weekly FabuNOLA Friend Offerings for the Soul/Body:
(love you!!):

Academia de Capoiera Onda Nova ~ Professora Onda (Rhonda Coleman) ~ Classes Mondays & Wednesdays from 6 – 8 pm and Saturdays from 10 am – 12 pm. 1st class FREE for New Students. Please go to Academia de Capoiera Onda Nova Website for full details, per class/monthly fees AND VIDEOS (incredible … this is the other way I must get in the best shape every … coming at you this year, Rhonda!!)

ElTahra Ibrahim is back in town and ready to get moving ~ She’s

kicking off Modern-Jazz Dance Workshop for Beginners/ Advanced Beginners next week. Class will be 2x weekly, most probably Wed. and Fri. from 6-8pm. Classes are $ 10 for TWO HOURS.  The goal is to solidify technique and acquire a solid foundation in lyrical, modern Jazz Dance.
Please refer to website more info.  www.eltahra.com, or stageclick.com. Email her at sandrasinc@yahoo.com. (And thanks ElTahra … I’ve been wanting to get back into Modern-Jazz Dance since I was 4 so this is the perfect timing!!!).

Nathalie Gomes ~ Dance Quarter ~ www.dancequarter.com ~ Skilled instructor (SWING, SALSA, TANGO & MORE) and all around FabuPerson. Her Biz Motto is one of my FAVORITES:  “If you can walk, you can dance!” Sooooo true!! Let her show you how. Check her site for schedules, rates, social & fun!

DIVINE at NINE (Divine Yoga ~Kundalini Yoga Ctr ~ this is by Donation; whatever you can) ~ Divine Yoga NOLA (1223 Baronne St.) ~ 7 days a week ~ 9 am (no mat needed ~ they pad the floor). Special Friday Sadhana Yoga at 5 am every Friday. Tea & light Vegetarian snacked served every morning after as well. Lovely community space. When warmer, they have a lovely pool/cabana area for lounging (Thanks for all you do, Elizabeth & Gary).

Melissa DeOrazio ~ Kundalini Yoga Instructor (and wonderful Vegan, Gluten & Soy Free Chef) ~ Mondays @ 9:15 & Wednesdays @ 7 am (Swan River Yoga Shala ~ 2130 Magazine); Thursdays @ 7:15 am (Swan River Yoga Downtown ~ 2701 Chartres); Tuesdays @ 11:15am (k.y.) & 4:30 pm (pre-natal) – (Life Yoga – 5422 Magazine St.). Love ya, Melissa (and Matt too!!). You can reach Melissa at 504-444-7431 or melissadeorazio@gmail.com.

Free Medical Clinic Screenings, Reiki & Acupuncture ~  St. Anna’s Episcopal Church (1331 Esplanade Ave.) ~ 5 – 7:45 pm (Healing Mass at 6 pm). Go to www.stannanola.org for more details.


See Gris Gris Lab Listings above for their weekly/monthly offerings.

Wild Lotus Yoga (bless see NOHC section for info).

Weekly FabuNOLA Friend Offerings from NOHC
(New Orleans Healing Center)
2372 St. Claude @ St. Roch
(old Universal Furniture Bldg.)

(love you!!):

The New Orleans Healing Center grew out of a salon think tank, whose members met to explore creative solutions to New Orleans’ vast recovery challenges following Hurricane Katrina.

To provide a holistic, safe, sustainable center that heals, fulfills and empowers the individual and the community by providing services and programs promoting physical, nutritional, emotional, intellectual and spiritual well-being.

Adaptively reuse the 55,000 sq. ft. former historic Universal Furniture Building at St Claude and St Roch in the City of New Orleans into a Healing Center. The center will include among other uses yoga, pilates, a cooperatively owned organic grocery, a hydroponic rooftop garden, a street university, a health food café, juice bar and coffee shop with a youth training program, emotional and alternative healers and visiting master healers and teachers, environmental offices and related retail bazaar and a New Orleans police substation…

Click on NOHC Website to find out more and see how you can get involved as this community offering grows.


Wild Lotus Yoga Ongoing Drop-In Community Yoga Classes @ New Orleans Healing Center ~ Yoga by donation ~ Mondays – Thursdays: 6:30 – 8 pm and Saturdays: 10:30 – Noon. Please see the WLY website for full schedule/special seminars at their main Wild Lotus Yoga Studio Uptown ~ 4842 Perrier St. ~ www.wildlotusyoga.com ~ (504) 899-0047 ~ teamlotus@wildlotusyoga.com).


New Orleans Food Co-op @ New Orleans Healing Center:  Offering natural, organic and just great things for the body and soul ~ Every Sunday ~ 12 – 6 pm. See their grocery list (for sale items). www.nolafoodcoop.org and info@nolafoodcoop.org

A community group who believe in healthy, affordable groceries, and who support local and regional food production. We operate a Buying Club, and will soon open our first cooperative store.

The mission of the NOFC is to open a community-owned grocery store that:

– provides access to healthy food at a fair price

– is a center of community activity

– promotes local and regional food production

– keeps capital and jobs in our community

– practices environmental responsibility and sustainability

– reflects our unique and diverse community

NOFC Grocery List

(click on flyer to go to full website)

Also, remember to support your local Farmer’s Markets too … wherever they are. AND there are several GREAT vendors now up and offering FRESH produce at The French Market again … support them … they are LOCAL too (the oldest Market in the country)!!!

Orisa Song Classes Offerings:
(many blessings!!):




Instructed by
Bill “Eshubi” Summers
7729 Jeannette St.

Now Sundays ~ 1 – 2:30 pm

(Donations can be made to Haitian Relief)

Orisa Song Class Flyer Front Orisa Song Class Flyer Back

Neighborhoods Partnership Network Offerings
(FabuNOLA celebrating all your GREAT Efforts here too!!):

Trumpet Magazine Release Party/Third Birthday Party

January 20, 2010

You won’t want to miss this extra special Trumpet Release Party!

New Orleans Mayoral Candidates will be helping us celebrate – by serving as celebrity bartenders for the event. So come out and chat it up – one of them will be your next mayor!

The Trumpet Release Party welcomes people from neighborhoods throughout New Orleans, non-profits, young professionals and local businesses. Feel free to bring your kids.

Cash Bar (wine donated by UnCorked wines )
Fresh Produce provided by Hollygrove Market and Farm
Birthday Cake provided by Fancy Cakes

The dress code is casual to business casual and all are welcome to attend.

Email rsvp@npnnola.com to R.S.V.P. or megan@npnnola.com if you have any additional questions!

Location: Hollygrove Market and Farm (8301 Olive St.)

Time: 5:30 ~ 8:30 P.M.

Cost: FREE! (but bring cash for drinks – there will not be a card machine)


A Few Other Great Listings on the NPN Event Site:
(And you can also link directly to these organization’s sites to find out more):

Green Incentives Workshop ~ Global Green USA ~ January 26, 2010

Have you ever wondered what sort of incentives there are to go green? Not only can you save money on your electricity bill by going green, but you can also take advantage of rebates and tax credits as well. Join Global Green’s “Build it Back Green” program for a Tax Credit Workshop at the Broadmoor Improvement Association’s office.

Location: 4520 S Derbigny St, NOLA 70125; Time: 6-8pm; Cost: Free


Volunteer Training-Ambassador Corps ~ Global Green USA ~ January 30, 2010

Interested in becoming part of the Global Green Team? Build it Back Green’s Ambassador Corps is recruiting for volunteers to assist with outreach events. We are an environmental non-profit seeking to spread the word and assist with green building and sustainable practices. A free training will take place at the Holy Cross Project Visitor Center (409 Andry St. New Orleans, LA 70115) on January 30 from 2-4 pm which will teach volunteers how to give tours of the Visitor Center as well as how to be a representative at events. For more information, please contact John Dorsey at jdorsey@globalgreen.org.

Location: 409 Andry St.; Time: 2-4pm; Cost: Free

Native Now: The Wooded Swamp ~ Longue Vue House & Gardens ~ February 6, 2010

Learn about the native plants of Louisiana, which are better adapted to the extreme conditions of our area. These sessions take place in the Wild Garden, a garden devoted to featuring native plants in an idealized setting. After each presentation, participants will receive a complimentary native plant. This program is free, thanks to a generous grant from the Greater New Orleans Foundation Environmental Fund, but reservations are required. Contact Hilairie Schackai at 504.488.5488, ext. 401 or hschackai@longuevue.com.

Longue Vue House & Gardens, 7 Bamboo Rd, NOLA 70124

Times: 8, 9, 10, and 11 a.m. ~ Cost: FREE


Native Now: Spring Flowering Trees & Shrubs ~ Longue Vue House & Gardens ~ March 6, 2010

Learn about the native plants of Louisiana, which are better adapted to the extreme conditions of our area. These sessions take place in the Wild Garden, a garden devoted to featuring native plants in an idealized setting. After each presentation, participants will receive a complimentary native plant. This program is free, thanks to a generous grant from the Greater New Orleans Foundation Environmental Fund, but reservations are required. Contact Hilairie Schackai at 504.488.5488, ext. 401 or hschackai@longuevue.com.Longue Vue House & Gardens, 7 Bamboo Rd, NOLA 70124

Times: 8, 9, 10, and 11 a.m. ~ Cost: FREE

Backbeat Foundation & H-Soul January Offerings:

James Andrews Trio ~ Hermes Bar in Antoine’s Rest. (713 St. Louis St.) ~ 1st Set: 10 & 2nd Set: 11 pm ~ No Cover ~ www.antoines.com

New Shows Big Sam’s Funky Nation:

1/22 @ Mid City Rock N’ Bowl
w/ Brint Anderson

1/29 @ Blue Nile

Backbeat Presents An evening with:

Jerry Joseph (solo-acoustic)
January 23 @ Blue Nile (upstairs)
532 Frenchman Street
10pm/18 & up/$10
& through Ticketweb.com and (866) 468-7619

more info: http://www.jerryjoseph.com

New Orleans Film Society January Offerings
(thanks NOFS for all you do!!):

I’m a member of the New Orleans Film Society and support all of their efforts to build a stronger film community here every year. Besides the great New Orleans Film Fest (2009 marked the 20 year Anniversary) every October, the New Orleans Film Society offers special screenings & experiences throughout the entire year.

Here’s what’s going on tonight (with a free screening at The Porch). Also, there’s a call for Entries for the Film Fest this year along with Jurors & Screeners needed (I have done both and it is a really wonderful way to be a part of the Film Festival).

This is from their current eNewsletter they sent me (whole email used for sake of time). Go to their website to find out more info and become a member: http://www.neworleansfilmfest.com and info@neworleansfilmfest.com.

Peace & Love, Cherylyn

Dear Cherylyn,

Our first Porch screening of 2010 will be happening TOMORROW at the 7th Ward Neighborhood Center.  We hope you will join us!

Presented by NOFS & the Porch 7th Ward Cultural Organization

A Village Called Versailles stillA Village Called Versailles is a feature documentary about Versailles, an isolated community in eastern New Orleans originally settled by Vietnamese “boat people”. In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, Versailles residents impressively rise to the challenges by returning and rebuilding before any other flooded neighborhood in New Orleans, only to have their homes threatened by a new government-imposed toxic landfill just two miles away. Formerly content to stay within their own “village” and below the public radar, the Vietnamese community rallies to oppose the landfill and become an effective force in local politics.

A Village Called Versailles recounts the empowering story of how this group of people, who has already suffered so much in their lifetime, turns a devastating disaster into a catalyst for change and a chance for a better future.

Winner of the Documentary Feature Audience Award at the 2009 New Orleans Film Festival

Directed by S. Leo Chaing. USA. 2008. 68 min.

Doors open at 6:30PM; Film starts at 7:00PM


Hosted by the 7th Ward Neighbothood Center, 1943 Pauger St., on the corner of Urquhart St.

For the 2010 New Orleans Film Festival Competitive Division.

It’s that time of year again! Submissions are now being accepted for the 2010 New Orleans Film Festival, to be held October 14-21, and we are on track to receive more than 500* entries!
All submissions are judged by either a jury (which meets as a group) or individual screeners (who view the films privately).  We are now accepting applications for these volunteer positions. We hope you will join us this year and help us spread the call to all your film-loving friends.
Jurors are needed for the categories of Narrative Short, Documentary Short, Animation, Experimental and Louisiana Filmmaker.  Screeners are needed for the categories of Narrative Feature and Documentary Feature.
The criteria for both jurors and screeners are:
  • Member in good standing of NOFS, currently living in the New Orleans metro area.
  • A demonstrated interest in film.
  • A proven ability to judge films by the established criteria.
  • A willingness and ability to describe and support your view of the film.
  • Strict adherence to the confidentiality guidelines established by NOFS.
  • An open-minded, generally positive approach to film and respect for the commitment, work and vision of every filmmaker.
  • The ability and willingness to judge the specific piece of work that is before you, disregarding all other issues such as who made the film etc.
  • No involvement in any capacity with any of the entered films in your category, including: financial or production involvement in the production, relation to the filmmaker.
Deadlines are as follows:
  • February 8 – Applications must be in the NOFS office
  • February 22 – Judging will begin
  • May 28 – All results in
Click here to view the application – please fill it out and return it to the NOFS office by Monday, February 8.
  • All prospective jurors and screeners must fill out the form, even those who have been jurors before.
  • Please note that submitting an application does not guarantee you a place on a jury.
  • If you would like to be a juror but are not yet a member please click here to join online.
If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to call us at 504.309.6633, or email us.

Presented by NOFS & the Prytania Theatre

Bright Star posterWritten and directed by Academy Award winner Jane Campion (The Piano), Bright Star is a riveting drama based on the three-year romance between 19th century poet John Keats (Ben Whishaw) and Fanny Brawne (Abbie Cornish), which was cut short by Keats’ untimely death. London, 1818-a secret love affair begins between 23-year-old English poet John Keats and the girl next door, Fanny Brawne, an outspoken student of fashion. This unlikely pair started at odds; he thinking her a stylish minx, she unimpressed by literature in general. But when Keats’s younger brother falls ill John and Fanny are drawn together. Keats, touched by Fanny’s efforts to help care for his brother, agrees to teach her poetry. By the time Fanny’s alarmed mother (Kerry Fox) and Keats’s best friend Charles Armitage Brown (Paul Schneider) realize their attachment, the relationship had an unstoppable momentum.

Directed by Jane Campion.  UK/Australia/France.  2009.  119 min.

Prytania Theatre, 5339 Prytania St.

NOFS members* $6, general admission $8
Visit the Prytania’s website or box office to purchase tickets.

*NOFS members you can use your punch card for this screening

Presented by NOFS and the Contemporary Arts Center

I Am Cuba poster Started only a week after the Cuban missile crisis and designed to be Cuba’s answer to both Sergei Eisenstein’s propaganda masterpiece, Potemkin and Jean-Luc Godard’s freewheeling romance, Breathless, I Am Cuba turned out to be something quite unique – a wildly schizophrenic celebration of Communist kitsch, mixing Slavic solemnity with Latin sensuality. The plot, or rather plots, feverishly explore the seductive, decadent (and marvelously photogenic) world of Batista’s Cuba – deliriously juxtaposing images of rich Americans and bikini-clad beauties sipping cocktails poolside with scenes of ramshackle slums filled with hungry children and gaunt old people. Using wide-angle lenses that distort and magnify and filters that transform palm trees into giant white feathers, Urusevsky’s acrobatic camera achieves wild gravity-defying angles as it glides effortlessly through long continuous shots. But I Am Cuba is not just a catalog of bravura technique – it also succeeds in exploring the innermost feelings of the characters and their often desperate situations. Shown unsubtitled at the San Francisco International Film Festival, I Am Cuba received two standing ovations – during the screening. The first movie ever jointly presented by master filmmakers Martin Scorsese and Francis Ford Coppola, I Am Cuba is one of the great discoveries in cinema. It will change your view of cinema forever!

Directed by Mikhail Kalatozov. USSR/Cuba. 1964. 141 min.

Contemporary Arts Center, 900 Camp Street.

NOFS and CAC members* $6, general admission $8
Tickets at cacno.org or at the door
CAC box office: 504.528.3800

This film is presented in conjunction with ¡Sí Cuba!.

*NOFS members you can use your punch card for this screening

for the New Orleans Film Festival – October 14-21, 2010

Don’t miss your chance to be a part of NOFF 2010!  Please enter your film today!

withoutabox exclusive Early Bird Deadline – January 29, 2010
Regular Deadline – Friday, March 5, 2010
Late Deadline – Friday, April 9, 2010
withoutabox exclusive Extended Deadline – April 30, 2010

· Narrative Feature – Fiction films 40 minutes or more.
· Narrative Short – Fiction films 39 minutes or less.
· Documentary Feature – Non-fiction films 40 minutes or more.
· Documentary Short – Non-fiction films 39 minutes or less.
· Animation – Films of any length, animated by any means.
· Experimental – Films 30 minutes or less that explore new and creative uses of film and video, whether in technique, form or both.

Awards, plus prizes of cash, services or in-kind, will be given in the following categories;
· Narrative Feature
· Narrative Short
· Documentary Feature
· Documentary Short
· Animation
· Experimental
· Louisiana Filmmaker

Click here to visit our website for more details.

Laissez les bons films rouler!

New Orleans Film Society

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