Miss FabuNOLA Celebrates Her Birthday (Everyone Welcome) ~ Weekend Birthday Celebration


Hello My Super Phenomenal FabuNOLA Family!!!

I hope you’ve been very well. I also hope you’ve been keeping fabulously busy so far this summer. It’s been a while since you’ve heard from me because of that very reason. It’s seems like all of our schedules have gone into overdrive. This weekend is no exception with my FabuBirthday Celebration under way all weekend long!!

I want to first thank those of you who have been sending well wishes for my Family and their health. Several of you heard of my Father’s health in prior emails. Recently, my Grandmother and Mother have also taken on extreme health challenges. Thanks to so many of you for sending prayers of concern for their health and wishing speedy recovery for all of them. I greatly appreciate it . . . as do they. Many blessings to my Mother who celebrated her 65th Birthday on June 21st (Summer Solstice).

I’ve been going non-stop since April (which was my last FabuNOLA email). So if you’ve been catching up with me on Facebook (always), Twitter (occasionally), Louisiana Green Scene Magazine (monthly), you’re up to date. You’ll also now get yet another opportunity to keep up with me (if you can) regulary through NewOrleans.com. As of this week, the final process has been put into place for me to become one of their Featured Bloggers. Look for it soon (in the next week or so).

I figured this was as good a time as any to send out an email because I have a truly busy weekend in store (okay, when don’t I). This weekend marks another special milestone for me . . . another Birthday to celebrate. I fully appreciate every year I get to kick up my heels and be thankful for another FabuYear to share with others.

My Birthday is July 19th and I have packed my birthday weekend with phenomenally FabuActivities that I hope you all can be a part of. Whether you can make one, a few or all activities (which means you’ll get a gold star for being able to hang with me & my schedule) . . . or if you just send great cheer from wherever you are, it will be so dearly appreciated by me.

I have several birthday philosophies to share with you. The first is that I don’t feel I’m growing older . . . instead, “I feel I’m evolving into a better person every day” (as I hope you feel as well). Next, in regards to attending all of the celebration events I’m listing (and this is also the event planner credo), is “The more the merrier.” I do hope you will come out in droves to celebrate with me.

For those of you who know me very well, you know how much I love to celebrate birthdays (mine and yours). In fact, my # 1 birthday philosophy is that we should treat every day as if it is our birthdays (and just bumped up the celebration a bit more on the actual day). Treat yourself and others with special care EVERY day because we are not promised tomorrow.

I’m thankful for every day I’m blessed to wake up and start anew. To feel and express fully the passion and joy I have for Life and Love to share with all of you. I hope you feel the same way. It’s one of the greatest joys to experience when you choose to live in this way.

If you cannot make it (whether you or in or out of town), please feel free to drop me a birthday note by email or on Facebook. I would love it. Since I might not be able to get back to all responses individually, I’m going to thank everyone in advance for the good cheer.

Also, it would mean so much to me if you would celebrate for me by doing a great act of kindness towards another person or group of people (known or unknown). Reach out to someone you haven’t talked to in a while and make their day with your loving words. Pay someone else’s toll or tea behind you in line, donate to a charity you’ve been meaning too (and still haven’t gotten around to it), go to read stories at a Children’s Hospital, volunteer at a soup kitchen/shelter/nursing home, etc. Something that will make you feel great and someone else feel even better.

Above all, be kind to yourself and especially kind to all you come in contact with (even if they are forgetting to be as kind that day . . . they might just need your smile to lead their way). Your kindness will make all of the difference and will spark a greater sense of joy within. I know it will spark more fulfillment in your world and definitely in your immediate community.

Speaking of smiles leading the way . . . seeing the smiles of those of you who can come out to celebrate will lead a path of joy directly to my heart. You know how much I love you all dearly. We’ve all had increasingly busy schedules and this will hopefully allow me to see many of you that I haven’t seen in a while (although I’d love to see you again even if I just saw you yesterday).

I don’t want you to get the wrong idea and think that my birthday festivities are purely about me (or my life). I’ve always loved to gather as many beautiful groups of FabuFolks together, especially to venues they’ve never been before. It’s really about communities coming together to engage, learn, share, laugh, love and, most of all, have a FabuTime.

You should know very well by now that I love to support our FabuCommunity and this has always been a sure way for me to do it. I appreciate these great people and locations wanting me to spread the word around to my group and bring more people to connect with in a positive way. That’s what it is truly about.

Here are the fun activities I’ve come up with so far. Please continue to check my FabuNOLA Blog for any updates because I most likely will not send out another email due to an extremely busy weekend.

I know how busy every one is (you definitely know I understand ;D) so I have to spread out the fun to accommodate everyone’s schedules and fun preferences (personally Life is just amazingly fun to me).

If you have no idea why you are being invited to all these FabuBirthday Festivities, you must be Super New to FabuNOLA and need to get more Social . . . in a Positive way. Come anyway because you are SuperFabu (yes, deemed by me, Miss FabuNOLA) and absolutely must be included in ALL THINGS FABU. Welcome to the FabuNOLA Family!!!

Happy Birthday to ALL of my Fellow July & Cancerian Birthdays. Hope you Party BIG!! Many wonderful & sweet blessings to you this Birthday and beyond.

Many beautiful blessings to you always (wherever you are). I wish you much joy, love and light with all you do and all you seek to bring you great purpose in your life.

As always, here’s hoping to see you . . .  Out and About.

Be  & Live Well,


Or Go To Special Miss FabuNOLA Birthday Weekend Celebration Page for ALL Details (yes, there are many to choose from)

Thursday, July, 16, 2009:

I know this was yesterday. However, this was a pre, pre-kick off last night so I want to say thanks to Tim Laughlin (and Larry) at The Sazerac and Johnaye Kendrick (with David & Geoff) at Irvin’s Jazz Playhouse for providing lovely tunes to listen and dance to.

They play every week at these great locations (and no cover).

Friday, July 17, 2009:

We’re kicking up our heels with Jeremy Davenport tonight at The Ritz-Carlton from 9 – 1 am. Get ready to dance (and Swing) and hopefully sing along to the great tunes. Jeremy puts out a great show every week.

No cover, Valet Parking is FREE (get validated in bar & be sure to tip).

Maybe Jeremy will be so kind to play a few Latin tunes so my Salsa friends can get a dance in too . . . hint, hint (although I do have to get my Swing Dance on ;D).

(Hey Tim L. Maybe you and Juliet can come over after your gig @ The Sazerac? Would love to see you).

Saturday, July 18, 2009:

1. The 1st Annual New Orleans Jam ~ A Salsa & Tango Festival (July 17 – 19)

Presented by Tumay Tunur & Nickii Jammzz ~ Full Schedule of Events, Performers, Dates/Times:www.neworleansjam.com

Saturday, July 18th Workshops (Club Silhouette ~ 3505 N. Hullen, Metairie):

9am-1pm ~ Tango: $70 ($80 at the door)

1pm-5pm ~ Salsa: $70 ($80 at the door)

Single workshop: $25 each (4 instructors total ~ 2 each: Tango/Salsa)

$120 for both salsa and tango combined ($140 at the door)

Saturday, July 18th After-party (Special Performance ~ Yes, I’m Dancing):

9pm-till ($10 cover). Performances start at 11pm @ Club Silhouette

Note from Tumay:  The After-Party will be unforgettable with the amazing shows, b-day celebration, World-famous MC, and best latin and tango music.

You sure do not wanna miss this event! If you ever need it, my number is 504-570-0752 or tumay@tumaytunur.com.

peace, love, dance and PARTY!!

From CLT:

I hope you can attend the workshop and/or performance on Saturday night. I will be performing later in the night at the After-Party as well. My phenomenal dance partner, Ted George, and I will be doing a Salsa Dance Tribute to Michael Jackson. It’s going to be AWESOME (that’s because Teddy is such a great dancer!!

I’ve heard there will also be a Salsera Birthday Dance Circle & Birthday Celebration for me after all of the performances. I’ve only seen the Dance Circle live twice (once in DC and once in FabuNOLA) and LOVE THIS!!!

I’m so excited and know this will be great fun!! Whether you Salsa or not, watching will be amazing . . . this I know for sure. Peace, Cherylyn

2. WORNAGAIN nola3 Fashion Show & Crazy Event @ The Howlin’ Wolf

I was torn on this. I was asked to dance in the Salsa Performance then asked to model for the WornAgain Fashion Show (Thanks Carolina ~ I’ll be in her upcoming show on August 26th). Because it would be cutting it too close, I had to opt out of appearing in the Fashion Show.

However, I’m still attending the Patron Party and the first portion of the Fashion Show for Media (and personal) purposes. I hope you will do the same (then come over to see my Salsa performance ;D).

WORN AGAIN nola3 (a benefit for Recycle For The Arts) promises to be the socially conscious event of the season. Forty WORN AGAIN designers will be chosen by our elite jury to rock the WORN AGAIN runway with amazing creativity based on recycled and thrifted cast-offs.

The festivities will begin with an exclusive Patron Party and Silent Auction followed by the wildly entertaining WORN AGAIN fashion show (live music provided by DJ Kristen). For full details, find WornAgain on Facebook or click here:http://thegreenproject.typepad.com/thegreenproject/2009/06/worn-again-nola3-fashion-show-crazy-event.html.

The Howlin Wolf (907 S Peters St, NOLA). Tickets available through The Howlin’ Wolf

* Patron Party: 6:30–7:30p – $50 (Advance preview and Silent Auction of the top 10 designs/hors d’oeuvres/DJ Voice). Ticket includes Fashion Show and After Party
* WORN AGAIN Fashion Show:
8:00-10:30p – $15 (includes After Party)
* After Party:

Sunday, July 19, 2009: My FabuBirthday Celebration Extravaganza (Okay . . . I’m so not a Wall Flower ~ You should be either so come out to Celebrate ;D!!)

All of The Events Listed on My Birthday are FREE & ALL are Welcome (as always):

1. My 1st Birthday Intention:  Chanting for Happiness of Everyone @ SGI-USA @ 10 AM. I simply must celebrate my Birthday here first with my wonderful SGI-USA Krewe.

This will help me get some focus, balance and perspective for a long and lovely day ahead (& year!). Anyone wanting to come with me, please contact me.

Congrats also to Terence for your new Buddha Birthday (on my actual birthday … Yay!! ;D). I’m very proud of you. Peace, Cherylyn

2.  Sunday Swing Series @ The National WWII Museum (945 Magazine St.) from 1 – 4 pm. FREE and so much fun. Wonderful for the entire family (ALL ages enjoy).

Free Swing Dance Lessons from 1 – 2 pm by NOLA Swing/Dance Quarter. Band Performances (different every week) from 2 – 4 pm. Zazou City performing this Sunday.

3. BON ANNIVERSAIRE -DEGAS – 175TH (Degas House~2306 Esplanade Ave.)

EVENT: A celebration commemorating the 175th Birthday of Edgar Degas.
5:00 – 9:00 PM: Celebration/Open House Begins @ 5pm; Music starts @ 6:30pm

FREE ~ Donations appreciated; Food and Drinks available for purchase.

Music by Paul Sanchez and The Rolling Road Show and food by Daniel Esses of Esses Foods Independent/ freelance Chef.

Chapeaux (hats) and Tu-Tus strongly encouraged. The house will be partially open for touring.

Note from CLT: I’m going to be here from 5 – 7 pm before heading to Sophisticated Salsa Sundays (Listed Below ~ My Birthday Dinner Celebration).

David Villarubbia (Executive Director) & James D. Geraghty
(Director of Development) have asked me to spread the word. They will have a cake and raffle so it should be truly special. David also asked if anyone would like to donate a prize so they can raise more funds for their raffle. If you would like to do this, please feel free to contact him.

Check out www.degashouse.blogspot.com for full event details. Proceeds from the event benefit the Edgar Degas Foundation.

4. My Actual Birthday Dinner Celebration (with dancing, of course):

Sophisticated “Salsa” Sundays @ Galvez Restaurant starting at 6 pm (Free Salsa Class) with Salsa Social Dancing until 10 pm. This is a new location where NOSD is kicking off a new Salsa Night every Sunday starting this weekend. New Spanish Restaurant in a familiar and beautiful location (formerly Bella Luna)

Once again, whether you dance or not, feel free to come out and celebrate with me (and everyone) to the fullest. The FREE Salsa Class will help any of you wanting to learn the basics. I’ll be there by 7:30 for dinner and to dance.

If you are a friend of mine who is a FabuMusician and would like to bring your instrument & gather some other FabuMusician Friends to have a Latin Music Jam session, please let me know or contact Mike Griffin (mike@salsaneworleans.com). DJ Mike G will be playing Salsa, Merengue & Bachata tunes as well.

I’ve been hearing great things about the food at this wonderful venue that serves Continental Spanish Cuisine & Tapas. Yum!!! Named after General Galvez, the only Spanish Governor in the State of Louisiana. As you know from many of you who frequented this location with the prior restaurant, it’s one of the greatest views in town. I’m so pleased it has found new life with new owners.

I’m so thankful to Mike Griffin ~ NOSD (www.SalsaNewOrleans.com) for coming up with a new Salsa Social on Sundays starting on my very Birthday (and I was wondering what I was going to come up with to celebrate this year ;D). Galvez Restaurant is located at 914 N. Peters, NOLA 70116 (cross & location is actually on Decatur). Their website is www.galvezrestaurant.com. Please check out their great menu. Contact them if you have any questions.

5.  If there’s any kick left in any of us, I might scoot a few blocks down before the end of the night to listen (and hopefully dance as well) to Gal Holiday & her Vintage Honky Tonk Revue at Balcony Music Club (Free every Sunday from 9 pm – 12 am) @ corner of Decatur & Esplanade.

If you are a friend of mine who is a FabuPhotographer (professional or otherwise), please bring your camera out to any of these events because I would love photos (and you will get beautiful shots for your portfolio at any of these locations of all of the activities (especially of dancers).

If you are a friend of mine who is a FabuFilmmaker . . . okay, I think you get the picture. Hey Frenchy!!!!! You should come and paint LIVE at one of the events too (Degas, Swing, Salsa . . . it’s ALL Bueno!!).

In true Miss FabuNOLA Fashion, I’m going to start listing some other activities to continue the celebration on into the following week or just to plan your next week of FabuFun in advance. A full list will be presented soon.

Monday, July 20, 2009:

This is another great new Salsa Spot in town. You should definitely check out this beautiful venue too. If you haven’t been here yet, you don’t know what you’re missing.

The Latin Lounge Series @ The Precinct (1377 Annunciation St., NOLA). 8 – 9 pm ~ Salsa Classes; 9 – ‘til ~ Social Dancing Follows.

Come Salsa Dance in my neighborhood. I love that I live so close to this location. It’s wonderful!! Peace, Cherylyn

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