Thanks for all the FabuWell Wishes!!


Hey FabuEveryone,

I know it’s been a while since I sent out my FabuNOLA eNewsletter and put a regular post on my blog (although I have been updating the dance spots and other FabuActivities). Which is why I’m going ahead to post now.

I just want everyone who is coming here (to my FabuNOLA Blog) to see info on dancing and other FabuSpots to head to the FabuDance Spots Section (to the right or above) for the weekly dance info (instead of calling/emailing/texting me for it . . . as much as I love you, I just don’t have the time to answer the questions that I’ve already listed here for everyone), FabuRecycling Finds Section, etc.

It’s all here for a reason for a reason FabuFolks . . . my database is way too large to have people personally contact me for this info. I’m going to start charging folks by the minute ;D (seriously, I should’ve thought of that a long time ago ;D). And if you have friends that you want to connect them to me for this info because they aren’t on my list yet, please send them here as well and have them sign themselves up for my eNewsletter (seriously, or I’ll have to charge them AND I’ll charge you for it too ;D).

A lot has been going on so I’ve been focusing more on the Life I need to Live so I can get everything balanced then up and going properly. Then, I’ll eventually be able to write about it again here. Please be patient while this happens. I promise you it will be soon enough and Super Fabu!!! I just have to focus or I won’t be able to accomplish it all (and I think you are all going through the same thing so you should be able to understand fully). Plus, I’m in the midst of getting help with the website and need to start sending out the advertising rate cards for those of you who have been wanting to advertise for a long time (email me at if you are definitely interested).

Finally, I wanted to thank everyone since my last post and email for ALL of the extremely lovely birthday wishes. I was so touched and honored by the outpouring of Love (and you know how much I Love more and more Love). Words simply will not fully express the joy I feel from it so I will leave it at . . . I LOVE YOU!!!!

Whew!!! That’s probably my shortest post EVER!! Here’s hoping to see you out and about very soon (okay, lots of you are still seeing me out and about . . . just, I haven’t been able to write about it because I’m living it!!).

Peace & Love,


P.S. And thank you for all of the FabuWell Wishes for my Family and their health. They greatly appreciate it . . . as do I!!

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