“FabuNOLA Spotlight ON”: GREEN ~ South Coast Solar Holiday Solar SALE ~ $1,200 OFF Solar Savings!!! Dec 2009

(December 9, 2009)

“FabuNLA Spotlight ON” . . . GREEN:

South Coast Solar Holiday Solar Sale

$1,200 Off Solar PV System

ONLY through January 1, 2010

Hello My SuperDuper Phenomenal FabuNOLA Family!!!

I’ve got some pretty exciting Eco-Fabu News for YOU!!! My friends at South Coast Solar have asked me to share something very special with you … it’s the gift of solar savings this holiday season. They are offering you a very special discount that can be applied towards your purchase of solar system (off any solar electric PV system over 3kW) until the 1st of January, 2010.

This savings of $1,200.00 is remarkable because Louisiana Residents/Businesses already receive PHENOMENAL solar tax credits for Federal (30 % ~ like everyone else in the country) AND State (50 % which makes us THE BEST in the country) … that’s 80% FabuFolks. Okay, now that’s just making it easier and easier for you to help yourself environmentally AND economically for the New Year … helping our eco-community and planet as a whole as we rebuild our FabuCommunity … together.

Now that’s mighty nice of them, if I do say so myself!! So, in doing your part to be more Green … you’ll definitely get to save some Green (yes, corny … and yet, I still felt compelled to share it).

Check it out so you can be one step closer to the “Eco-Evolution” (yep, just came up with that too) of New Orleans (that’s FabuNOLA to Me and You!)!!! And definitely let them know FabuNOLA sent you!! They’ll be so pleased that you did. Connect with them before January 1, 2009 and set-up a FREE Consultation/Estimate. $1,200 Off is a SuperFabu!!!! Check out their info below.

Wishing all the best of Holiday Love, Cheer and Light this season and into the New Year.

As always …

Be & Live Well,

~aka Miss FabuNOLA~
FabuNOLA Blog

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“FabuNLA Spotlight” is ON . . . GREEN . . . and especially ON:

South Coast Solar

South Coast Solar is giving you the GIFT of Solar this Holiday Season


South Coast Solar is having a Holiday Solar Sale

$1,200 Off ~ This Month Only

until January 1, 2009

and with the 80 % Solar Tax Credits …

THIS is a holiday special you’ll want to take advantage of!!!

Peace & Love (“Powered by the Sun”),


South Coast Solar

“Worship The Sun … Geaux Solar Louisiana”

100% Locally Owned & Operated

The only authorized SunPower Dealer in Louisiana

Please click on pictures below to be taken to interactive eNewsletter for South Coast Solar:

SCS Holiday Solar Sale Dec. 2009

South Coast Solar

Holiday Solar SALE!!!!

$1,200 Off any solar electric PV system over 3kW

SCS Holiday Solar Sale $1,200 Savings Pic

That’s it for now.

As always . . . Tell them FabuNLA sent You!!!

Until the next time . . . I’ll see You on the Page or in Person!

Many blessings.

Peace & Love!!



I’ll leave you with these Words of Encouragement:

“One of the fascinating things about human beings is this:  Believe for long enough that you are not as smart as others and this will actually lead to intellectual ineptitude.  But, confronted with the same doubts, if you choose to believe that your mind is merely dormant for now, lacking in exercise, once you begin to train it, there are no bounds to what you can achieve.”

Wisdom for Modern Life – Daisaku Ikeda

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