Global Green’s 1st Annual Jobs/Career Fair, & Other Eco-Events (plus Music) This Weekend (Oct. 23, 2009)!!!


This was originally sent out on October 23, 2009 from my FabuNLA eNewsletter (emailed to the FabuNOLA List on October 23, 2009). If you are not yet receiving these emails, please sign up at Some of the images/flyers didn’t copy over (you’ll get the gist though) so I will have to add them later when I have some time.  ~ Thanks. Hope you enjoy the re-post. Peace & Love, Cherylyn:

FabuN♥LA eNewsletter (October 23, 2009)
FabuNOLA Eco-Weekend:  Global Green’s 1st Annual Green Job/Career Fair (and other Great Events!!!)

Hello Lovely & Phenomenal FabuNOLA Family!!!

I sure hope all has been quite amazing in your world since last week. We’ve had a weather shift (YES!!) and I believe a conscious shift as well. We are all consciously flowing in the right direction for ourselves. If you don’t feel like this has happened for you yet, start moving you Life . . . you actions accordingly.
This weekend definitely is keeping things Eco-Fabu in FabuNOLA!!! Several events are going on to keep you well informed and well connected with our dearest source . . . Mother Nature.
1. Global Green’s 1st Annual Green Jobs/Career Fair (see details below below).
2. International Day of Climate Action on Saturday (official internationally recognized day) and on Sunday (New Orleans Musicians coming together for the cause).

3. “Haynesville” Documentary Film at CAC on Monday, October 26th.

. . . and several more (just to keep it flowing)

As you know, there’s always LOTS of Fabu things to do in FabuNOLA . . . making my job very busy indeed!!! Keep up the GREAT work everyone with the wonderful events, causes and resources as we move forward positively together. Because . . . Together We Can Make a Difference in Our Community!!!
As always, here’s hoping to see you . . .  Out and About.
Be  & Live Well,
aka Miss FabuNOLA


I’ll leave you with these Words of Encouragement:
“One of the fascinating things about human beings is this:  Believe for long enough that you are not as smart as others and this will actually lead to intellectual ineptitude.  But, confronted with the same doubts, if you choose to believe that your mind is merely dormant for now, lacking in exercise, once you begin to train it, there are no bounds to what you can achieve.”
Wisdom for Modern Life – Daisaku Ikeda 

FabuNOLA News & Events (and LOVE!!)
To Find Out More FabuNOLA Info, Go To

Global Green’s 1st Annual Green Jobs/Career Fair:

FREE EVENT:  Saturday, October 24th from 8:30 am – 3:45 pm @ Walter Cohen High School (3520 Dryades St.)
This phenomenal event is FREE (please see link below about registering) and open to the public and, in addition to free breakfast, lunch and transportation, will showcase Jerome Ringo, founder of the Apollo Alliance, as keynote speaker, and almost 50 local professionals representing 24 green careers who will give sessions on their jobs and career path.

-Global Green’s First Annual Green Jobs/Career Fair
-Saturday, October 24
-8:30am to 3:45pm
-Walter Cohen High School
-3520 Dryades Street (enter Baronne at Foucher)
-Keynote Speaker: Jerome Ringo, President of the Apollo Alliance
-Free Breakfast & Lunch from La Divina Gelateria
-Over 45 professionals representing 24 green careers will speak to participants in small groups about their job and what steps they took to get there.
– Please register at or call 504-525-2121
(clicking on this link will take you directly to the page with FULL details of the event and a quick registration link)

I’m pretty excited about this event (was supposed to be heading out of town and now staying so I will be on hand for all of the Eco-Fabu Events around town). I originally met and spoke with Jerome Ringo (a Lake Charles native & resident) in March at the Power Shift ’09 event in Washington, DC. Besides splitting his time in San Francisco (where the Apollo Alliance is based . . ., Lake Charles, LA and Wash, DC to further the Eco-Movement in this country and globally, this dynamic speaker and environmental powerhouse is quite impressive.

I could go on and on. However, I’ll let you read his bio on the Apollo Alliance Staff Page ( to see for yourself. Let’s just say that his appearance, along with the 45 other presenters will be a definite MUST on your Eco-List (and for those of you in the job/career shift search . . . Green Jobs at Work!!) this weekend.
Thanks to my friend and colleague, Linda Stone, at Global Green for sending me this info and wanting to spread the Eco-Word!!!

Many blessings.
Peace & Love,

International Day of Climate Action ~

( Strong Climate Action this Saturday & Sunday in FabuNOLA):

I had the very distinct pleasure of meeting and interviewing Bill McKibben earlier this year at Tulane’s Environmental Law Summit in April. Bill was kind enough to let me interview him for the WBOK eTalk Radio Show, as well as a great filmed interview I conducted with him. He is amazing. You should know all about Bill, after all, he did write the first book on Global Warming. His latest book, Deep Economy, is revolutionary as well. Bill is amazing because he is just one guy who started several powerful movements. This weekend is another one you’ll want to be a part of . . . no matter where you are. Instead of giving it away, I’ll let you go to to see what special event your city has concocted to recognize this history making experience in your Eco-Community.

In FabuNOLA, International Day of Climate Action will have 2 major events on Saturday (official internationally recognized day) and on Sunday (New Orleans Musicians coming together for the cause). We seem to be making a weekend of it . . . as usual . . . stretching out the party ;D. And THANK GOODNESS!!! This means I can attend the day long workshops and presentations (and speakers) for Global Green’s exciting event (1st Annual Green Jobs/Career Fair listed above) THEN still be a part of the cause on Sunday (with my musical peeps and fellow eco-warriors ;D).

So I received info from several sources (Christian Roselund at Alliance For Affordable Energy, Jordan Marcha with Sierra Club and Leon “Kid Chocolate” Brown (see special under this one) . . . just to name a few). I’m going to list the info that Christian sent me first since I was on the phone with him today (that and I’m on the Board for Alliance for Affordable Energy … ;D!!) discussing the Global Green event we are all attending tomorrow then the event on Sunday. Christian promises to wear his Alliance for Affordable Energy shirt under his business suit tomorrow. I’ve already re-named him, “Eco-Superman.” No, really . . . he has the glasses and all ;D.

Peace & Love,



For immediate release
October 23, 2009
Media contact:
Christian Roselund
phone: (504)905-5676

The most recent science tells us that unless we can reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere to 350 parts per million, we will cause large, profound and irreversible damage to the earth.  On October 24 and 25, New Orleanians will hold demonstrations to call for strong climate legislation, joining thousands of other actions across the globe sponsored by the organization

“Places like southern Louisiana are at special risk from the stronger storms, drought, and weird weather associated with climate change,” says Alliance Climate and Clean Energy Director John Atkeison.  “Humanity is pushing up the concentrations of greenhouse gases when we should be pushing them down beyond the key number of 350 parts per million, the level where science tells us we may have a chance to avoid the worst of the climate changes from Global Warming.”

On Saturday, October 24, students and community members will come together for a demonstration led by the Tulane Green Club and Repower Louisiana on St. Charles Avenue near Tulane University.

On Sunday, October 25, at Congo Square, Kid Chocolate and 350 musicians will come together for a rally sponsored by Gulf Restoration Network, the Alliance for Affordable Energy, 1Sky, Repower Louisiana, the Louisiana Bucket Brigade, FCUMC, Advocates for Environmental Human Rights, the City of New Orleans, Young Audiences and Gulf South Solar.  The rally will be followed by a second line to D.B.A. On Frenchman Street.

Saturday, October 24 event:

Who: the Tulane Green Club, Repower Louisiana, Alliance for Affordable Energy, Tulane and Loyola students and community members.

When: 12:00 pm

Where: St. Charles Avenue across from Audubon Park, New Orleans

Sunday, October 25 event:

Who: Kid Chocolate and 350 other musicians, the Alliance for Affordable Energy, Gulf Restoration Network, 1Sky, Repower Louisiana, LA Bucket Brigade, FCUMC, Advocates for Environmental Human Rights, City of New Orleans, Young Audiences and Gulf South Solar.

When: 12:00 – 2:30 pm

Where: Congo Square, Louis Armstrong Park, Rampart Street, New Orleans

About the Alliance for Affordable Energy
Founded in 1985, the Alliance is a non-profit, public interest, membership organization dedicated to creating fair, affordable, environmentally responsible, community-based energy policies for Louisiana and the nation.


International Day of Climate Action ~

(Special Note to Call for Musicians for Event this Sunday, October 25th from Leon “Kid Chocolate” Brown):

Leon sent me a Facebook message asking for any musicians/artists/etc. that can get involved to do so. I remember Bill McKibben coming up with this idea for New Orleans to do this (he originally said Trumpet players but you know that no one could be left out ;D) at the Tulane Environmental Law Summit during his Keynote Speech.

Well, New Orleans Musicians (as well as all of you who LOVE New Orleans Musicians) . . . step it up and get involved. Did somebody say SECOND LINE?!?!? Contact Leon to “Be In That Number!!”

Peace & Love,



 “No Wetlands, No Music” NOTE from Leon “Kid Chocolate’ Brown (

If you haven’t done so already, can you send me your email address and anyone else who’d be interested in donating some music/art and time to save the wetlands October 25th, 12pm-3pm. There’ll be a rally and some speeches from some reps. at Congo Square from 12 til about 1:45pm then we’ll second line from Congo Square to the D.B.A. N.O.L.A. Brewery has donated a few kegs of beer and they’ll be showing the Saints vs Miami game there.

I need to get together as many musicians as possible to play as one big band for the line. I appreciate any help you can give me with that. Remember, “No Wetlands, No Music”.



International Day of Climate Action ~

( New Orleans Celebration):

Of course you know that we do things a bit differently in New Orleans . . . plus, we know how to stretch out a party and/or special event like no other place around. So I thought I would list the details to this event separately too.

This is from Jordan Macha @ the Sierra Club ( Thanks for sending Jordan!!

Peace & Love,



Do You Want to Be in That Number? Join us Sunday! (contact Jonathan at for more details).

On Sunday October 25th, come be in that number as 350 musicians come together to send a clear message that we need action on global warming NOW. Join us at Congo Square in Armstrong Park to send a message that we must defend our climate to protect our coast!

350 musicians will play “When the Saints Go Marching In”! The rally will begin at noon with music and speakers.  Then at 1:45pm we will second line through the French Quarter to Frenchmen Street. Folks are invited to gather at DBA on Frenchmen Street where the Saints game will be televised. We hope you can join us!

The Sierra Club is joining their allies at the Gulf Restoration Network, Alliance for Affordable Energy, and many, many more in taking part in an international campaign dedicated to building a movement to unite the world around solutions to the climate crisis–the solutions that science and justice demand. Over 4,000 events are scheduled around the globe this weekend.

The mission is to inspire the world to rise to the challenge of the climate crisis-to create a new sense of urgency and of possibility for our planet. 

The focus is on the number 350–as in parts per million, the level scientists have identified as the safe upper limit for CO2 in our atmosphere. But 350 is more than a number–it’s a symbol of where we need to head as a planet.

The mounting effects of global warming that have been reflected in the increased intensity of tropical storms, coupled with sea-level rise, have devastated Louisiana’s coastal communities, and makes saving our coast even more difficult.  As we take up the challenge to rebuild the state’s communities and economy in light of global warming and a rapidly vanishing coast, we’ve seen amazing efforts around green building, energy efficiency, community resiliency, wetlands restoration, and green jobs creation.  Those efforts must continue, and the scope and scale must expand!

To tackle climate change we need to move quickly, and we need to act in unison-and 2009 will be an absolutely crucial year. So, please when the Saints go marching in, come be in that number!

On Sunday, October 25, at Congo Square, Kid Chocolate and 350 musicians will come together for a rally sponsored by Gulf Restoration Network, the Alliance for Affordable Energy, 1Sky, Repower Louisiana, the Louisiana Bucket Brigade, FCUMC, Advocates for Environmental Human Rights, the City of New Orleans, Young Audiences and Gulf South Solar.  The rally will be followed by a second line to D.B.A. On Frenchman Street.

Sunday, October 25 event:

Who: Kid Chocolate and 350 other musicians, the Alliance for Affordable Energy, Gulf Restoration Network, 1Sky, Repower Louisiana, LA Bucket Brigade, FCUMC, Advocates for Environmental Human Rights, City of New Orleans, Young Audiences and Gulf South Solar.

When: 12:00 – 2:30 pm

Where: Congo Square, Louis Armstrong Park, Rampart Street, New Orleans


“Haynesville, a documentary”
(Free Screening @ CAC on Monday, October 26th @ 7 pm):

FREE SCREENING: Haynesville, a documentary

Contemporary Arts Center (900 Camp St., NOLA 70130)
7pm screening (cash bar opens at 6:30pm) on October 26, 2009

Q&A and discussion follows the screening.

Called “an incredible story” and “a piece of brilliant independent filmmaking,” Haynesville documents the momentous discovery of the nation’s largest natural gas field. The film explores the affect of the energy boom on the lives of three people as they try to find their place in the middle of this feverish time. “Haynesville” also explores the current U.S. energy picture and what this vast natural gas find could mean for a brighter, cleaner and greener energy future. October 26, 7pm screening (cash bar opens at 6:30pm)

Special panel guests:

Gregory Kallenberg, Director and Producer of “Haynesville”

Christopher J. Fettweis, Assistant Professor, Political Science, Tulane University

Dr. Mary Blue, Tulane Film School

Marjorie McKeithen, ex-secretary of the Minerals Management Board

Discussion will be moderated by Eric Smith, Associate Director of Tulane Energy Institute

***Admission is free, but seating is limited and you MUST RSVP for seats

Contact Fran Wild to reserve your ticket

(504) 865-5427

This looks super phenomenal so I’ve already received my confirmed reservation for this Free Screening (yes, you must RSVP since seating is limited). Hope to see you there.

Many blessings.

Peace & Love,



Other Great Causes & Musical Happenings in FabuNOLA this Weekend

(Stay Connected Positively Folks):


NoLA Rising, Deutches Haus and National Art & Hobby Block Party to benefit New Orleans’ Children’s Hospital (Saturday, October 24, 2009):

NoLA Rising is proud to announce a collaboration with Deutches Haus and National Art and Hobby to benefit New Orleans’ Children’s Hospital. 

On Saturday, October 24th, National Art and Hobby will have a block party on the Eleonore side of the business with food and drinks and a live art demonstration as National Art & Hobby gets a new side mural as a collaborative effort.  Paint donated by Montana.

All proceeds from the art store that day will go to support our local Children’s Hospital.  For other details, pls see the flyer at:

Saturday, October 24 from 2pm-5pm @ 800 block of Eleonore St.

All money from this day’s sales to benefit Children’s Hospital.

For upcoming NoLA Rising events, pls check out the following link:

Hope to see you there,

NoLA Rising
Thanks to my friend and colleague, Michael Dingler (Rex of NoLA Rising), for this sending this info AND especially for all that you do in our FabuCommunity!!! Keep that positive movement flowing creatively!! Umm!! I’m still in need of a sign (work of art really) from you, Sweetheart . . . soon I hope ;D!!

Many blessings.
Peace & Love,


Lu & Charlie’s Revue featuring “The Healers” at N.O. Jazz National Historical Park (Free Concert on Saturday, Oct. 24th from 2 – 3:30 pm):

Okay, so I couldn’t resist throwing in a musical event, especially because several of my friends are involved. This should be great!!! If any of you are missing out on these FREE concerts, you’ve just got do something in you Life to change this.

Thanks to my friend, Tiffay Powell, for sending me this info!!! Rest assured, Tiffany . . . you’ll be seeing me dancing again soon!!

Many blessings.
Peace & Love,


We are proud to announce another in a series of programs with the New Orleans Jazz National Historical Park on October 24, 2009 . 2-3:30 p.m.

 Lu & Charlie’s Revue featuring /*The Healers*
 2:00 – 3:30 p.m.
*Join us for a concert celebrating the legacy of the famed New Orleans Contemporary jazz club, Lu & Charlie’s Potables, Sustenance, Jazz with /The Healers/
 *The personnel are:*
* *Carl LeBlanc – guitar
Brian Quezerque – bass*
*Cedrick Marshall – drums*
*Alfred Roberts – congas*
 *Ruben Watts – percussion*
*Michaela Harrison – voice on Can It Be Done and Come Sunday*
*AumRa Frezel – alto saxophone*
 *Marcus Akinlana – muralist*
 *Kirk Joseph – sousaphone*
*Saddi Khali – poet on Transition*
*to be named – dancer on Lights On A Satellite*

If you have caught our programs before you know that they are informative, interesting and we have an incredibly great time. We invite all to join us for this new an exciting group. The Healers ~ Alfred, Kirk Carl and Aumra, all played at the club. Saddi had the experience** as a womb baby ,**.  Brian, a student of the great Clyde Kerr has participated in former shows with his esteemed teacher. Cedrick, Ruben and Michaela have been schooled in the legacy of the greatest of musicians who played at Lu and Charlie’s. We anticipate a “really great show.” Hope to see you there. Please let others know about this Free and surprisingly wonderful concert. To those of you that are out of town we want to keep you up to date on what’s happening and you just may be visiting or know someone that is.

Thanks for Your Support
Keeping Jazz Alive,
Lu and John Lewis
Lu and Charlie’s Preservation Society

First ever Magazine St. Blues Festival

(Saturday, Oct. 24th from Noon – 8 pm):

Okay, couldn’t resist again. Saw this on a drive-by sign and just had to list. Music AND supporting our local stores and economy . . . win win!!! And it’s the First Ever so you know you’ll want to check it out (okay, plus several of my friends are performing). BE SURE to go to Eco-Events first though to support the cause, become involved and learn how to take action. . . this is just Lagniappe ;D!!

Yes, too many things to do ALL in the same day . . . that’s how we do it in FabuNOLA. That’s why I’m only going to list one thing on each day on Sunday and Monday so you can take a break ;D.

Many blessings.

Peace & Love,



Check out full details here or go to

Magazine St. Blues Fest Features Local Bands

The First ever Magazine Street Blues Festival will be held on Saturday, Oct. 24, from Noon-8pm. The event takes place at the intersection of Magazine St. and Napoleon Ave. in Uptown New Orleans. Festival goes can enjoy New Orleans-style cuisine, listen to live music, and participate in a second line which starts at the Corner of Magazine and Valence to kick off the event.

Participating restaurants include:

Nacho Mama’s
Salt Water Grill
and many others

The musical lineup is:

12:15 pm – 2 pm Joe Krown Trio
2:30 pm – 3:30 pm Rockin’ Dopsie and the Zydeco Twisters
4 pm – 5:45 pmThe Soul Rebels

6 pm – 8 pm Sunpie Barnes & the Louisiana Sunspots

The Magazine Street Blues Festival is sponsored by the Magazine Street Merchants Association, Southern Eagle Sales & Service, Hornitos Tequila and Don Q Rum, The Azby Fund, Coca-Cola, Elio’s Wine Warehouse, Crescent Sound and Light Members, and Friends of COPS II.

The goal of the festival is to bring citizens and businesses of the 2nd District (NOPD) together to enjoy food, music and art. The fundraising efforts of the Festival will be used to support the men and women of the New Orleans Police Department’s 2nd District, and the Festival aims to highlight the importance of Magazine Street to the City of New Orleans and the vitality of the 2nd District.

For more information, please call Shelley Rote, Signature Destination Management, at 504-962-7260.

Get Ready for Halloween in FabuNOLA next weekend . . . It’s sure to Please!!

Peace & Love,


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Spread the positive movement along! Looking forward to connecting with you soon!! 

“A great inner revolution in just a single individual will help achieve a change in the destiny of an entire society and, further, will cause a change in the destiny of humankind.”

Wisdom for Modern Life – Daisaku Ikeda

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