Thanks for coming to my new FabuNOLA Blog!! As always, ALL are welcome!!


Hey to ALL of you Lovely FabuNOLAites,


I know it’s been a while. However, I was up with my Family in the VA/DC area for 7 weeks (thanks for all of your many blessings regarding my Father and well wishes for his health – he is doing much better). I’ll have some new news to share on certain alternative health practices that have really helped him along and I hope will be able to get you thinking more about focusing on your own Wellness!!


So here’s my new blog and this is my very first FabuPost (at least I hope you think so ;D). I know I always have so much to share with you and the eNewsletter has become so lengthy. Believe me . . . I totally know. Just think of how long it take me to write. However, there is so much that is going on and you know how much I like to share good fortune with you all. As I’m getting help with a site that will be a better way to find and view the information I’m sending you, this is another great way of spreading the good word (this will evolve too). I have remained so very busy with moving forward on projects that I am creating to bring a change for the better where we are (and beyond). Social change in our communities starts with us. So many people are making these changes and I just have to spread the word (as you know I have to do).


There are so many phenomenal things going on right now and I am so pleased to have witnessed and/or participated in (or will be). Because of this, I can reach more in the community to make those changes for the better we all seek. Times are truly challenging now (for all of us). Now is the best time to look deep within to discover what you are offering in society and in your world. To see if that really matches up with your personal goals and aspirations to bring you the real fulfillment you desire. I sincerely hope they do. If not, now is the time to make the change for the better. Your life is calling for greater purpose. Your potential is true greatness . . . we all can benefit when you discover this and share it with the world. I know that FabuNOLA alone can benefit greatly.


Well, I just wanted to reach out to say Hello since it’s been a while and let you know I’m back in my dear and sweet FabuNOLA (in case you haven’t run into me ;D). I also wanted to let you know that I’m having a HUGE & Phenomenally Fabu Courtyard Sale/Extravaganza tomorrow (Saturday, April 11th) from 10 am – 4 pm located in (as of April 12th, please email to ask about items still for sale). Yes, this is the very sale that many of you (and lots of you FabuLadies — whatever you’re gender may be ;D) have been waiting for. Items include Clothes (in a range of sizes), Shoes, Bags, Jewelry, Sunglasses, Hats, Printer, Entertainment Center, Microwave, Home Décor, Storage Bins/Units, Kitchen Appliances, etc. (Many items never used, still with tags!).


This is the official Courtyard Sale that I was supposed to have last year (until life got in the way). And now in times of true need, this should also be referred to as the “Keep Cherylyn In FabuNOLA Sale” and any donations are welcome towards this FabuFund. With being off from work for months while with my Family and my Father’s challenging health concerns, this is now more essential than ever to keep me in my beloved FabuNOLA and help me continue to fund what I’m creating to better our community!! Spread the word.


I have a necessary need to start purging. Stagnant energy and possessions (no matter how Fabu) are weighing me down and holding me back from my true greatness and potential. It will, most likely be the first of several since I combined things from my apartment here and the one is Los Angeles. I’m hoping for another at some point in May or June.


Let my FabuFinds go to another FabuHome . . . YOURS!! And be sure to BYOM (Bring Your Own Money, Honey!!). If you are looking for last minute gifts for Easter (or whatever your needs) . . . BE SURE TO STOP BY!!! If you want to come and help or have tables (or hang out and say hi) stop on by.


I’ll give you more details soon on all of the other phenomenal things that I’ve been connecting to lately (Yes, the Seduction of Spirit Meditation Retreat with the Chopra Center was AMAZING and I will have to get back to you on all the benefits soon, although you can see me and figure it out ;D — However, I’ve got to get back to sale preparation for tomorrow. And there are far too many things to go on and on about just right now.


I will leave you with some great new info that I found because there has been so much Eco-Buzz around FabuNOLA since I’ve been back. It’s regarding the Recycling we’ve been so greatly in need of returning to our City, as well as other resources/people to connect you to.


Here are resources to tap into until other entities can properly figure out providing recycling for us in the way it should be taken care of:


Lab Recycling offers FREE HOME PICK-UP for RECYCLING!!!!!! Yes FabuFolks.  They very thing that you continue to ask me about has actually been here all along (since 2004). I though they only offered E-Waste (which is still great news – TV’s Computers, etc). However, they also do Plastics & Paper (I think Aluminum is included. . . not sure, so ask). 


There is a One-Time set-up Fee ($20) that pays for the 2 bins you will receive (1 for Plastics & 1 for Paper). You will also need to go to their site to pick up bins and give you address & info. Then they will pick up 2 a month from you HOME for FREE!!!!! HELLO!! AND they also offer to Commercial Businesses for a small monthly fee (just $20) so there are no more excuses.


I spoke with Ron Labrano (Lab Recycling) personally on Monday to confirm this. Ron is very sweet and said exactly what I’ve been stating all along (and the reason why I only listed the free recycling resources in this City), that he isn’t going to charge home residents monthly for something he makes a profit on.


Between my FabuNOLA Krewe (and the fact that you all respond and take action), as well as a recent article and blog listed for The Gambit, Ron even said that he might need to hire a few more people to add to his very small staff that he works with. And that, my very dear FabuFriends, is one example of how Green Jobs can turn around our Economy. Things that seem very small (and yet so essential to our quality of life) can make a big impact as we grow and rebuild for a better and brighter future . . . together.


Give Ron a call to let them know you want their FREE HOME RECYCLING SERVICES (and to make sure they are there to pick up bins) or would like to become a Commercial Customer. The contact number is (504) 710-4833; his email is; Located at 2839 N. Robertson Ave., New Orleans, LA (at Robertson & Franklin). Bin Pick-up is Mon – Thurs. from 8:30 – 4.


By the way, the Lab Recycling info came to me when after I was speaking on a panel discussion of Green Social Entrepreneurs at the LA Bucket Brigade’s 1st N.O. Earth Day Fest ( last Sunday (which had the first Solar-Powered Stage in LA). Thanks to Kevin Fitzwilliams with Hollygrove Market & Farm who gave me this new info about the Free Home Recycling. Kevin was on a panel after mine regarding Urban Farming & Gardening in NOLA (along with Nat Turner and Jenga Mwendo).


The Hollygrove Market is every Saturday from 10 – 2 located at 8301 Olive St., NOLA. More details on the Hollygrove Market & Farm at Please support them. I can’t begin to tell you what phenomenal things they are doing there, as well as programs they support . . . although they surely can ;D. I will tell you that their produce is Locally Grown (LA & MS). Think Local . . . Act Global!!


If you still want to drop off recycling, there’s still The Green Project ( that accepts Paper, Cardboard & Aluminum (ONLY – No Glass of Plastic). And now (as of February) there’s also Euterpe Recycling Center (ERC) at 1829 Euterpe St. (simply, a sweetly painted fence with 2 holes – one for aluminum and one for plastics) that you can drop off anytime you choose.


Now, for those of you who have been asking about Glass Recycling, my FabuEcoFriend, Yasmin S. Bowers, MSPH, Director & Co-Founder of Consciously Rebuilding, let me know that they are the ONLY ones starting Glass Recycling in the City. They are located at 1129 St. Ferdinand St., NOLA 70117; phone is 504-218-7907; email is; web is


Their Non-Profit is offering some really GREAT services to make a difference. However, they are a Non-Profit and really do need to connect to funding to keep all of the benefits they offer and want to expand (regarding Green & Chic Health Fairs & Workshops, Environmental Justice & Public Health Outreach, etc.). Please go to the website to see how you can connect with them for your projects (and theirs – you can also donate towards the phenomenal things they are doing). Be sure to drop off your Glass AND remember to also meet them and get to know who they are and what they do.


Since financial issues are what’s on everyone’s mind right now, I really want to connect you with is a dear friend who is making great changes in another way . . . financially . . . mainly regarding YOU & your connection to money. Mildred Noah, CPA is The Money Doctor (“Your Financial Physician” and Prescription For Financial Success). You will be hearing more about Mildred and her Fabu Money Clinics (which so many of us can use right now) and how she can ease you back onto the right financial path to happiness. She sure is helping me out!! She’s one of the best people you could talk to who really care about getting you back to a healthy relationship with money. Go to; email her at or call 866-2DOCTOR (866-236-2867).


And I just have to mention what The McKenna Museum has coming up on May 9th. It’s “A Day In Paradise” for Women. It’s a Holistic Celebration for Mothers, Daughters, Sisters and Aunts. Please go to for more info and to get tickets ($10 in advance; $15 at door). Many FabuVendors. Many great blessings.



My FabuNOLA Web Page is back up (it was down while I was switching web hosting services). It’s a basic page for FabuNOLA while a full site is created in the best way possible to benefit as many as I can. You can send people there now to sign themselves up on their own or change your own email address. Go to to check out. You can also use email:


Also, please check out my FabuGreenFriend, Lillian Lovich of (FabuGreen Sources in NOLA), who is helping get the site up and going. If you are in need of FabuWebServices . . . well, that’s what she does!! Talk to her about creating a FabuSite for you too @


I truly must thank Lawrence Martin (and Drew) with for filming the interviews I did for the Tulane Environmental Law Summit last weekend (will list all great interviews soon). I also must thank my dear friend Grant Ingram with Next Level Media ( or for filming my panel discussion on Green Social Entrepreneurs and capturing me interview many FabuFolks for the LA Bucket Brigade’s N.O. Earth Day Fest (and his wonderful wife, Jill, and their dogs for their patience), as well as a truly special interview I got to do this week with Majora Carter ( Thanks for helping me get closer and closer to my dreams.



Speaking of Majora Carter (thanks again for the time you shared with me), she was in town this week speaking to a brilliant group for the Bruner Loeb Forum at Tulane (School of Architecture) yesterday. The Forum was an all day event discussing “Urban Adaptability: Sustaining Place in a Dynamic Environment.” The speakers (from here and around the country) and the presentation are truly doing wonders in looking at (or are a part of) how we are adapting and changing (for the better) in the Gulf Coast Region. For those not from here, they are adding insight on how things were (or are) adapting for the better where they live too . . . and just how much that can assist us.


I mentioned earlier about meeting and connecting with all of these PEOPLE and their organizations, businesses, talents, etc. and what they do. As always, this goes for anyone or any business that I connect you too. WE are a community of PEOPLE first. WE are Rebuilding our City together. That comes from discovering who WE are and getting connected (or re-connected again).


In order for all of us to grow stronger (not just in New Orleans . . . it’s wherever you are), we must all turn within and discover our true potential and what we have to offer where we are. And we have to start looking at the people in our communities as the friends they really are and what they are offering in order to connect the dots. We are the ones who lend a hand and a shoulder in times of need (especially in the times when needed the most). We are the ones that will lift each other out of this . . . together. That’s one of the ways we will make a change for the better.


For any one you wanting to go out somewhere tomorrow night and have some much needed fun, we are heading to The Ritz Carlton to hear Jeremy Davenport play (and so I can Lindy Hop Swing dance thanks to Jason & Dawn ;D). Valet Parking is Free (just get ticket validated in bar on 3rd Floor), there’s no cover and we always have the best time – and stay in great shape for those of us dancing. He plays from 9 pm – 1 am. Hope to see you there.


And a very special thanks to my dear friend, Christina J., who has been tirelessly helping me go through my belongings in storage, posting notices on Craiglist and get things together for my Sale tomorrow. All while taking care of her FabuKids. You are amazing and I LOVE you.


As always to you all (wherever you are), I love and adore you dearly. If you are in FabuNOLA, I hope you can make it out to my FabuCourtyard Sale-O-Rama tomorrow. Even if it’s just to stop by to say hello, I can give you a hug and re-connect in 2009. If you are new to FabuNOLA . . . Welcome!!


Many Blessings of Peace to You. Here’s hoping to see you . . . out and about.


Be & Live Well,



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