“FabuN♥LA Spotlight ON” . . . ART: NYC Artist Michael Gambino ~ “CommUNITY” ~ Debut Solo Art Exhibit in New Orleans on Nov. 14, 2009 ~ 8 pm @ Maison Post (1240 Esplanade)


From FabuN LA eNewsletter (November 9, 2009)

“FabuNLA Spotlight ON” . . . ART: Big Apple Artist Michael Gambino’s Work Featured in Big Easy Solo Exhibition

“CommUNITY” Exhibit

8 pm on November 14, 2009 @ Maison Post (1240 Esplanade)

Hello Phenomenal FabuNOLA Family!!!


So you’re starting to see me on page (if not in person now) a little more again. That’s because I’m doing all I need to do in order to make some great positive changes occur. And it’s good timing. Fall weather is in effect (okay . . . as much as it can be in FabuNOLA). This also means that people’s mindsets start to shift a little. Cooler weather = cuddle weather for some (or maybe most . . . everyone’s just used to the heat).You hear/read me talk about Love all of the time . . . ALL types of Love. However, Fall was always a time for Love . . . especially Romantic Love. I think that cuddling I mentioned earlier has something to do with it.

I put this all out there to discuss an event coming up that is now part of a new and special FabuNOLA Series I’ll produce for “Special Fabu Clients” wanting “Special Fabu Attention” called “FabuNOLA Spotlight ON . . . ”

This FabuFeature is Focused ON . . . ART . . . and especially ON:


Artist Michael Gambino

The reason why I decided to get a bit provocative earlier and bring up romance is because that’s the first thing that came to mind after seeing one of Michael’s pieces and reading the title called “A Fine Romance” . . . by Michael Gambino (and you’ll laugh when you see the actual photograph in the context of my writing this). And all of us Jazz lovers out there should especially LOVE this title. I think you’ll love discovering that Michael is the son of a Jazz Musician too. His Dad played with Lionel Hampton for 8 years . . . so I think he should know a lot about that title.

Although Michael is a New Yorker, he has a Love for our City . . . a love that started when he first visited 20 years ago (hmmm, that’s when I moved here). As you read his Bio below, you’ll discover that Michael and I also share an ability for juggling many hats too (hmmm, we might have been separated at birth ;D). Along with his paintings, photography & sculptures, Michael’s also a noted commercial artist & director who has won many awards with his work. I Love it!! Letting his creative side be his successful guide.

Another title that REALLY struck me is the brilliant title of this exhibit: “CommUNITY” . . . one which you know I write often about (just last week). I LOVE the emphasis on “Unity” because I always talk to people about Unity in our Community. So many people strive for it. It’s up to US to make this happen. I’ve always felt that art and the artistic/creative community are the ones especially moving this forward. Thank goodness for that. Kudos to all of you amazing artists out there!!! Thank you for your vision.

Below find the news release of Michael’s upcoming exhibit. I’ve also included the bio from his website, where you can also find out much more about him, see galleries of his artwork and video clippings of commercials he has created. That’s how we like ’em in FabuNOLA . . . Super Talented!!

Please also take note as well of Maison Post (a production house). “MAISON POST is the latest high-concept company to land in New Orleans on the waves of the Louisiana film renaissance.” Located in the Treme Neighborhood, you will definitely want to take a closer look at this group (love the look of their website . . . too Fabu!!).

Thanks to my always phenomenally FabuFriend, Andre Jones, for connecting to me on this . . . and wanting to connect you too. Michael Gambino’s exhibit and the Maison Post building will be a MUST see event indeed next week. I know I’ll be sure to be there. And if you see a camera following me around and I come up to talk to you . . . just talk, act natural and go with it (because you are SuperFabu!!) . . . I’ll tell you why later ;).

So, in Celebration of Cooler/Cuddle Weather, “A Fine Romance” (along with other Fabu M. Gambino Artwork) and Michael Gambino (the Person). . . BIG Cuddle Hugs from Me to YOU!!

As always, here’s hoping to see you . . . Out and About.

Be & Live Well,

~aka Miss FabuNOLA~
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I’ll leave you with these Words of Encouragement:


“One of the fascinating things about human beings is this:  Believe for long enough that you are not as smart as others and this will actually lead to intellectual ineptitude.  But, confronted with the same doubts, if you choose to believe that your mind is merely dormant for now, lacking in exercise, once you begin to train it, there are no bounds to what you can achieve.”

Wisdom for Modern Life – Daisaku Ikeda


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Michael Gambinowww.mikegambino.net



Exhibit of Art:

Paintings & Photographs

Saturday, November 14 @ 8 pm

Exhibition @ Maison Post (1240 Esplanade Ave.)

Michael Gambino Art Show Invite Nov 14 2009


Big Apple Artist Michael Gambino’s Work featured in Big Easy Solo Exhibition
“CommUNITY” Exhibit @ Maison Post (1240 Esplanade)

November 14 @ 8 pm


Big Apple Artist Michael Gambino’s Work Featured in Big Easy Solo Exhibition

NEW ORLEANS, LA (Oct. 14, 2009) – He’s part advertising guy, part photographer, part painter, part filmmaker. New Yorker Michael Gambino is wholly an artist and will be displaying an array of his work in his first solo show in New Orleans.

Gambino’s creations will be on display in his exhibition “CommUNITY” at 8 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 14 at Maison Post, located at 1240 Esplanade Ave. The opening will feature live music by the Robert Snow Trio. The exhibit will run throughout November and is available for showing by appointment.

“Gambino’s work reflects his keen interest in the characters around him, from the man on the street photographs to the large Koi paintings. We’re all social beings whether we’re fish in a pond or the everyday guy on the streets of New Orleans or New York City. We all have a need to be part of a community,” said Kyle Curry, editor and executive producer of Maison Post. “There’s a synergy between Gambino’s work and what we do at Maison Post.”

Maison Post is at state-of-the-art postproduction house, and the latest high-concept company to land in New Orleans on the waves of the Louisiana film renaissance. The principles of Maison Post bring more than 20 years of experience in all genres of filmmaking including episodic TV, commercials, feature films and documentaries.

Gambino is a noted commercial artist who has developed creative campaigns for many of the world’s mega-conglomerates including Coca-Cola, AT&T and Visa. He’s won virtually every advertising award, including Gold Cannes Lions and Gold One Show Pencils. His Visa commercial, Broadway Tribute, is in the permanent collection at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)in New York City. Gambino has exhibited his work at galleries in New York, Seattle and Washington D.C.

“New Orleans is a place where people can bring the best of who they are, and the best of where they come from, and feel immediately comfortable,” he said.

“The events of recent years only underscore the importance of community, there, here and everywhere. I think people fully understand, now, better than ever, that we are all in this together.”

Gambino is the son of a jazz musician. His dad, a saxophone player, was the token white guy in Lionel Hampton’s big band for eight years. He has more than an appreciation for the birthplace of jazz. He has a kinship with the city he first visited 20 years ago.

“I just love New Orleans. Nobody can visit this city without falling in love with it. And if you can’t love New Orleans, well, than I probably don’t want to know you,” said Gambino, a musician himself playing percussion in various types of groups over the years. “New Orleans is like visiting Paris. It changes you, and changes you in ways that you will never really know.”

Gambino’s love for music oftentimes surfaces in his creative approach. He paints with such rhythm and speed it can at best be depicted as a visceral encounter.

“Looking at a canvas, I can see mood and tempo,” he said. “The pieces for this show are large ranging from 3 feet x 4 feet to 9 feet x 12 feet. I love big gestural works. A viewer should fall in to the painting when she stands before it.”

“CommUNITY” will include sculpture, drawings, paintings as well as black and white images from his photography series, New Yorkers, While They’re Not Looking.  This ongoing project documents the most diverse collection of human beings on the planet Earth, all inhabiting a space merely 23 square miles, many of whom enjoy sleeping on public transportation.

To view Gambino’s work, visit www.mikegambino.net.

(This News Release written by our very own Lovely Literary Lady of New Orleans, Jewel Bush of jewelThinks. http://jewelthinks.blogspot.com. Love you, Jewel ~ Peace, CLT)


For any questions about this exhibition, Maison Post or Michael Gambino (and definitely regarding purchase of Michael Gambino’s Artwork), please contact:

André A. Jones ~ (985) 519-4049 or andre@nomdeguerre.tv


Now this is a “CommUNITY” I definitely want to be a part of.

Many blessings.

Peace & Love,


Artist Michael GambinoBIO

www.mikegambino.net for full details and gallery of artwork

Michael Gambino
BiographyMichael Gambino was born and raised in Queens, New York, the son of a jazz musician and a computer programmer. He began private Art study at the age of seven, and had his first exhibition of paintings when he was ten years old.

While attending the High School of Art and Design in New York, he formed the band Concrete Jungle, and released the album Wear and Tear on ICBM Records. While in college, he played percussion for the Umano Orchestra, a 30-piece rock-jazz big band, as well as drums in the Cajun-influenced heavy metal band Hip Joint Chamber. The music business was a cesspool of degenerates and scam-artists, so Michael decided to go into the advertising business. He was naive, okay.

Before graduating summa cum laude from FIT with a BFA in Advertising, Michael participated in a student exchange with the London Printing Academy (Elephant and Castle). Michael continued his studies at NYU (cinematography), the Cooper Union (art business), and the Art Student’s League (composition and sculpture).

For the past ten years, Michael has been employed principally in advertising, creating campaigns for many of the world’s super-mega-conglomerates including Coca-Cola, Verizon, AT&T, FedEx, and Visa. He’s won virtually every advertising award, including Gold Cannes Lions and Gold One Show Pencils. His Visa commercial, Broadway Tribute, is in the permanent collection at MOMA, in New York City.


Michael has exhibited his paintings and sculpture at galleries in New York, Seattle, and Washington DC. He had his first large solo exhibition of 20 paintings at the Alliance Gallery, New York, in April 2009. An exhibition of film, sculpture, paintings, photography and drawings is scheduled for October 2009, in New Orleans, at Maison.New Yorkers, While They’re Not Looking is an ongoing personal photography project which documents the most diverse collection of human beings on the planet Earth, all inhabiting a space merely 23 square miles, many of whom enjoy sleeping on public transportation.

Michael also directs one short film every year. His first short, MENDELBAUM!, was considered weird by everyone who saw it. It didn’t seem weird to Michael at all. But his last film, THINGS WORSE THAN DEATH, was an official selection for the West Chester Film Festival, where it will premiered , April 2008. That did seem weird to Michael. He is currently working on a third film, which will shoot in August, 2009.


Michael lives in Manhattan and Yulan, New York.


Artist with TWO KOI (74"H X 84"W X 2") oil on canvas -- 2007

Artist with TWO KOI
(74″H X 84″W X 2″)
oil on canvas — 2007

This and other Artwork by Michael Gambino, can be found by clicking here, directly linking you to his gallery page.

That’s it for now.As always . . . Tell them FabuNOLA sent You!!!

Until the next time . . . I’ll see You on the Page or in Person!

Many blessings.

Peace & Love!!



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