Go You Forth Benefit Concert TODAY (10-15-09) with Neshama Carlebach & Friends at Touro Synagogue (4238 St. Charles Ave.) at 8 pm to Benefit St. Bernard Project & N.O. Area Food Banks!!!


This was originally sent out on October 15, 2009 from my FabuNLA eNewsletter (emailed to the FabuNOLA List on October 15, 2009). If you are not yet receiving these emails, please sign up at www.FabuNOLA.com. Some of the images/flyers didn’t copy over so I will have to add them later when I have some time.  ~ Thanks. Hope you enjoy the re-post. Peace & Love, Cherylyn:

Hello My Dear & Lovely FabuNOLA Family!!! 

How are you? I hope you’ve been amazingly well. Just really busy working out some major life challenges and finding balance (as I know you are all going through similar situations). However, I wanted to take this time to tell you a couple of things and also let you know about this phenomenally fabulous benefit concert going on tonight that I’m involved with (info below).
I first wanted to address concerns that some of you have had in regards to not receiving my FabuNOLA eNewsletter regularly over the past few months. Some of you thought you were “off” the list (not happening). Others just didn’t know what the deal was. And yet, some of you just kept telling me how much you LOVE receiving my emails (like you were still getting them weekly ~ I LOVE YOU!!!).
Due to a beyond busy schedule (including Family members health concerns ~ thanks to all of you for your many blessings), the extreme need for transitioning to a fully interactive website and the even more extreme need to bring in advertising (which many of you have been asking to do with me & FabuNOLA already), I’ve had to take a break from sending out the emails for a while so I could focus, find clarity & balance a lot of things out. I’ve been updating info on my FabuNOLA Blog so please go there to find out info you are looking for regularly.
Also, if you and/or a friend are interested in finding out info about FabuRecycling Finds or FabuDance Spots, etc., please go directly to the FabuNOLA Blog. Many people have been contacting me personally (calls, texts & emails) and I just can’t handle the volume of people anymore (plus, it’s all on my site now readily available to connect you when you are ready).
It is one thing to connect and say hi . . . it’s another to ask about Salsa/Swing dancing & instructors who have been listed for your dancing pleasure for many months now. Or Recycling info, which is getting updated too.  There is a brand new monthly drop-off spot that just started up on the 1st Saturday of this month. I will have the newer info up shortly but there is still good info listed there right now (FREE HOME RECYCLING through Lab Recycling plus drop-off points).
Because I’ve personally funded FabuNOLA on my own for the past few years, I have to move forward successfully towards a steady stream of income generating business (through advertising or donations . . . you know, the way everyone else does it) in order to keep it going (i.e., gaps in emails going out due to working on other projects). If you and/or anyone else you know would like to advertise, please connect with me so I can send you information.
I never expected FabuNOLA to grow to the volume of numbers it has in such a quick period of time when I first started it. I am grateful to ALL of you who care so much about our FabuCommunity and who appreciate my small contribution to a FabuCity we all LOVE so dearly. Smooches again and again!!!
For those of you who have been saying how much you “miss” getting your FabuNOLA eNewsletter, I appreciate you dearly too. I’ve replaced the term, “I miss you” in my world, with “I appreciate you” because that’s what it really is. So really, I appreciate the appreciation. As you know, whether you see an email regularly or not, I love you all more than any of my words could ever truly express. My heart pours out to you and I am thankful to call you my FabuNOLA Family.
I’ll keep this short (I always say that) so I can send out an email to you about an AMAZING event going on tonight. You will most definitely want to be in attendance for this one. Even if you had other plans this evening (and I know President Obama is in FabuNOLA . . . I think he’s following me because he showed out at the DC Convention Ctr over the weekend when I was there for the DC Green Festival), consider popping in just to hear a song or two (and give to some very worthy causes). Your soul will be stirred tremendously even for just a brief moment. If you can stay longer than that, you will be in for one of the greatest musical treats you’ve could imagine.
And if you aren’t personally located in FabuNOLA but still want to be a part of this magical experience, I’ve asked the amazing Krewe over at WWOZ 90.7 FM to record this particular concert LIVE. You can listen globally on their website (experience it with us at: www.wwoz.org). The GO YOU FORTH Benefit Concert tonight will surely be on the lips of all of those who attend. Be sure to be one of them.
Please consider sending a donation wherever you are for Neshama’s causes (see below). Also, WWOZ’s Fund Drive ends today . . . they are listener supported so think of them too. Remember NO amount is too small . . . especially when multiplied by a global community working together to make a difference.
Okay, back to phenomenal movement in the right direction . . . positively. I’ve got to run so if there are any typos today . . . you know the deal . . . at least I’m getting this out to the masses in time, right? It’s not about typos today . . . it’s about sharing info for a beautiful experience (such as the concert listed below).  

And, in the immortal words of my dear friend, Rep. Jared Brosset, from his posting on his Blackberry on Facebook today in anticipation of President Obama’s appearance in New Orleans, “Waiting on the Pres. Obama!! Geaux Bama.” That’s a Louisiana reference for all of you outside of FabuNOLA!!
As always, here’s hoping to see you . . .  Out and About. 
Be  & Live Well,
aka Miss FabuNOLA


I’ll leave you with these Words of Encouragement:


“One of the fascinating things about human beings is this:  Believe for long enough that you are not as smart as others and this will actually lead to intellectual ineptitude.  But, confronted with the same doubts, if you choose to believe that your mind is merely dormant for now, lacking in exercise, once you begin to train it, there are no bounds to what you can achieve.”


Wisdom for Modern Life – Daisaku Ikeda





FabuNOLA News & Events (and LOVE!!)

To Find Out More FabuNOLA Info, Go To www.FabuNOLA.Wordpress.com


with Neshama Carlebach & Friends featuring very special guests Ellis Marsalis, The Green Pastures Baptist Choir (Lady Tambourine also to perform & WWOZ to record LIVE) tonight @ 8 pm CST @ Touro Synagague (4238 St. Charles Ave.)

I’ve been having some major technical issues all day, I’m just going to post the flyer here to make it easier for all, along with the email I sent with Neshama’s eNewsletter that I sent to media & some friends who spread the word to their lists earlier this week.


Hello FabuNOLA Family & Friends:


I wanted to send this to you so you could spread the word about this phenomenal concert event going on tomorrow. Neshama has asked me personally to help her out. I was at the teaser event they did about 6 weeks ago. My friend, David Morgan, said he contacted 3 people that morning of the teaser concert when he got in town: Harold Batiste, Ellis Marsalis and Me. Ellis was on one side of the Synagogue and I was on the other. David was the first graduate student for Ellis Marsalis from the UNO Jazz Program that started back in 1989 (when I first moved here then met him in 1990. . . yes, that far back).
I felt so blessed to be hearing the amazing music and experiencing the soul embracing message . . . a unified message of peace, love and healing. Neshama is especially passionate about the causes the proceeds of this concert will benefit: The St. Bernard Project & several food banks in New Orleans through MAZON (can buy tickets through www.MAZON.org or at the door). Besides the Benefit Concert with Guest Ellis Marsalis starting at 8 pm at Touro Synagogue.
This is definitely an event you will want to make. I’ve asked WWOZ to be on board to do a Live Recording from the Synagogue. I’m attaching the updated flyer with the Student/Senior/Group discount not on this first flyer. Also, Neshama’s new CD, “Higher & Higher”, was also just released on October 13th. You can find more details/purchase at www.SojournRecords.com
Neshama is very passionate about helping with the Rebirth & Regrowth of our Phenomenally Fabulous City and just felt a great calling to do something to help out. This is the Spirit we know and LOVE so dearly in New Orleans so I wanted to do what we could do to help her back. Coming to this concert is the first step.
Neshama hopes this will just be the kick-off to more events in the future and wants to come back several times again to do more. She was even building one of the houses yesterday with the St. Bernard Project. I find her caring and spirit to be quite exceptional and am so thankful to call her and friend . . . a Sister in Spirit, really.
Together we can make a difference in our community.
Many blessings.
Peace & Love,


From Neshama Carlebach:

September 18, 2009

Dearest friends,

Tonight is the beginning of a New Year, a new chance to discover, to grow, to love. My prayer is that this year we all get it right: that we forgive ourselves and each other, that we open our hearts and souls to all we can be, that we see the reasons to sing, dance and celebrate every day, and that we find G-d in every corner, even when there are shadows.

Thank you for being a part of the fabric of my life…

With love,




Neshama Carlebach Hosts Benefit Concert October 15th
Featuring Ellis Marsalis, Green Pastures Baptist Choir and Others
Proceeds to benefit the food banks of NOLA through MAZON;
Rebuild homes through St. Bernard Project


September 16, 2009 (New York, NY) – In an effort to focus national attention on New Orleans, still in need of repair four years after Hurricane Katrina devastated the region, international musical sensation Neshama Carlebach has announced an ambitious project — GO YOU FORTH — which will take place at the historic Touro Synagogue on Thursday, October 15, 2009 at 8 p.m.

A joyous interfaith celebration of song, GO YOU FORTHwill feature Neshama’s band, the soulful Green Pastures Baptist Choir, together with the one and only Ellis Marsalis and other local musicians and artists. Please check neshamacarlebach.com/soul.journey for the latest schedule of performers.

“Music is not only the true universal language, it is our greatest means of healing,” said the singer. “New Orleans is the soul of our nation, the heartbeat and pulse of the greatest American creative energy. Through GO YOU FORTH, I’m hoping to bring forth a complete healing for this great city.”

GO YOU FORTHwill take place immediately following the Harvest the Music festival in the French Quarter, where Neshama will perform and then lead a Second Line in a symbolic direction towards Touro Synagogue at 4238 St. Charles Avenue.
It also hopes to attract participants in the Women’s Rebuild Week, who will be in New Orleans from October 12-17, through the St. Bernard Project.

Through GO YOU FORTH, Neshama hopes to raise capital to benefit important local institutions – the St. Bernard Project and various local food banks through MAZON: A Jewish Response to Hunger. These organizations include Second Harvest; Just the Right Attitude; Feeding the Multitude; and the New Orleans Food and Farm Network.

Touro Synagogue has taken a leadership role in this effort, not only by hosting the concert but by plugging into the social and philanthropic network that they already have in place, owing to their well-known religious and cultural programs. “This concert truly illuminates the sound of the soul – inward, outward and upward,” said Rabbi Alexis Berk of Touro Synagogue.

GO YOU FORTHis soliciting sponsorships for the rebuilding of homes through the St. Bernard Project and with a month to go until the event, there are already commitments for the building of several homes, said Neshama Carlebach. Proceeds from ticket sales and donations at the October 15th concert will go benefit the local food banks in New Orleans through MAZON.

The concert organizers are encouraging people to donate above and beyond the $18 advance ticket price ($20 at the door) and to organize their communities to help St. Bernard Project rebuild homes that were devastated by the storm. The cost of home renovation is between $12,000 and $15,000, due to volunteer labor, said Zach Rosenburg, director and co-founder of the St. Bernard Project.

The promotion effort has been conducted through grassroots and informal methods, by reaching out to local and national organizations, houses of worship, schools and individuals. Neshama Carlebach has urged participation and support through her website, NeshamaCarlebach.com and a Facebook group for GO YOU FORTH has been created.

For further information about GO YOU FORTH, please email info@mjprods.com. To donate towards the rebuilding of a house through the St. Bernard Project, please visit firstgiving.com/goyouforth. For ticket sales, please visit Mazon.org and click on the GO YOU FORTH ticket link on the homepage.

GO YOU FORTHalso coincides with the release of Neshama’s new CD, Higher & Higher, which she recorded with the Green Pastures Baptist Choir. Produced by Sojourn Records, Higher & Higher is being distributed by Sony Records.

ARTS OR ENTERTAINMENT WRITERS:A launch party for Neshama Carlebach’s new CD will be held in the French Quarter of New Orleans on October 15th, immediately following GO YOU FORTH. For information about the launch party or to request information or a review copy of Higher & Higher, please contact Cara Wodnicki at cara@pressherepublicity.com or 212.246.2640.

FEATURE OR RELIGION WRITERS: To request press tickets to GO YOU FORTHor arrange an interview with Neshama Carlebach, to request permission to cover GO YOU FORTH or for further information about this event, please contact Shira Dicker at shira.dicker@sd-media.com or 917.403.3989.

If there is a tenet central to Neshama Carlebach’s life and career, it is that from brokenness comes strength. Whether it’s the tragic circumstances that led to her status as a superstar in the Jewish music world, or the brutal natural disaster in New Orleans that inspired the soulful, heart wrenching vocals on her upcoming release, Higher & Higher (October 13 – Sojourn Records), with the Green Pastures Baptist Choir, Carlebach is no stranger to anguish, nor the opportunities contained therein for unity.

It’s no surprise that Neshama is the daughter of a man considered by some to be the father of Jewish Music, Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach. Revered the world over for his celebration of religion through music and his ability to unify people through song, Neshama found her inspiration in his words and music and maintains the perfect balance between respecting his voice and incorporating her own.

Higher & Higher is the intersection of faith and talent, an album written from the perspective of a particular belief that applies to all. Written predominantly by Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach and performed by his daughter with a Baptist choir, the ten songs that make up the phenomenal release share an incredible message of unity and hope. 



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“A great inner revolution in just a single individual will help achieve a change in the destiny of an entire society and, further, will cause a change in the destiny of humankind.”

Wisdom for Modern Life – Daisaku Ikeda

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